02Sep 2017

(What You Must Do Right Now In Order To Fix It!)

sales funnel

Four Incredibly Simple Reasons Your Sales Funnel Isn’t Getting It Done!

So how long have you been pro-actively marketing (and or) attempting to market/promote, your extremely valuable products or services online?

And by now, you’ve definitely come across, or heard mention, the pro’s and cons of your sales funnel correct? Yes this is definitely, one of those high intensity buzz words, (like it or not!), you will continually thrown about.

By both the gurus, guruettes and everyone else further down the ladder. 😉  And for good reason. Your online business venture, won’t make it very far without one.

The remainder of this particular post, is not about ‘how to’ actually structure, a working sales funnel. Instead, it’s primary focus, (is to) hopefully shed some practical, real world insights, as to why the one you’re currently working with, may not be fully getting the job done.

And four major potential solutions, to help you turn things around asap. Continue reading

01Sep 2017
online marketing strategy

Introducing A Simple Online Marketing Strategy For Non Techie Service Providers!Part Two

So hopefully after reading part one of this ongoing series, you’ve discovered, and or finally realized,even if you’re a non techie, and or a self professed techno phobic service provider of some kind, you can still utilize, and profit from a proven online marketing strategy or two, correct?

In fact, even though some of your major competitors, may actually be far more advanced, when it comes effectively utilizing the Internet, as a low cost, strategic marketing tool.

Because you (too) understand the basics of utilizing various forms of marketing leverage, you can also profit from the strategic use of (both) the Internet, and some type of paid technology, right?

Let’s continue your journey, (so hopefully), you can discover, even more proven ways of doing so. Continue reading

31Aug 2017


online marketing strategy

Introducing A Simple Online Marketing Strategy For Non Techie Service Providers!

So how many  extremely hard working and fiercely dedicated service providers do you personally know, who for whatever reasons, still do not have some sort of start of the art WordPress website and or blog?

Probably a lot, correct?

Just recently, my small business expert coach and mentor Gail Gardner, shared an extremely helpful blog post, where it was revealed, a staggering 45% of the small business owners surveyed, readily acknowledged, they still don’t have a website and or blog.

And truth told, they’re simply not that pro-active on any of the social media platforms as well.As a net result, their services, don’t generate nearly as much bankable marketing leverage, and eventual front or back end profits as they deserve.

However, with a few rather simple, inexpensive marketing tweaks, they can and will reverse this trend asap. Continue reading

30Aug 2017


lead generation strategies

Lead Generation Strategies: Why Your Most Effective Ones Can’t Be Ignored!

Most resourced challenged small business owners and or service providers, already have in place, some type of lead generation strategies and or processes, correct?

Their biggest challenges seems to be, do they currently have in place, the proven process and or systems, to effectively handle, any and all replies they ultimately receive.

The answer, sadly for far too many is, they simply do not. On the other hand, it’s equally important, to recognize, how not having any type of proven lead generation strategies in place, opens the door to long term possibilities.

This particular blog post, will try and expose you to several of those untapped possibilities. Continue reading

29Aug 2017
lead generation

Three Important Secrets You Definitely Need To About Your Lead Generation Strategies!Part Two

So as you previously discovered in part one, of this ongoing series, most resourced challenged, small business owners and or service providers, at least understand on the surface, they need to have some sort of ongoing lead generation process, in place at all times, correct?

Their primary challenge tends to be, what type of program to initially implement and to what degree do they commit to it, correct?

Solo-preneur service providers, know all too well, the moment their lead generation process slows down, and or stops altogether, they’re only a few missed payments away from bankruptcy, correct?

This is why, it’s so critically important, to the long term success of your venture, to have a well grounded understanding, of various forms, of bank account lead generation strategies and or tactics.Don’t you agree? Continue reading

28Aug 2017
lead generation

Three Important Secrets You Definitely Need To About Your Lead Generation Strategies!

Most resourced challenged small business owners and or service providers, are pretty good, at developing and or maintaining, some type of ongoing lead generation strategies, are they not?

This is not to say, nor suggest, they do as much as they could or should, regarding them. But at least, (initially) anyway.

Most small business owners or service providers, try to consistently implement some type of ongoing process, to generate potential first time customers, patients and or clients.Right?

And as a direct result, all of their ongoing efforts, often get lumped into one giant category, often referred to, simply as lead generation. Oh how convenient. Continue reading

26Aug 2017
creative entrepreneurial ideas

How Three Really Creative Entrepreneurial Ideas Can You More Money Fast!

Most aspiring entrepreneurs, aren’t the least bit short, on creative entrepreneurial ideas and or strategies, correct?

In fact, more times than not, they’ve got more than enough unused and untested marketing strategies, to fill a division A college football stadium, right?  😎

But ask them to provide some readily available cash and they start to back peddle just a bit.

The good news is, you don’t need a football stadium of entrepreneurial ideas, techniques and or strategies, in order to make a realistic go of things.

Just a dogged determination, to finish what you start, by always being mindful, of the untapped marketing opportunities and or possibilities, which are always just below the surface, as you’re about to discover. Continue reading

25Aug 2017
retail selling tips

Retail Selling Tips: How Small Business Owners Become Big Business Owners!Part Two

   (And How You And I Can Definitely Do It Too!)

So hopefully as you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, there really are, some brain dead simple, retail selling tips, you and I, can implement, to help take our business and or service, to the very next level, agreed?

And with a few simple tweaks here and there, a rather modestly performing business, can and most definitely will, be transformed, and be able to make it to the very next level or two, correct?

And these rather simple tweaks, literally require no more physical effort and typically, very little investment capital, in order to at least be initially tested, correct?

Part two will (hopefully) expose you to even more proven ways, to implement, some proven retail selling tips and or tactics. Sound good? Continue reading

24Aug 2017
retail selling tips

Retail Selling Tips: How Small Business Owners Become Big Business Owners!

    (Even If They Initially Started Out A Little Resourced Challenged!)

So have you ever noticed, how some of the simplest, retail selling tips and or tactics, can eventually lead to some of the most profitable front and back end sales funnels?

Funny how things often seem to work out that way, is it not?

Even though tons of aspiring entrepreneurs, (especially) in the beginning phases of their struggling ventures, devote massive hours and resources to the success of their ventures.

And sadly far too many, ultimately whined up, (either) barely making a go of things, and or eventually throwing in the towel, because of a lack of reliable and or sustainable cash flow.

When, (truth told), if they had merely been or made aware of, some market tested, retail selling tips, they may have not only eventually turned the corner, bu actually built a thriving business and or service. Continue reading