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14Feb 2018
referral marketing

How And Why Strategic Referral Marketing Makes Way More Sense!

So have you ever been (sort of) minding your own business, strolling along in the local mall, semi lost in a daze,when out or the blue, a complete stranger approaches you, about either, doing this or that?

And even though they seem friendly enough, something about the entire series of events, just don’t sit too well with you.

Ever been there? Me too. 😀

On the other hand, ever had a really close friend, relative, co-worker, colleague, neighbor,spouse and or (live in) significant other, enthusiastically suggest, the two of you, attend some local event, you previously knew nothing about, but because you -either-, trust and or value their opinion.

You sort of go along. Sound familiar? Guess what, you’ve just verified, how and why, certain forms of strategic referral marketing strategies and or tactics, are so potentially profitable and or effective. Continue reading

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13Feb 2018
weight loss

A Potentially Profitable Marketing Strategy Savvy Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Weight Loss Industry!

Okay, so other than reading and (hopefully) applying, some of the real world marketing strategies and or tactics, you learn and discover on this particular blog.

Did you ever, even (in your wildest dreams), stop and think.

Of all your) potential marketing inspirational sources,the multi billion dollar a year weight loss industry, can and definitely will, teach you some potentially profitable, semi low cost, marketing strategies and or tactics? I didn’t think so. 😀

Not surprising. But rest assured entrepreneur, the industry can and most certainly will, provide more than enough, real world creative marketing inspiration.

Provided you’re truly open to discovering, some potentially profitable, non traditional marketing alternatives. Continue reading

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12Feb 2018

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Get Their Ex Customers To Keep Sending Them Business!

   (And How You And I Definitely Can Too!)

So here’s a rather serious question for you.

Do you consider yourself, in the category of extremely savvy entrepreneurs? Cool.

Okay, now be as brutally honest as you can be here.

How often, do your ex and or inactive customers,patients and or clients send you brand new business?  😀

Rather interesting premise, to say the least. Would you not agree? Have you ever cancelled a service and or subscription of some kind? Or have you ever and or recently, unsubscribed from any email and or mobile marketing list? Me too. 😀

And after you did, how much brand new business, have you sent the company and or service since doing so? Exactly entrepreneur.

So how bad would you like to know and or discover, how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, (who truth told!) are certainly no smarter than you.

They still routinely get a certain percentage of their ex and or currently (inactive) customers, to enthusiastically send them more business, without being compensated a nickel for doing so?

Entrepreneur, is this not interesting? Continue reading

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09Feb 2018
lead generation strategies

Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Combine Effective Lead Generation Strategies With Customer Service!

   (And Why You And I Definitely Should Too!)

So have you ever noticed, how some of the most marketing savvy entrepreneurs -currently- on the planet, often combine, some of their most effective, (and thereby) most profitable, lead generation strategies and or tactics, with top notch customer service?

In order to systematically increase their bottom line.

And why you and I, especially as semi cash strapped -go getters, definitely need to follow their path, to proven prosperity.

After all, good ole fashion, problem solving customer service, is without a doubt, and will continue to be, one of you most effective and profitable marketing tools. Bar none.

So it only makes sense, for you and I, to constantly be on the look out, for some non traditional ways, of better serving our target audience.Don’t you agree? Continue reading

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08Feb 2018
entrepreneurial ideas

How Some Really Simple Entrepreneurial Ideas Generate At Least 300% Better Results!

 (Over And Over Again!)

So when was the last time, (please) be brutally honest here.

So when was the last time, any of your original and or re-vamped entrepreneurial ideas, actually generated, at least 300% better results?

And continue to do so, whether you invest any additional money and or resources in them or not.

Entrepreneur, is the possibility of this occurring, not interesting?  😀 You bet.

Quick reality check. What proven marketing strategies, tactics and or processes, have you recently put in place, to facilitate this happening? And if not, why not?

Oh BTW, you don’t have to put some proven, low hanging fruit marketing strategies and or tactics in place, which generate the high end results.

Meaning, what if, what you initially put in place, only generates a paltry 13.73% return. This beats a blank, does it not?  😀 Absolutely.

Besides, (everyone), including you, has to start somewhere, correct?  😀 You’d better hurry up and know it. So let’s have a closer look, shall we? Continue reading

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