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Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The information Business? Part Two

So did you happen to notice in part one of this ongoing series, how even, some non conventional savvy small business service providers, such as your local tennis and or golfing instructors, can and most certainly do, profit, from the ‘how to’ problem solving information business.

Which means (entrepreneur), so can you, if the service, you’re providing, happens to be just a bit off the accepted  mainstream.

Part two is going to delve even deeper into ‘how’ these rather unconventional service providers, can and most certainly do, benefit from the ‘how to’ information business model.

By using the Internet, to strategically and effectively promote their products and or services, without having to try and become Internet marketing gurus!

Who Still Thinks Extremely Savvy Unconventional Small Business Service Providers Can’t Profit By Using The How To Information Business Model?

Right out of the gate, (ladies & gentlemen),let’s be extremely clear here. In this particular case, these extremely cash strapped entrepreneurs, one being a local golfing instructor, (and  the other) a local tennis instructor, is not trying to master proven Internet marketing fundamentals!

However, they recognize and appreciate, the enormous time saving aspect, and potentially profitable marketing leverage, they can benefit from, simply be becoming competent, in proven, online marketing fundamentals!

As Your Entrepreneurial Skills Grow So Will Your Potentially Profitable Marketing Opportunities!

That being the case, this is why, the golf instructor, is investing in a paid, state of the art, email service provider.Because as they pro- actively go about building their list of potential future (first time) and long term repeat customers, for literally pennies on the dollar!

They fully realize and appreciate, the strategic use of the Internet, allows them to do so, (initially anyway), without having to invest right out of the gate, in a state of the art, WordPress website and or blog!(Because for right now, their particular low cost business model, doesn’t necessarily require them to have one.)

Because remember, they will simply build their very own lead capture page, using aweber-s state of the art built in editor templates, (plus, as ) or while they’re inexpensively A/B split testing, at least two different versions- at a time-  of their lead generation bait.

They will simply be using aweber-s web hosting feature, so at any given time, they can have at least two separate lead capture page offers available, to their target market, so they can can gradually determine, (which), if any  version, produces the most initial opt ins.

(And remember, by having aweber, (or ) whomever your paid email service provider is, initially host your lead capture form(s), you don’t have any additional, separate third party web hosting cost, because the web hosting feature, is simply included,in whichever monthly package you choose.)

(Important note:However, you will definitely need some inexpensive, reputable third party self hosting, in order to have your newly purchased domain name, point (re-direct) to your aweber capture page.Not to worry, this relatively simple process (thank goodness!), is nowhere near as difficult to do as it initially sounds!)

Effective Lead Generation Strategies Don’t Have To Be Elaborate To Be Profitable!

Remember, these two start up service provider professionals, are not quite in the position, to pay a separate monthly fee, for a far more robust, lead capture page editing software, like (either) lead, and or Russell Brunson-s “Click funnels” software, and or invest a one time payment, plus an annual update fee to purchase OptimizePress Version 2.0..

Aweber-s lead capture page software, while nowhere near robust as those more expensive editing software-s previously mentioned, is more than adequate enough, to help them (or you!) get started, building their opt in list(s.)

(Please see the screenshot image just below, because it’s another sample lead capture page, which was created -strictly for illustration purposes only-, using aweber-s editing software, in all of 15 minutes!)

small business

Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The information Business? Part Two

Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Learn How To Make Their Cash Strapped Marketing Budgets Work For Them!(And You Should Too!)

As you recall from part one, the screenshot image above, is a completely different lead capture page, than the one originally featured in part one. Now the golf instructor, can at least start, inexpensively A/B split testing, two separate lead generation approaches.

They will also need to purchase, at least two separate, inexpensive domain names, so they don’t have to use aweber-s long, unattractive link.

(Please see the screenshot image just below, as it demonstrates where, inside of aweber-s dashboard, they (or you) get the proper html code, in order to display your lead capture page(s) web address.

small business

Who Says Small Business Service Providers Can’t Benefit From The information Business? Part Two

Effective Small Business Marketing Strategies Will Definitely Lead To Profits!

Once (or as) the golf/tennis instructor, and or, extremely cash strapped small business service provider X. Because remember, this mega proven marketing template, could just as easily, be customized, to work for a recent college graduate (and or) college dropout!

Who happens to be extremely gifted in math, and wants to start teaching, local Jr. high & high school students,(and adults!) of all ages and backgrounds, how to de-mystify seemingly complex math equations.

And they could use the exact same proven blueprint, with just a few minor tweaks. So the golf (and or) tennis instructor, once they create two separate lead capture page forms using aweber-s editing software, and purchases (at least) two inexpensive, separate domain names, after some inexpensive A/B split testing.

Now they can, and should create/print some (standard) 8.5 x 11, one sided flyers, promoting their digital golfing video boot camp/with their one on one coaching packages on the back end.

And at the bottom of their flyers, instead of showing aweber-s rather unattractive, and confusing looking link, instead, they can now use their newly purchased domain name, and simply re-direct awebers link, to their better, more conventional looking web address.

That’s when they-you- will definitely need, separate, inexpensive, state of the art,paid web hosting, in order to do so!However, as they build up their income, (from using the other battlefield tested) marketing strategies.

They can and definitely should,also connect their newly market tested lead capture page, to their Facebook business/fan page, until they can justify investing in some third reputable party web hosting.

Your Small Business Marketing Strategies Don’t Have To Be Expensive And Or Complex! (In Order To Be Effective!)

And as fate would have it, aweber, (my paid email service provider of choice), just happens to have a recent blog post, with pictorial images, showing you ‘how to’ properly add your lead capture page, to your Facebook business/ fan page. What a lucky break, right? 

And once, (or if!), you discover which lead capture page message produces the most opt ins, (then) and only then, (should) you and or the golf instructor, have at least 500 or (no more) than 1,000 customized (single sided) business (and or) index cards made, using your market tested lead capture text on it, plus your newly purchased domain name, as your new web address.

Entrepreneur, are you finally starting to appreciate, ‘how’ even some unconventional small business service providers, (such as those) just discussed, can and do routinely profit, from the multi billion dollar a year, ‘how to’ problem solving, information business model. And how you can, and definitely should too! Say yes! Great!

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