14Dec 2017


cross promotions

So How Much Longer Are You To Wait To Start Using Cross Promotions?

So let’s be brutally honest hear, have you ever had to actually suspend and or discontinue altogether, a paid ad campaign, simply because it wasn’t cost effective?

Or have you ever stopped a campaign mid-way, because, once again, it simply wasn’t paying for itself on the front end, and at the time, your sales funnel, literally had no reliable back end marketing process set up.

Does any this, sound all too familiar? If so, it probably means, you definitely, need to establish (asap!), some extremely reliable, cross promotions, with other, relevant, yet not directly competing vendors.

Because simply by doing so, you can literally stretch, not only your marketing reach, but you lead generate, for literally pennies on the dollar. Let’s have a closer look, at an instance or two.. Continue reading

13Dec 2017
how to increase sales revenue

How To Increase Sales Revenue Practically On Autopilot!

 (Just Like The Big Boys And Girls Do!)

So when you’re trying to systematically increase sales revenue, do you automatically spend a ton of your extremely hard earned money, on dismally performing, traditional advertising methods and or campaigns?

Because it’s pretty simple to do so, is it not? You simply write checks, knowing, going in, your projected (ROI), Return On investment, will probably fall way short of your projections, correct?

Especially if you’re currently spending money on, outrageously expensive, local newspaper, billboards, prime time radio and or TV spots etc.

For one thing, if you decide on running, 30-60 second, local TV and or radio spots, (entrepreneur), you’d better be financially prepared, to spend a small or large fortune. 😀

Because before the general public even notices your ads, (let alone!), start responding to them.You’re gonna need to spend a fortune trying to stand above all the marketing clutter.

So rather than go down that all too familiar, unproductive road. Let’s explore some creative, (albeit) rather basic, proven marketing alternatives. Whatdaya say?… Continue reading

12Dec 2017
marketing tips

The Really Simple Way You Can Increase Sales Revenue!Part Two

So as you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, implementing some proven lead generation strategies, is a surefire way to increase sales revenue, is it not?

And the really cool part is, with the right customized marketing plan and or strategies, your lead generation efforts, can and definitely will, lead to an increase in both your front and back end profit opportunities.

And both the front and back end of your sales funnel, has tons of previously untapped marketing potential currently buried in them.

And just depending on how you go about approaching them, and the total lifetime customer value metrics of your ideal customers, will determine how much you can truly afford to invest, in order to generate and or re-activate them.As you’re about to discover.

Continue reading

11Dec 2017
small business

How Too Many Small Business Owners Leave A Fortune On The Table!Part Two

After reading part one of this ongoing series.

Hopefully now, you can better appreciate, how and why, your resourced challenged small business and or service, definitely should be implementing and profiting from, some type of A/B split testing marketing strategies and or tactics.

Don’t you agree?

In fact, as you read,(and hopefully) re-read part one, how many brand new, untapped potential marketing opportunities, and or profit centers, did you initially come up with?

Really. That many. 😀 That’s awesome. Just be sure, you inexpensively test them to some degree, before you investor risk the family farm, on any given strategies and or tactics. Continue reading

09Dec 2017

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Really Big Money From Their List! Part Two

 ( And How You Can Too!)

Picking up where you left of in Part One. Your business can and will be light years ahead of your major competitors when you start strategically doing two things.

And rest assured,by systematically implementing these two critically important components, is what continues to separate, most extremely savvy entrepreneurs, from their would be competitors.

And it’s also, how they consistently go about, making a really big splash, in their chosen niche, even if they don’t initially have deep corporate pockets to begin with.

1.) Start systematically building your very own in house list opt in email/mobile marketing list.Or if you primarily market offline, you should definitely start systematically building your offline database.

If you’re temporarily short on creative marketing ideas, then by all means, sponsor a periodic, (weekly or monthly) free drawing of some kind.

Choose your 1st grand prize winner, and immediately notify your other 99% of the runner ups, of their extremely valuable secondary prizes, valued at x. Continue reading

08Dec 2017
lead generation strategies

How To Make Sure Your Lead Generation Strategies Increase Your Profits!

So have you noticed how some, resourced challenged entrepreneurs, actually go out of their way, to try and make their lead generation strategies and or efforts, over complicated?

While others, seem to just be able to cut to the chase, and ultimately take the shortest distance between points A & B.

It’s really aproper mindset thing. For ex; just because a potential marketing situation may not exactly be ideal. This is no reason, not to try and make the most of it, correct?  😀

Case in point, maybe you don’t currently have an opt in email/mobile marketing list of 15,000 total subscribers, (just yet! 😀 )

But you do have a steady growing list of (either) Facebook fanpage and or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) subscribers.

Again, while not ideal, you’re still able to be extremely pro-active, are you not? Let’s have a closer look or two. Continue reading

07Dec 2017
email marketing

Why Startup Entrepreneurs Benefit From Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns!Part Two

So hopefully after reading part one of this ongoing series, you can now, much better appreciate, the long term money making potential, of implementing some strategic email marketing campaigns, can you not?

Great. In part two, however, what may not be even more obvious to you is, initially, while you don’t even have, a state of the art, paid email service provider.

Strategic email marketing strategies, can still help you increase, your gross front and back end profits.Entrepreneur, is this particular money making tactic, not extremely interesting? Oh yea… 😀  Continue reading

06Dec 2017
advantages of strategic alliances

Advantages Of Strategic Alliances: And How To Make Them Work For You!Part Two

As you (hopefully) discovered in part one of this ongoing series, there are most certainly, some potential profits to be made, simply by understanding the advantages of strategic alliances.

Would you not agree? Absolutely. As as you also discovered in part one, your business and or service, doesn’t have be as large as Federal Express and or Kinkos, in order to benefit, from these potentially profitable arrangements.

However, what probably isn’t as obvious just yet, is just how versatile and potentially profitable, on many levels, these bank account filling arrangements can be.

As you’re about to discover… Continue reading

05Dec 2017
advantages of strategic alliances

Advantages Of Strategic Alliances: And How To Make Them Work For You!

So your business and or service, can most definitely benefit from, a steady does of new and or extremely loyal repeat customers and or clients, correct?

Absolutely. Me too! 😀  And systematically reducing your upfront out of pocket cost while you do so, wouldn’t be such a bid thing either, right?

And throw in in a side order (or two), of increased marketing efficiency, and guess what? It certainly sounds like, your business and or service, definitely needs to know and understand, some of the major, potential money making advantages of strategic alliances.

Don’t you agree? Let’s look even further under the hood, in order to have a much closer look… Continue reading

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