List Building 101

Power list building is the absolute cornerstone of your entire long term success. No matter how you primarily market your business on or offline.

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30Dec 2017
baked goods

How To Inexpensively Spread The Word About Your Bakery Business!Part Two

Did you happen to notice in part one, of this ongoing series, about how, some semi resourced challenged, small business owners can inexpensively, promote and or market, their bakery business, for literally pennies on the dollar?

As opposed, to continuously wasting a small fortune, on outrageously expensive, dismally performing, traditional advertising mediums.

Your semi cash strapped small bakery business and or service, can generally do a whole lot better, than allocating a set percentage every month, on dismally effective, traditional advertising campaigns.

Part two will attempt to demonstrate, how and why, you simply must come to your marketing senses asap…. Continue reading

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21Sep 2017
lead generation ideas

How Some Really Simple Lead Generation Ideas Can Lead To Massive Profits!

You definitely started your business and or service, in order to provide some much needed value in the marketplace, correct? Agreed.

Which also means, you definitely have no problem, being fairly compensated, for the quality products and or services you provide, right?

Which also means, who couldn’t use and or benefit from, some market tested lead generation ideas, right?

Because if there’s a way, (and rest assured) there most certainly is, for you to effectively market and or promote your business and or services, and other extremely valuable resources, for less money.

You’d definitely want to know more about it, agreed? Excellent. Then let’s have a look under the hood, to see if there are in fact, some viable alternative, lead generation ideas and or strategies worth actively pursuing. Continue reading

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12Jul 2017
marketing strategies

So Who Else Can’t See The Connection Between Online Marketing And Offline Power Marketing Strategies?

So no matter how you primarily market your extremely valuable products, and or services, you’re definitely going to need a proven, (on of offline) promotional strategy, for consistently generating, semi qualified leads, correct?

For sure. This being the case, your marketing strategies, probably need to involve,(a little bit of both the on and offline marketing world), so you don’t totally neglect any one particular approach over the other, right?

Just because your business is a traditional, offline bricks and mortar operation, doesn’t mean, you can’t or shouldn’t be utilizing, strategic opt in email/mobile marketing strategies here and there, correct? And by the same token.

If you currently rely, on your website and or WordPress blog, consistently having pages, (primarily) your how to, problem solving blog posts, consistently ranking extremely high in the major search engines, primarily Google.

This doesn’t mean, when it comes to implementing, certain proven marketing strategies, your online digital empire, can’t or shouldn’t take a page, right out of the offline world, as you’re about to discover. Continue reading

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08Jul 2017
digital marketing

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Fully Embrace Some Type Of Digital Marketing Strategies!

   (And Why You Definitely Should Too!)

Ever notice, how some extremely smart, (not to mention), incredibly dedicated and savvy entrepreneurs, are barely scratching the surface, of marketing possibilities, when it comes to effectively utilizing, any type of, potentially profitable digital marketing strategies?

For some odd reasons, when it comes to throwing good money after bad, as it relates to, buying outrageously expensive, traditional advertising campaigns.

Far too many aspiring entrepreneurs, simply do not and or will not, readily seize, the countless, untapped marketing possibilities, various types of digital marketing strategies, which are readily available to them. Hopefully, this isn’t the case for you…. Continue reading

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04Jul 2017


small business

The Main Reason Your Small Business Has To Know What A Lead Is Really Worth!Part Three

So -hopefully- after these first two installments, of this ongoing series, your small business and or service, definitely appreciates, on a much deeper level.

The true -long term-, potential residual value, of what a semi qualified lead, can potentially be worth to you, and or your major competitors, correct?

And hopefully, your currently untapped, creative marketing juices have been sufficiently stimulated.

To the point, you’re finally emotionally ready, to start, if nothing else, initially implementing some of the battlefield tested, marketing strategies and or tactics, you’ve been exposed to, throughout this particular series, right? Great.

The sooner you start inexpensively testing, tweaking and  monitoring your results, the sooner you’ll start profiting in the long run. And this is ultimately, what it’s all about, is it not? Continue reading

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