21Aug 2017
creative entrepreneurial ideas

How Simple Creative Entrepreneurial Ideas Make You Lots Of Money!

   (Especially If Your Resources Are Kinda Limited At Best!)

You gotta admit, being an entrepreneur is pretty cool, is it not?

Especially if you’re a fairly free thinker, who understands, how to examine practically any given situation, from several points of view.

Because by consistently doing so, you sort of open the door, to some of your very best, creative entrepreneurial ideas,  taking hold and taking shape,would you not agree?

And some of these ideas, when properly and fully implemented, can and most definitely will, add nicely to your growing bottom line.

And this is always a mighty good thing, don’t you agree? Let’s take a much closer look at an instance or two. Continue reading

19Aug 2017
how to build a sales funnel

How To Build A Sales Funnel Which Actually Makes You Money!Part Three

Right about now, you definitely have the basic fundamental components in place, on how to build a sales funnel, which consistently makes you money, correct?

And, you also know how to do it,(step by step) virtually starting from scratch, if need be, right?

And even though you may not necessarily being going in this particular direction, at this time.

You could very well, consult for pay and or barter your newly acquired skills, if and when the ideal situation(s) presents itself.

Just as a potential added bonus, should you decide to explore those possibilities.But whether you decide to add some form of paid consulting, to the back end of your main sales funnel. You now have the basic skills necessary, to build and sustain, your very own, money making sales funnel. Continue reading

18Aug 2017
how to build a sales funnel

How To Build A Sales Funnel Which Actually Makes You Money!Part Two

After you previously discovered in part one, you can, and definitely should learn how to build a sales funnel, especially, if your cash and other resources are limited.

Because if you attempt to create your very own, traditional type of sales funnel, as you’re busy building -so called- ‘brand awareness’ and your companies overall image etc.

Your major competitors, may potentially leave you in the dust.

Because they may decide, to build a non traditional sales funnel, where they rely heavily on, some positive word of mouth and mouse buzz.

And from there, effectively generate more than their fair share of repeat customers, and some bank account filling referrals. Is there any logical reasons why, you and I can’t do the same? Continue reading

17Aug 2017


online marketing strategies

So Who Still Thinks There’s No Connection Between Online Marketing And Offline Power Marketing Strategies?

So no matter, whether you’re currently using, some proven online marketing strategies, or proven offline marketing strategies or tactics.

Your business and or service, still has to generate some type of profit, either on the front end of your sales funnel, and or the back end of it, correct?

Otherwise, yo may have a hobby you’re incredibly fond of, but you’re not running a real business.

And you’re definitely not creating any bankable assets, you can either, live off of, sell and or borrow against etc.Right?

So let’s see what if any,real  connection there is, between your proven online marketing strategies, and some of your offline, power marketing strategies and or tactics. Continue reading

16Aug 2017


entrepreneurial ideas

How To Really Kick Your Entrepreneurial Ideas Up A Notch Or Two!Part Two

As you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, being an entrepreneur, en tales facing and overcoming many challenges and or obstacles, does it not?

And the flip side of the coin is, there is also the very real possibility, you can and definitely should, constantly be on the lookout, for some market tested ways, of perpetually kicking your entrepreneurial ideas, up a notch or two. Would you not agree?

And the best part is, you don’t literally have to start from scratch and try and re-invent the entrepreneurial wheel each time. Instead, you creatively leverage, the current situations you’re in, to maximize your overall earning potential. Does this sound like a do-able plan or what? Continue reading

15Aug 2017
how to build a sales funnel

How To Build A Sales Funnel Which Actually Makes You Money!

So what type of marketing and or promotional strategies, are you currently utilizing?

And are they consistently producing any bankable results for you? Are they overly time consuming?

Wanna know how to build a sales funnel, which consistently makes you money?

And do you really care, if it’s one of those fancy formalized ones or not?

In other words, does your particular-money making- sales funnel, have to been the fancy traditional type or not?

If you’re attempting, to successfully market online, then you definitely should be using, either opt in email and or mobile marketing strategies.

And if you’re list building correctly, you definitely need a pre ‘welcome’ email message, as part of your long term, follow up marketing campaign. But even if you’ve haven’t gotten around to doing this yet.

You can still learn how to build a non conventional, positive word of mouth and mouse generating sales funnel, which can and definitely will consistently make you some money.Please stay tuned for the specific-step by step-‘how to’ details. Continue reading

14Aug 2017

   (Without The Use Of Expensive Traditional Loans And Or Controlling Venture Capitalist!)

First of all, before you and I get too serious, about how to scale your business and or service.

You should be at least semi profitable, on some level of your business, correct?

Because with the fierce, and constantly growing competition.Both on and offline It’s not always a given, the front end of your business and of service will be profitable.

And if the initial front end of your business and or service isn’t (outright) profitable and or at least breaking even, on a sustainable and predictable level.

You had better, be in the process, of developing some type of proven back end sales funnel. Otherwise, your goose is definitely cooked.

And the sad part is, it may not necessarily have to be the case. Unless of course, you choose to continue to ignore the long term profit generating potential, which can and definitely should be generated, from either your businesses back end development strategies.

And or from the additional revenue streams, which are constantly being generated, from learning how to properly scale your business and or service. As you’re about to discover, in the remainder of this post. Continue reading

12Aug 2017

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Formal Sales Funnel Training!Part Two

As you (hopefully) discovered in part one, of this ongoing series, your resourced challenged small business, and or service, doesn’t necessarily have to have, one of those formalized sales funnels, in order to be mega successful, right?

Mega successful entrepreneurs, definitely don’t need all of the fancy labels.Now don’t get me wrong.

Of course (you and I), definitely need a sales funnel and a proven process of some kind. But unlike your major competitors.

You definitely don’t need to get too caught and or hung up, on whether or not, your particular sales funnel, is conventional or not.

Because as long as it, continuously generates, some brand new first time customers and or clients, and some -long term- repeat customers and or clients,for a whole lot less t than it typically costs you to generate.

My friend, you’re definitely good to go. And go you will, provided, you keep adding some proven marketing fuel, to your sales funnel generating process. Continue reading

11Aug 2017

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Formal Sales Funnel Training!

Since you’re obviously, an extremely hard worker, right? And you’re definitely one of those cutting edge entrepreneurs, are you not?

And if you don’t currently, you probably -definitely- have some sort of future plans, to have your very own, state of the art WordPress website and or blog, correct?

This is certainly a step in the right direction.

And of course, you know you need a proven strategy, to collect opt in email and or mobile subscribers, correct?

So far  so good. Now comes the $64,000 dollar question. Are you ready? Are you in the process, of building your very own sales funnel of some kind?

If you have a paid email service provider,are you currently utilizing it, to gradually and systematically move, your opt in/mobile subscribers, through your sales funnel? If not, why not?

On the other hand, if your business/service, is primarily marketed and or promoted offline. Do you currently have any type of formal sales funnel currently working for you? If not, what’s the plan? Continue reading