23Oct 2017

How And Why Your Business Will Succeed With The Right Automation!

You have to admit, there are certain elements of your business and or service, which wouldn’t be nearly as efficient and or effective as they currently are, without the right type of automation, in place,correct?

And yes, (it definitely) goes without saying, some higher end automation,definitely works better than some of the lower end automation.

But still in all, you and I, are better off with some type of access to proven automation, right? Agreed.

Take a look at the remainder of this blog post, then you be the ultimate judge.Fair enough? Continue reading

21Oct 2017

How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Automation Profitable!

 (And You Can Too!)

Have you noticed, how much more efficient and profitable, your business or service is, whenever you consistently utilize, some form of market tested, marketing leverage?

This is definitely not a coincidence, now is it?

And by the same token, ever notice what starts consistently happening to your bottom line, whenever you add some bank account filling automation, to your various processes.

You and I can literally work 15 hour days, and still not be able to match, (especially over time), the type of bankable results, the right type of automation, will consistently generate.

Go ahead and see for yourself. Before you totally burn out. Continue reading

20Oct 2017
scale your business

How To Strategically Scale Your Business Just Like The Smart Marketers Do!Part Two

So did you notice in part one of this ongoing series, you definitely don’t have to access to deep corporate financing, if one of your stated goals, is to eventually scale your business.

Clearly, if you are serious about scaling your business and or service, any and all type of automation and technologically you can employ, will only help you reach your goals faster, correct?

For example, without a doubt, you definitely should be constantly utilizing, some type of reputable, paid email service provider.Don’t you agree? This way, you can systematically follow up with your most likely prospects and buyers.

And consistently do so, for literally pennies on the dollar. Entrepreneur, does this sound like a plan or what? Continue reading

19Oct 2017

How And Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Constantly Benefit From Simple Automation!

 (And How You Can Too!)

Can your business and or service, use and or benefit from some form of bank account filling marketing leverage?

Doesn’t it make economic sense, to strategically utilize any and every asset at your immediate disposal?

Just like the ultimate insiders do. This being the case, is there any valid reasons why, your business and or service, isn’t currently benefiting from some form of specialized technology and or some type of proven automation, to not only reach more potential prospects.

But to also utilize it, to help you initially identify some of your most likely customers, patients and or clients etc. Let’s have a closer look, at a potential situation or two. Continue reading

18Oct 2017
retail selling tips

Retail Selling Tips: How To Make Darn Sure Your Best Customers Spread The Word Fast!Part Two

Hopefully as you previously discovered, in part one of this ongoing series, certain market tested retail selling tips and or approaches, definitely work better than others, correct?

And sadly, far too many, semi cash strapped business owners, service providers, and or start up entrepreneurs, find themselves, trying to utilize, one of the most expensive routes.

This being the outrageously expensive, traditional advertising and or promotional route.

When clearly, part one of this series proves, there are some much better, marketing alternatives, to at least be tested, correct? For sure.

In the remainder of part two, you’ll discover even more proof, why, really have to be open to your untapped marketing possibilities and or opportunities.Don’t you agree? Continue reading

17Oct 2017
marketing mistake

Marketing Mistake:Three Things Newbies Often Do They Really Shouldn’t!

 (And This Is Usually Why Their Lead Capture Pages Aren’t Nearly As Successful As They Could And Should Be!)

So have you noticed,it’s not always appropriate, to label certain online marketers, as newbies?

Because technically, they’ve been online for more than enough time, to know far better, than they’re constantly doing.

So the major marketing mistake, you’re about to be made aware of,with regards to how to make your lead capture/sign up form pages far more effective than they currently are now.

Is often made (far too) commonly, by aspiring newbie marketer entrepreneurs.

Any and everyone, from aggressive tech start ups, to brick & mortar small business, and or solo-preneur service providers. And everything else in between. Continue reading

16Oct 2017
retail selling tips

Retail Selling Tips: How To Make Darn Sure Your Best Customers Spread The Word Fast!

So how many profit seeking small business owners, and service providers, do you personally know, who consistently spend a fortune, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising and or promotional campaigns of some kind?

And as you (or I) might expect, once all the smoke clears.

Only a hand few of them, are able to make this non viable approach work.

Contrast this approach, to not only discovering and consistently implementing, some proven retail selling tips.

And you’ll quickly notice and readily appreciate, a stark improvement to your bottom line. Now who among us, can possibly argue against this much preferred outcome,right?

And the really good news is, you’re probably, just a minor tweak or two away, from routinely experiencing such results. As you’re about to discover shortly. Continue reading

14Oct 2017

How And Why Smart Entrepreneurs Consistently Profit From Automation!

 (And How You Definitely Can Too!)

So how many semi resourced challenged, small business owners, and or service providers, do you personally know?

Who are not sincerely interested, in discovering, how they can systematically create more bankable marketing leverage?

And typically, more times than not, where you find proven systems and or processes in place, you’ll also find some type of bank account filling automation at work as well.

Have you noticed this all too common trend as well? This being the case, the following blog post, will hopefully demonstrate, how and why, some of today’s savviest entrepreneurs, can and consistently do,routinely benefit from some form of automation.

Now, hopefully it’s your turn. Continue reading

13Oct 2017
start up

Why Some Start Up Entrepreneurs Fail Even Though They’re Making Money!

At first glance, (it both) sounds and seems totally ironic, does it not?

How any profit seeking start up entrepreneur of any kind, and or shape or size.

Could actually still whined up going broke, even though they’re periodically making sales,right? 😀

Typically, (and certainly) not in all cases, but more times than not, the primary, over -riding reason(s) for this consistently happening is, their continued effort, to avoid altogether, and or to neglect, tracking their businesses real internal metrics.

Because as you’re about to discover, once they start consistently doing so, it quickly becomes a lot less difficult, to spot and or anticipate, certain financial struggles and or temporary rough spots.

This way you can better prepare and adjust certain strategies and or tactics. While totally eliminating others altogether. Continue reading