Cross Promotions- Your Ticket To Low Cost New Long Term Growth!

05Aug 2017
online marketing strategies

How Techno Phobic Service Providers Benefit From Online Marketing Strategies!Part Three

While a whole lot of service providers work incredibly hard in their businesses.

When it comes to generating some serious marketing leverage, by working on their businesses.

They tend to fall a little short. Have you noticed this as well?

And one of the primary reasons is, when it comes to strategically leveraging their businesses various,potential online assets, they tend to be extreme techo phobics, who just cannot grasp, how some proven online marketing strategies, can and definitely will help them.

And as a direct result of this extremely limited thinking on their part, they tend to avoid any and all types of potential money making online marketing strategies, which involve some type of online marketing tactics.

And by doing so, they are not able to effectively capitalize, off the Internets tremendous money making leverage and long term potential.Oh how sad. Continue reading

03Jul 2017
small business

How And Why A Little Strategic Charity Can Help Your Small Business Prosper!

Lots of profit seeking small business owners, service providers and or start up entrepreneurs, try and successfully advertise their way to ultimate success,right?

And perhaps this constantly growing list, includes your business/service as well, correct?

Hopefully, if it does, your results are far better, than what the all too typical, semi to severely cash strapped, small business owner/service provider experiences.

The main point (here) being, you don’t have to be a genius, nor do you have to be well established in your business, (on or offline), in order to throw as much money as your particular budget can afford, at potentially wasteful, and or dismally performing, traditional advertising campaigns.

Sound familiar? Well, what about the other end of the business spectrum? How many times, (currently) and or in your recent past, have you heard bout an entrepreneurial venture (of some kind), using local charities, to successfully fuel their long term success? Is this potential marketing approach not interesting? Continue reading

19Jun 2017
small business

Since Your Small Business Can Generate Marketing Leverage Why Pay For Advertising?Part Four

Any small business owner, service provider and or start up entrepreneur, can waste a proverbial fortune, on dismally performing, outrageously expensive, traditional advertising campaigns of any and all kinds, right?

To accomplish this, certainly doesn’t take an advanced degree from Harvard and or Wharton Business school, correct?

On the other hand, a severely cash strapped and or resourced challenged entrepreneur (of any kind!), (especially these days!)had better know how to consistently, and strategically, get the word out, on or offline, if they expect to have any realistic shot, at successfully growing their small business/service.Would you not agree?

So the eternal $64,000 dollar dollar burning question, now becomes.How or what can a severely cash strapped, small business owner and or service provider possibly do, to continuously grow their business or service, and generate some bank account filling marketing leverage while they do so?

Especially when they don’t currently have much, on line social media clout, and or a mile long sheet of readily available marketing assets, at their fingers tips.Maybe things aren’t as bleak as they readily appear? Continue reading

16Jun 2017
small business

How Savvy Small Business Owners Compete Even With Really Tiny Ad Budgets!Part Three

So did you happen to notice, in the first two installments of this ongoing series, the primary methods and strategies, for most semi cash strapped small business owners, service providers, and or start up entrepreneurs etc.

Revolved around some battlefield tested ways, of them strategically lowering the cost, to consistently generate, their critically important, initial first time customer, patient and or client.Did you happen to notice that?

But as you know all too well, the bulk of your long term gross profits, (at least 80%) or more, will definitely be produced and maintained, on the back end sales funnel, of your business/service, correct? Absolutely.

This is why, the vast majority of the remainder of this post, will focus heavily on, helping you finally discover, and maximize, the currently untapped, hidden long term profit potential marketing opportunities,which are waiting to happen.Sound good? Continue reading

13Jun 2017
small business

How Savvy Small Business Owners Make Shaky Advertising Campaigns Profitable!Part Two

So after reading part one of this ongoing series, are you finally starting to appreciate, how some extremely savvy small business owners, and or start up entrepreneurs, successfully use the three way, marketing triangulation concept, (to), not only systematically lower their cost?

But also strategically use the concept, to consistently fill up their bank accounts too. I sincerely hope so.

Otherwise what you’re about to be exposed to, (sadly) will amount to nothing more, than some extremely fancy, ivory tower marketing theory, which will do very little, to actually pad your pockets.And that would truly be a shame.Don’t you agree?

Without question, consistently implementing, the right tailor made marketing strategies, can and definitely will, help your resourced challenged small business/service and or entrepreneurial endeavor, quickly and systematically, get to the very next level or two. Continue reading