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Your instant profit booster catergory gives you simple, powerful step by step instructions on how to systematically increase your overall short and long term profits by utlizing a little known marketing strategy often referred to as an upsell or bump.

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10Feb 2018

Who Else Wants To Know How Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn A Little Into A Lot!Part Two

So did you happen to notice in part one, of this ongoing series, how some extremely marketing savvy entrepreneurs, are able to routinely, take seemingly minor daily and or weekly activities, and gradually convert them, into some long term money making opportunities?

Does this sound like a path and or plan, you personally would like to implement more often? Great.

Because with just a few, strategic and minor tweaks, here and there, you can definitely be well on your way.

And the best part is entrepreneur, you will probably discover, once all the dust settles, your new and improved marketing strategies and or tactics, either won’t cost you a nickel more, but may in fact, actually cost you less.

Yet (overall), actually produce far more than you previously attained. Is this an improvement you can live with? Is that a yes or yes?  😀  Continue reading

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07Feb 2018

How Savvy Entrepreneurs Use Marketing Strategies Not Advertising To Build Trust!

 (And How And Why You Definitely Should Too!)

Ever notice just how much money and effort, far too many profit seeking entrepreneurs, invest, (more like) waste, on dismally performing, not to mention, outrageously expensive,traditional advertising campaigns?

And just for ultimate clarification here. By traditional advertising campaigns and or promotions.

This is referring to, the outrageously expensive, non goal orientated ad campaigns you so often see, the deep pocketed, fortune 100- 500 type outfits, constantly running all over the place.

Case in point, you’ll see local billboards, (which aren’t exactly cheap BTW), throughout your city/town, with some extremely large, corporate type logo splashed on it.

And that’s pretty much it. Huh? Exactly. With absolutely no market tested “Call To Action” (CTA) to be found anywhere.Big freaking (outrageously costly!) mistake!

Entrepreneur, (please!!) do not go there. And if this is the type of completely wasteful advertising and or promotional strategies you’re currently attempting. Stop doing so immediately!(Before your business goes completely bankrupt!)

Because, (guess what?) There are far more proven and effective ways, for you to invest your extremely hard earned marketing dollars… Continue reading

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05Feb 2018
market share

The Sneaky Little Way Savvy Entrepreneurs Increase Their Market Share!Part Two

So as you recall in part one of this ongoing series, there are some (not only) inexpensive, but truly creative marketing strategies, for you and I, to systematically increase your market share, right?

And thank goodness, they don’t have to cost you and I, a proverbial fortune, correct?

And equally important, some of these low hanging fruit marketing opportunities, can quite possibly lead to some major previously untapped profit centers, within your business and or service.

And or worst case scenario, you’ll still gradually-over time-, build your market share, but you won’t cost you a ton of money as you’re doing so.

But then again. you’ll still do so, for a whole lot less, than you have previously been spending. So let’s have a look, at even more, untapped creative marketing solutions, and see where they might ultimately lead you… Continue reading

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02Feb 2018

Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Structure Their Customer Acquisition Plans Like An Iceberg!

   (And Why You Definitely Should Too!)

So when it comes to your small business, service and or startup entrepreneurial endeavor, what’s your first choice, in terms of generating first time customers and or patients etc?

Sadly, far too many aspiring entrepreneurs, they initially try and go the outrageously expensive,conventional advertising route.

That is, until the dismally performing ads and or conventional promotional strategies, turnout to be far too expensive to continue.

With dwindling and or poor return on investment (ROI) results. Most cash strapped entrepreneurs, are usually forced, to seek out, some potentially viable marketing alternatives, or face potentially going out of business.

Because they simply can’t afford, to keep flushing their hard earned money down the toilet. This being the case, let’s see what these potential marketing alternatives, really have to offer. Continue reading

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30Jan 2018
small business

How And Why Far Too Many Small Business Owners Triple Customer Acquisition Costs!

So next to the phrases, “lack of cash flow,” “liquidation sale” and or “bankruptcy.”

Another potentially expensive word, is “branding.”

Now before you go off half cocked, and totally get the wrong idea here.

Has your resourced challenged small business and or entrepreneurial endeavor, been trying to “brand” yourself, using some of the outrageously expensive, traditional methods, strategies and or tactics?

I sincerely hope not. Say what? (Hear me out please!) Because this critically important adjustment in your thinking, just might save you a ton of money,undue frustration and ultimately, help save your bankruptcy bound business/entrepreneurial venture. Continue reading

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