31Oct 2017
small business

This Is What Happens When Small Business Owners Don’t Think Long Term!

Please be as brutally honest as you can be here. How many times have you seen or heard about it.

An aspiring small business owner, service provider or startup entrepreneur, has extremely ambitious plans.

And they’re usually as smart as a whip,are they not?

Yet, for any number of reasons,practically before the inks dries on their first luxury car lease agreement. 😀

They are usually in some major financial hot water, and things tend to continual rapidly down hill from there. Correct? 😀

It’s almost as if, they all take a page from the very same financial ruin play book, correct?

In this rather brief post, hopefully, at least a few of the major reasons why, this all too common occurrence, keeps happening over and over again, will be revealed. Continue reading

30Oct 2017
marketing strategies

Three Simple Marketing Strategies Public Speakers Can And Should Use!Part Two

So does or did it surprise you at all, (as you) previously discovered in part one, of this ongoing series,(about) implementing some proven marketing strategies.

There are literally, millions upon millions of aspiring entrepreneurs, who are literally terrified to do any type of formal or informal public speaking?

And let’s be brutally honest here, the exact same phobia, can and most definitely must be said, for appearing -solo- in front of any type video and or camera.Right? 😀

While many aspiring public speakers, have absolutely no fear whatsoever, using their smartphones to record video footage.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of them, are literally frightened to death, to appear in front of it, by themselves.Part two of this series, is primarily dedicated to those, who are not so frightened, by the entire process…. 😎

Continue reading

28Oct 2017

Five All Too Common Reasons Startup Entrepreneurs Experience Cash Flow Problems!

Have you noticed, just how fired up, enthusiastic and positive most aspiring startup entrepreneurs are?

It’s almost infectious, is it not? In the beginning, they are most definitely on fire.

And slowly over time, like the rest of us, as they gradually experience a few speed bumps here and there.

They don’t completely burn out, they just sort go into another gear. And they’re not quite as gung ho as they were initially, right?

And suddenly, they begin to realize, not only can they not do it all by themselves, but they also eventually discover,and come to the harsh and very sobering realization, they really don’t want to. 😀

And often times, this game changing revelation, also helps them recognize, these five, all too common reasons, for their re-occurring cash flow problems. Continue reading

27Oct 2017

Five Simple Reasons Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Love Bounce Back Offers!

 (And Why You Definitely Should Too!)

So have you noticed, the lengths and all out efforts, some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, will continuously go to, in order to try and make their efforts, on the various social media platforms pay off?

They’ll even go as far as hiring some rather pricey social media marketing agencies, and study various charts and install different types of both free and paid WordPress plugins, in order to stay on top of their presence on social media etc.

And yet, truth told, there are several proven, low cost ways, which require far less money and allocation of their extremely limited resources, which consistently yield far more profitable, long term benefits.As you’re about to discover. Continue reading

26Oct 2017

Three Simple Ways Automation Works For And No Against You!

By now,it’s really no great secret, tons of aspiring small business owners, service providers and or start up entrepreneurs, often face more than their fair share of cash flow crisis, correct?

Especially when they’re initially getting started, correct?

So it definitely stands to reason, whenever they can benefit from some type of market tested automation, they’re probably on board right?

Absolutely. Plus as an added benefit, the right type of automation, will definitely help them, do and accomplish, a whole lot more, while having to invest, a whole lot less.

And what serious, profit seeking entrepreneur (do you personally know), who wouldn’t be on board with an arrangement or process like that? 😀  Continue reading

25Oct 2017

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Fully Embrace Marketing Leverage!

 (And Why You Definitely Should Too!)

So it’s definitely no secret, why some semi cash starved entrepreneurs, of all shapes & sizes, look to fully embrace, various forms of marketing leverage, practically any and everywhere they can find it, correct?

And it’s certainly no wonder.Because various forms of marketing leverage, not only lowers their upfront, out of pocket cost, but also allows them to either leverage some form of automation.

Which is why the specific video was included in this particular blog post.  So good old youtube, can keep generating 24/7 marketing leverage for yours truly.

And marketing leverage also helps your current and past marketing efforts, help you go viral. As you’re about to discover.. Continue reading

24Oct 2017
bank loan approval

Bank Loan Approval: Three Primary Reasons Your Banker May Say No!

So it’s definitely no running, carefully hidden secret, startup ventures, are not the only ones, endlessly seeking, the elusive bank loan approval green light, correct?

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, Mom-preneurs and extremely hard working and dedicated service providers, of all shapes and sizes, occasionally seek bank loan approval as well, do they not?

And if they have to pay upfront fees, just to apply, certainly, these banks and other potential lending institutions, (both on and offline), definitely get their fair share, of the multi billion dollar, loan application fee, correct? 😀

Clearly, lending institutions, have to loan out their depositors money, at a significant enough rate, in order to stay in business, right?

But sadly, more time than they’d like to, your local banker, is forced, by circumstances beyond their control, to deny your loan request.

This particular blog post, will attempt t reveal, three all too common reasons for doing so…. Continue reading

23Oct 2017

How And Why Your Business Will Succeed With The Right Automation!

You have to admit, there are certain elements of your business and or service, which wouldn’t be nearly as efficient and or effective as they currently are, without the right type of automation, in place,correct?

And yes, (it definitely) goes without saying, some higher end automation,definitely works better than some of the lower end automation.

But still in all, you and I, are better off with some type of access to proven automation, right? Agreed.

Take a look at the remainder of this blog post, then you be the ultimate judge.Fair enough? Continue reading

21Oct 2017

How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Automation Profitable!

 (And You Can Too!)

Have you noticed, how much more efficient and profitable, your business or service is, whenever you consistently utilize, some form of market tested, marketing leverage?

This is definitely not a coincidence, now is it?

And by the same token, ever notice what starts consistently happening to your bottom line, whenever you add some bank account filling automation, to your various processes.

You and I can literally work 15 hour days, and still not be able to match, (especially over time), the type of bankable results, the right type of automation, will consistently generate.

Go ahead and see for yourself. Before you totally burn out. Continue reading