12Oct 2017
email marketing campaigns

What Effective Weight Loss Plans Can Teach You About Successful Email Marketing Campaigns!

So have you, or someone you know, like and trust, attempted to lose weight lately?

And if so, did you ever stop an think in your wildest dreams.

Your effective weight loss plan, could also be the key, to thoroughly understanding, how to create some extremely profitable, email marketing campaigns? Say what? 😀

Hold on, before you go getting all skeptical. It’s really not as far fetched, as you may initially think.Take a deep breath or two. Settle down and let’s have a much closer look under the hood. Continue reading

11Oct 2017
email marketing campaigns

5 Simple Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Campaigns Are Falling Flat!

 (And Will Definitely Continue To Do So Until You Correct These Five Incredibly Simple Things!)

So you definitely started your on or offline business, in order to consistently generate profits, did you not?

And any time you can -both- leverage various assets, lower your cost, while maintaining your overall quality, this too is a desirable outcome, is it not? Agreed.

Yet for some odd reasons, you still have no fully embraced, the long term profit generating potential, afforded you, via some battlefield tested email marketing campaigns. Why?

Strategic email marketing, by a far margin, is still, the number one way, both your potential prospect and customers, patients and or clients alike, prefer to receive communications from businesses and or services etc.

So (word to the wise!), get with the program already, will ya? Continue reading

10Oct 2017
email marketing campaigns

How Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns Make You More Money!Part Two

After reading part one of this ongoing series.

Hopefully now, you better appreciate, how certain email marketing campaigns 

definitely help you (and I) make more money, correct?

And equally important, you can see and appreciate, how having access to a reputable, paid email service provider, allows you to systematically build trust over time, with both your ideal prospects and customers.

Especially, if money is tight, and you don’t have unlimited access to other extremely valuable assets.

Being able to periodically send your list of opt in email subscribers,either a pre written, follow up (drip) campaign series, via your paid email providers autoresponder feature, and or being able to contact them on the fly, with an unscheduled, extremely time sensitive ‘broadcast’ email alert message.

Potentially puts you light years ahead of your major competitors, who for any number of reasons, still haven’t fully embraced, the enormous profit generating potential, of strategic email marketing strategies and or tactics. Continue reading

10Oct 2017
email marketing campaigns

How Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns Make You More Money!

Don’t you just love it, when your business and or service, turns a profit, on both the front and back end of your sales funnel, while you simultaneously lower your out of pocket costs, on both ends as well?

Does it, or can it get any better than that or what? 😀

One of the battlefield tested ways, of you or I consistently doing this, is by systematically implementing some form of strategic email marketing campaigns.

Because, whether you recognize it not, strategic email marketing, when properly implemented, can and does help improve and or increase your businesses and or services cash flow.

And you definitely know and already realize, this is not always the case, with other forms of traditional advertising and or promotions, correct? Continue reading

09Oct 2017
email marketing

5 Potentially Profitable Ways Email Marketing Adds Value To Your Business!

You certainly have (little) or no real problem, with your business and or service, becoming more valuable, correct?

Especially if it doesn’t take deep corporate pockets, in order to do, correct?

And if it turns out, strategic email marketing of some kind, can and does, add more value to your business, you’ll definitely be okay with, right?

Great. Because in the remainder of this particular post, you’re about to discover, a bare bones minimum, of at least five proven ways, strategic email marketing strategies, can and most definitely will, add value to businesses bottom line. Sound good? Continue reading