11Sep 2017
consulting business

How To Get Your Part Time Consulting Business Started!

    (Even Though You Don’t Think You’re Qualified To Do So!)

So how many people do you currently know, who are (literally) sitting on a wealth of specialized information, yet for some odd reason(s), they are not fully capitalizing off of it?

Sound all too familiar? You start a real consulting business? Full or part time?Absolutely. Even if you do so from a part time basis.

After all, (you’re currently) doing something to pay your bills, correct? In fact, what if (it turns out), you already possess this highly specialized knowledge, and you currently work in this field full time. Say what?

But instead of just showing up for your 9-5.You look for some proven ways, to help out, small business owners and service providers, and or solo-preneurs, who would like nothing better, than to step into the technologically driven 21st century.

Sadly, they just don’t have a real clue just yet, on how to effectively do so, using the advanced technology, your particular employer specializes in.

Is this not interesting? Let’s see how this might all neatly play out. Continue reading

09Sep 2017
retail selling tips

Retail Selling Tips: Three Simple Strategies You Can Practically Always Count On!

Hopefully as you previously discoverd in part one of this ongoing series, there are no shortage, of market tested, retail selling tips, for you and I, to at least inexpensively test, correct?

And the best part is, (you and I), don’t have to be board certified marketing geniuses, in order for any number of combinations, of these market tested strategies to work.

Both in the short & long term.

Practically any and all positive gestures made towards your customers, patients and clients, will result in some bankable results of some kind.

The real key is, to identify, some of the most profitable marketing strategies and or tactics, which consistently yield the highest result, for the least amount, of upfront out of pocket cost.

Because consistently doing so, will most definitely put (you and I) on the road to long term profitability, so much faster. Don’t you agree? Continue reading

08Sep 2017


email marketing

5 Simple Reasons You Should Appreciate Email Marketing More Than You Hate It!

In this age of rapid technology advancement. Are you still not sure, and or totally sold, on the enormous benefits of email marketing?

Because if so, this particular blog post, was written specifically for you.

Clearly as a profit seeking business owner and or service provider, you readily appreciate, virtually any form of marketing leverage,correct?

So practically any and every way, you can save both time, money and other extremely valuable resources, it definitely makes sense to utilize them. Does it not?

This being the case, strategic email marketing definitely saves you time, money and other extremely valuable resources.

And thank goodness, it’s not about the size of your business, your opt in email list, and or your how well you can copy write. 😎

Instead your extremely loyal subscribers, appreciate you keeping them up to date and informed.And periodically doing so via follow up- email marketing messages, using a reputable, paid email service provider, is a proven way to do so. Continue reading

07Sep 2017
lead magnets

A Proven Way To Create Powerful Lead Magnets Which Definitely Convert!

Do you currently use any type of market tested lead magnets? In order to build your opt in email/mobile marketing list?

Or to generate additional sales, by giving them away, as free, extremely time sensitive bonuses, valued at X.

Or as free cross promotional giveaways, for some of your top, cross promotional and or joint venture partners, to giveaway to their best prospects and or customers etc.

Or maybe, you can and definitely should, periodically give them away, as free ethical bribes, in return for some of your ideal customers, (either) providing some semi qualified referrals.

And or for them providing,some long term, bank account filling testimonials.It’s kinda mind boggling, to think, some of your very best market tested lead magnets, can and do, potentially provide so much value, right? Continue reading

06Sep 2017

How Savvy Entrepreneurs Help Struggling Entrepreneurs Become Profitable!Part Two

So as you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, (fortunately) there are some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, find it extremely advantageous to help other struggling (resourced challenged ) entrepreneurs, become more successful.

In fact, this is the ideal situation, (believe it or not!)to (at least) attempt to form some type of strategic alliance and or mutually beneficial cross promotional arrangements.

And thank goodness there are potentially, a gazillion (and one) potential ways, for you and I, to structure joint venture (JV) partnership arrangements. So everyone involved receives some type of positive benefits. Continue reading

05Sep 2017
referral business

Referral Business: How To Keep Yours Coming 24/7!

You have to admit, when it comes to successfully implementing proven marketing strategies, which are definitely worth (more) than their weight in gold.

Can you think of any, which are more economical and profitable, then some type of, positive word of mouth or mouse, generating referral business strategies?

Not many which are more effective, and have stood the test of time, correct?

Who doesn’t want their very best customers, patients and or clients, constantly singing their praises, both on and offline? And constantly raving about them and their outstanding customer service all over social media.

Plus, constantly purchasing some of your very best products and or services, and referring you tons of potential first time customers, patients and or clients etc.Anybody else up for that or what? 😎

Of course right about now, the burning $64,000 thousand dollar question inevitably becomes, how can such an incredibly profitable process and or system, be implemented, in your business and or service right now? Especially, if you’re business is slighted resource challenged. 😎  Continue reading

04Sep 2017

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate Second Generation Buzz On Their Ads Or Promotions!

  (And How You Can Too!)

So how many extremely savvy entrepreneurs, do you currently know, who consistently invest a ton of their companies, semi limited capital, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising mediums?

And typically once the smoke clears, what type of results, does all their efforts usually generate? Exactly.

Please don’t misunderstand. It’s not whether you or I, should ever invest a dime, of your extremely limited capital, on fancy advertisements and or promotions.

Of course you should, to a certain degree. The real (and sadly) all too often reality of doing so is, at best,you can probably expect, little more than a one to one return on your invest. Say what?

Turn the page and you’ll discover this all too grim reality, which awaits, the vast majority of profit seeking entrepreneurs, who attempt to go down this all too beaten path. Continue reading

02Sep 2017


ways to promote your business

Proven Ways To Promote Your Business Online Without A Traditional Website!

As you recall, in another multi part series, which was recently published on this same subject, even the most techno phobic service providers, and or resourced challenged entrepreneurs, once they better understand things.

They can utilize some very creative ways to promote your business online, even if they, (or you) don’t have a traditional website or blog.

This being the case,they can still strategically leverage the long term money making opportunities and possibilities, from using the Internet.

Whether they currently have a traditional WordPress website and or blog or not.

But since they don’t currently have a traditional online presence just yet, they’re not able to rely on search engine placement or their blog posts being shared all over social media.

Even so, your typical Mom & Pop service provider type of entrepreneurs, who only have a single location, and or they’re primarily solo-preneurs, they can still benefit from a proven online presence, even if it’s not a traditional one. As you’re about to discover. Continue reading

02Sep 2017
creative entrepreneurial ideas

How Three Really Creative Entrepreneurial Ideas Can You More Money Fast!Part Two

For sure, you haven’t run out of potentially creative entrepreneurial ideas, correct?

Most extremely savvy entrepreneurs (such as yourself), rarely if ever, seem to suffer from a shortage of potentially profitable marketing/promotional ideas.

Instead, if anything, they all too often, can’t seem to focus on any one idea too long, because their creative energies are spread all over the place.

Especially their creative entrepreneurial energies.

In the beginning of most, cash strapped start up ventures, this is when creative entrepreneurs are truly at their best. For a while anyway.

But as the day to day grind starts to settle in, the vast majority of them, tend to start having a problem focusing, on the daily tasks at hand.

This post will provide, a few more simple market tested ploys, to help alleviate some of the challenges entrepreneurs tend to face, when it comes to focusing on the daily implementation, of some proven marketing strategies and or tactics. Continue reading