Lead Generation Strategies

13Nov 2017
retail selling tips

Retail Selling Tips: How To Build A Sales Force When Your Cash Is Tight!

So it’s definitely, not a stretch to suggest, your resourced challenged small business and or service, does have, (from time to time), more than it’s fair share of cash flow challenges, correct?

Meaning, even if your current string of retail selling tips were to be implemented immediately, you may not have the ability, to either fund your promotional campaigns, right?

Or build a reliable sale force, how through rain or shine, will consistently help you get the word out.

Unless you’re seriously open to initially and inexpensively testing, some rather non traditional marketing strategies and or promotions. Let’s see if you truly are. Continue reading

11Nov 2017
small business

Why Your Cash Strapped Small Business May Be The Key To Big Profits!

So have you noticed, for some odd reason(s), far too many aspiring startup entrepreneurs, be they traditional, offline Mom & pop brick and mortar types.

And or if they’re extremely dedicated service providers.

They seem to feel, initially anyway, being an aspiring small business entrepreneur, is enough reason to cower in the corner,and take on the role as the ‘no realistic chance at truly succeeding’under dog.

Have you noticed this tendency as well? They often refer to themselves as a rather insignificant entity. As if somehow, what you and I do, really doesn’t matter.

When in reality, it most certainly does. As you’re about to discover. Continue reading

10Nov 2017
direct marketing campaigns

3 Primary Reasons Why Your Direct Marketing Campaigns Continuously Fail!

So have you ever invested in any type of ongoing, direct marketing campaigns?

And how well and or bad, did you ultimately do?

If your overall results, and or lack there of, is anything like most, semi cash strapped small business owners and or service providers.

You have barely recorded a one percent or less, response rate, correct?

And let’s face the hard cold reality. In at least 99% of the cases, an overall response rate of two percent or less, won’t or doesn’t even cover your initial, upfront out of pocket cost, does it?

And since it typically doesn’t, the net result is, most semi cash strapped entrepreneurs, who decide to use any type of direct marketing campaigns.

Usually can’t afford to attempt to do so, more than once or twice per year, because their campaigns are not paying for themselves,right?

There’s a very god chance they will, once you start consistently implementing, the following, three proven strategies. Continue reading

03Nov 2017

Wanna Discover The Profitable Way Savvy Entrepreneurs Profit Using Free Stuff!

  (And How You Definitely Can Too!)

Let’s face it (already!),far too many aspiring startup entrepreneurs,semi cash strapped small business owners and or service providers, try (in vain), to advertise and or promote their way to success, do they not?

Instead of being on the lookout,for some marketed tested ways, of generating, some bank account filling marketing leverage.

Initially, they’re only too eager, to fund outrageously expensive, traditional ad campaigns, until they simply can no longer afford to do so.

Then and only then, as their initial capital steady dwindles, will they even consider, any other, less conventional forms of marketing and or promotions.

But as soon as they do, worlds of previously untapped marketing possibilities and or opportunities, start and remain open to them.As you’re about to discover. Continue reading

02Oct 2017
lead generation strategies

Lead Generation Strategies: Why Your Most Effective Ones Can’t Be Ignored!Part Two

So hopefully after carefully reading part one of this ongoing series.

You -either- discovered, and or re-discovered, how and why, you simply can no longer afford, to ignore and or neglect, some of your most effective lead generation strategies, and or tactics, correct?

Because to continue to do so, will not only cost you money, but will takeaway your irreplaceable time, which can and should be allocated, to far more productive and profitable aspects of business.

effective lead generation, saves you time, because once you get the initial foundation of your process correct, your system helps you do the all important sifting and qualifying, as well as helping you quickly eliminate, your non qualified leads as well.

So it’s critically important you devote, both the time and other essential resources, to getting this process right. Continue reading