20Nov 2017
marketing tips

Marketing Tips: How And Why You Have To Make Content Marketing A Priority!

So whenever your semi cash strapped small business and or service, needs a shot of fresh hot leads, especially online, what type of proven marketing tips, do you consistently employ, in order to consistently make it happen?

Let’s face it already, when you and I are attempting to market our products and or services online, you need a proven, market tested process and or system, do you not?

And hopefully, either on the front or back end, it’s ultimately, profitable, right?

Otherwise, who or how, can you and I, possibly afford, to continuously invest money on the front of your sales funnel, and not at least break even?

It’s a proven recipe for failure, don’t you agree? So let’s quickly examine, how your current or future content marketing strategy, can dramatically improve, your long term results, for literally pennies on the dollar. Continue reading

18Nov 2017
marketing lessons

Marketing Lessons: What The Restaurant Business Can Teach All Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

Most (if not all of you), -us-, have eaten in some type of restaurant before, correct?

And whether it’s upscale and or your standard, independently owned, Mom & pop style.

One thing is for sure, the restaurant business, is extremely challenging, on a lot of levels, is it not?

The owners face more than their fair share of challenges, do they not?

So it pretty much stands to reason, if the owners manage to overcome their particular challenges, there are plenty of potentially valuable and profitable lessons, they can teach all (or most!) aspiring entrepreneurs.

Would you not agree? Great, so let’s have a closer look under the hood and see what potentially profitable marketing lessons can and definitely should be learned. Continue reading

17Nov 2017

How To Make Simple Automation Work For Not Against You!

So how much longer is it going to be, before you start fully embracing, some form and or type of proven, money making automation?

Hopefully, whether you primarily market your business on or offline, you’ve managed, or you’re planning, to add some type of paid email service provider to the mix as well, correct?

Lots of small business owners and or extremely savvy, not to mention, resourced challenged service providers, rely on unscheduled email alert messages, to help improve and or maintain their cash flow. Why in the shouldn’t you too?

Implemented correctly, doing so, definitely helps you keep a leg up on some of your major competitors.As you’re about to discover. Continue reading

16Nov 2017

Wanna Know How Savvy Entrepreneurs Reduce Cost And Increase Their Profits!

Ever notice, how most extremely successful entrepreneurs, no matter how many obstacles,challenges and or major or minor disappointments they continually face.Through it all.

All too often, they still manage, to somehow zing their way to ultimate success.And maintain it.

While (sadly!), far too often, their major competitors, zag their way to ultimate failure.Funny how things practically, always seem to pan out like that.

Have you noticed this all too common trend as well? Here’s the thing, throughout their ongoing journey, as they continually struggle, especially in the beginning, just like everybody else.

At some point, as they begin to put proven systems and other battlefield tested processes in place.

Sooner or later, not only do they readily embrace modern technology, but various forms of, money making automation becomes a mainstay as well. Let’s take a much closer  look at an instance or two. Continue reading

15Nov 2017

Automation: Why It May Not Lead You Straight To Your Promised Pot Of Gold!

Entrepreneur, is your small, semi cash strapped business and or service, currently benefiting from some form of proven automation or not?

And if not, why not?

On the other hand, have you, like so many other, extremely dedicated, startup entrepreneurs, inadvertently, placed far too much positive expectations, on the wrong type of automation and or technology?

Are you sure? Because it seems like, an awful lot of aspiring entrepreneurs, are totally convinced, automaton in and of itself, will eventually and ultimately lead them to their promised pot of gold.Good luck with that. 😉

Let’s take a really closer look, as to why this may be the case. And what you definitely need to do, to correct it.If it is. Continue reading

14Nov 2017

How Simple Email Automation Helps Increase Your Profits Fast!

Most semi cash strapped small business owners, service providers and or aspiring entrepreneurs, definitely want to save a few dollars, when and wherever they can, do they not?

And even if it means, they have to embrace, some form of proven email automation along the way, the vast majority of them, are prepared to get with the program, correct?

Sadly, it’s typically not because most aspiring startup entrepreneurs, are not open to sincerely trying to effectively utilize various forms of email automation.

More times than not, they’re just not totally sure, how to systematically go about it. 😀  After all, most really aren’t the real techie types are they?

Instead, they’re more use to relying on their extreme dedication and dogged determination to ultimately get them through.This next critical mind shift, helps them finally learn to leverage, various types of modern technology.Take a look and see for yourself. Continue reading

13Nov 2017
retail selling tips

Retail Selling Tips: How To Build A Sales Force When Your Cash Is Tight!

So it’s definitely, not a stretch to suggest, your resourced challenged small business and or service, does have, (from time to time), more than it’s fair share of cash flow challenges, correct?

Meaning, even if your current string of retail selling tips were to be implemented immediately, you may not have the ability, to either fund your promotional campaigns, right?

Or build a reliable sale force, how through rain or shine, will consistently help you get the word out.

Unless you’re seriously open to initially and inexpensively testing, some rather non traditional marketing strategies and or promotions. Let’s see if you truly are. Continue reading

11Nov 2017
small business

Why Your Cash Strapped Small Business May Be The Key To Big Profits!

So have you noticed, for some odd reason(s), far too many aspiring startup entrepreneurs, be they traditional, offline Mom & pop brick and mortar types.

And or if they’re extremely dedicated service providers.

They seem to feel, initially anyway, being an aspiring small business entrepreneur, is enough reason to cower in the corner,and take on the role as the ‘no realistic chance at truly succeeding’under dog.

Have you noticed this tendency as well? They often refer to themselves as a rather insignificant entity. As if somehow, what you and I do, really doesn’t matter.

When in reality, it most certainly does. As you’re about to discover. Continue reading

10Nov 2017
direct marketing campaigns

3 Primary Reasons Why Your Direct Marketing Campaigns Continuously Fail!

So have you ever invested in any type of ongoing, direct marketing campaigns?

And how well and or bad, did you ultimately do?

If your overall results, and or lack there of, is anything like most, semi cash strapped small business owners and or service providers.

You have barely recorded a one percent or less, response rate, correct?

And let’s face the hard cold reality. In at least 99% of the cases, an overall response rate of two percent or less, won’t or doesn’t even cover your initial, upfront out of pocket cost, does it?

And since it typically doesn’t, the net result is, most semi cash strapped entrepreneurs, who decide to use any type of direct marketing campaigns.

Usually can’t afford to attempt to do so, more than once or twice per year, because their campaigns are not paying for themselves,right?

There’s a very god chance they will, once you start consistently implementing, the following, three proven strategies. Continue reading