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Your instant profit booster catergory gives you simple, powerful step by step instructions on how to systematically increase your overall short and long term profits by utlizing a little known marketing strategy often referred to as an upsell or bump.

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02Dec 2017
how to increase retail sales

How To Increase Retail Sales For Pennies On The Dollar!

  (And Use Your Savings To Fast Track Your Businesses Growth!)

Are you a big pizza eater? Do you have a favorite type of pizza you simply can’t get enough of?

Now then, do you love your favorite type of pizza enough, to wanna to eat it, hot or cold? 😀

Now right about now, you’re probably wondering, what (if anything!) any of this, has to do with, you learning how to increase retail sales, right? Great question.

Here’s the really (short) answer.Do you love your business and or service? And would you rather,attempt to market, promote, advertise and or sell, to a completely cold prospect?

As in meeting a complete stranger for the very first time.Or would you much prefer your ideal prospects, to at least be semi warm?

No brainer, correct? Stick around, if you’re serious about discovering,how to increase your retail sales, for literally pennies on the dollar.. Continue reading

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01Dec 2017

How Savvy Entrepreneurs Add Value And Big Profits To Their Bottom Line!

So what profit seeking entrepreneurs, do you personally know, and or can think of, right off the top of your head?

Who aren’t constantly looking for some proven ways, to add more and more value, to their ideal customers, clients and or patients buying experience?

Hopefully the answer is none, correct?

You me and every body else, is constantly looking for some low hanging fruit ways, to accomplish this,right?

And in some cases,(as you’re about to discover), even if or when, it means investing a few more dollars, time and or other extremely valuable resources.

In the long run,once (or as you’re) tallying, your ideal customers, total lifetime customer value metrics, your front end efforts, will be more than worth it. At least, this is our main desired outcome, is it not? Continue reading

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28Nov 2017

The Secret Edge Savvy Entrepreneurs Use To Out Promote Their Competitors!

Would you not agree, (on the surface anyway!), most aspiring entrepreneurs, at least when they’re first start out, are extremely dedicated,right?

And they pay close attention, to even the smallest details.

And since they’re typically, semi resourced challenged to begin with, they often to look for, non traditional ways, to advertise, promote and or market themselves, do they not?

And this approach, and contrarian way of thinking, is a good thing, to a point. 😀 Sadly, what tends to happen is, they start to rely far too much on their and or their staffs, marketing creativity.

Not fully realizing and or appreciating, it’s not about your or my creativity.

Instead, it’s about understanding, real cost vs advertising and or marketing cost etc.

And knowing what to do with the differences. As you’re about to discover shortly. So please stay tuned… Continue reading

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25Nov 2017
small business

How Savvy Small Business Owners Help Stabilize Their Businesses!

Are you a profit seeking small business owner, service provider, and or aspiring startup entrepreneur?

If so, have you experienced any type of semi major cash flow crisis yet?

If not, hang on, because you most definitely will. 😀

And of course, there could be and probably are, several reasons for this. one of which, for whatever reasons, your cash flow, occasionally dips and blips, and as  direct result, your not able to readily maintain, any type o reliable balance.

Obviously, exposure to one -hopefully- informative blog post, will not change such a predicament over night, correct?  😀 But without a doubt, you can become more aware of certain things and or potential scenarios, you definitely need to either minimize and or avoid altogether. Continue reading

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23Nov 2017
small business marketing tips

Small Business Marketing Tips:How To Put Your Distribution Business On Steroids!Part Two

So hopefully as you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, the right type of small business marketing tipscan and most definitely will, help you grow your business and or service.

Without spending the proverbial fortune, on dismally performing, outrageously expensive, traditional advertising campaigns.

Remember, any novice and or aspiring or cash strapped, and resourced challenged entrepreneur, can waste a ton of money on non productive, traditional advertising campaigns.

And these often, dismally performing, glitzy ad campaigns, can quickly drain your bank account, to the point where, you may not even be able to afford, to initially test, some possible marketing alternatives.

This is no way to try and run and or grow your business and or service, correct? Continue reading

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