21Dec 2017

What A Simple Half Time Sporting Event Can Teach Savvy Entrepreneurs About Marketing!

So have you ever attended, a local high school and or jr. college basketball game, where at halftime, a local person, takes a three quarter length shot, in the hopes of winning some really cool prize?

Maybe, they’re attempting to win, a three year lease on a luxury car.

And or, maybe they’ll win, their rent and or mortgage payment being made, for next 3- 6 months etc.

Whatever the actual prize or prizes are, the extremely savvy promoters behind these type of, positive word of mouth or mouse driven events, can definitely teach aspiring entrepreneurs, some potentially profitable marketing lessons.

Let’s have a much closer look, in order to discover, what these potentially profitable marketing lessons are. Continue reading

20Dec 2017

Ladies & gentlemen,today you are in for a real treat. My cross promotional partner, Allan J. Arellano, of tenfold.com fame, and one on his expert content marketing staffers, Aki Merced, has written an excellent blog post, about “How to Generate Leads for B2B Sales!”

Tenfold specializes in helping aspiring entrepreneurs, just like you and I, consistently generate and convert their high quality leads, into paying customers and long term repeat clients, using a variety of proven strategies.

So without further ado. Take it away Aki!

Lead generation is one of the most crucial components of a well-oiled B2B sales and marketing operation. To get more clients, you need to get more people to know about your products and services first.

If no one knows what you sell, how do you expect people to buy from you? Lead generation addresses that. In a nutshell, lead generation is the process of cultivating interest in your products and services to generate leads. Leads, in the business-to-business setting, are companies who are interested in your product and are a good fit as customers.

Yes, good fit. Lead generation is more than a numbers game. It’s equally important that you generate quality leads or those which are really suited to be potential customers of your business. These are leads which can be closed by sales or further nurtured to becoming customers.

To generate b2b leads, marketing departments need to take a multi-channel approach. This means they shouldn’t center all their efforts on one avenue–it’s crucial to tap into various channels to get the most bang for their efforts.

Want to increase your customer experience right now?

We’ll tell you how to boost your CX with industry leading white papers!

Interested in which channels and approaches net the most ROI for B2B marketers? Read on.


How to generate b2b leads: 4 Effective Leadgen Channels

There are many ways to generate leads for B2B companies. However, not all approaches are created equal.

Here are four channels that provide the most ROI for B2B companies.


Content marketing

Today’s most effective marketing techniques heavily rely on content creation–but creating massive amounts of content doesn’t guarantee an outpouring of leads. The key is to create content that sets you apart from other players in the field. Your content has to be remarkable.

The mass production of low-quality content plagues B2B marketing departments today. These content pieces leave readers with very little value to take away.

Since B2B decision-makers, gatekeepers, and influencers are all sophisticated prospects, you must create content that hits them in different pain points throughout their journey as buyers. A solid content marketing strategy for a B2B company is one that is multi-faceted and takes differing buyers’ journeys into consideration.


SEO is often regarded as a completely separate matter from lead generation but it plays a very crucial role in generating B2B sales leads.

Most people carry the notion that SEO is only important because it brings people to your websiteso your brand and content gets noticed. However, with how B2B marketing has evolved in the past few years, SEO is critical in any B2B lead generation effort because it identifies how potential buyers find you.

The importance of “user intent” is one that’s often understated in many marketing departments. Beyond keywords, competitor research, and page analytics, there lies the qualitative data that can elevate the way you do marketing: understanding user intent.

SEO specialists, with their grasp of data, hold the keys to unlocking this knowledge that would help not only the marketing department but the company as a whole. Knowing what your prospects are searching for when they find you holds great value in shaping your messaging and your product as well.

Social media

Social media is one of the “must-haves” of any marketing effort. Despite this, the majority of B2B marketers are not effective in using social media to generate B2B leads.  According to the Content Marketing Institute, 10% of B2B marketers using social media for B2B leadgen, only 10% are able to report concrete results. This implies that many B2B marketers are still not confident in solidly incorporating social media into their lead gen campaigns.

What needs to be recognized and acted upon is that different social media sites provide different marketing value.

Here’s a quick rundown of some popular social media sites for B2B:


  • Ideal for showcasing services, posting regular company updates, and advertising new job opportunities within your company
  • “Pulse” feature allows the talking heads of your company to pose themselves as authorities in your niche
  • Sales tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator make social selling easier
  • Networking with decision-makers and other stakeholders in your target industries by engaging with them in LinkedIn groups and walls


  • Prospect research: industries, job titles, hashtags, connections, lists
  • Engaging with influencers and decision-makers
  • Establish thought leadership through constant updates and engaging in Twitter chats


  • Largely considered as B2C playground but gives you access to powerful data
  • Ideal for running very targeted paid ads
  • Some opportunities for professional discussions in Facebook groups

These are just three of the most popular social media sites that B2B marketers use. Something that should be given more emphasis is the quality and quantity of data B2B marketers can get from these social media sites. Also, monitor your niche using tools like Hootsuite or Mention to keep your team abreast with the latest in your industry so you could create content that reflects the interests of your prospects.

Email marketing

Econsultancy reported in a study that 73% of marketers regard email marketing as the most superior marketing channel in terms of ROI. It might seem like email marketing efforts are for naught because you try to put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and you think there’s just no way that marketing emails can be effective.

However, doing email marketing right can net you great results. The key is to strike a balance between assertive and polite. If you create emails and subject lines that are able to tickle your audience’s interests, you’ve already done half the job.

With a lot of players using email marketing, it’s essential to know what works and what doesn’t. It all boils down to the details. Here are some articles we’ve published that go deeper into email marketing best practices:

How to Get Responses to Your Outbound Prospecting Emails

Don’t Let Your Sales Email Kill the Deal

Sales Best Practices: Cold Emails

How to Build a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

5 Mistakes That People Make in Cold Email Outreach

How To Write A Cold Sales Email That Won’t Get Moved To The Trash


These are the most effective B2B marketing channels that you should be tapping into to create steady lead streams into your sales pipeline. Without productive lead generation campaigns, companies will struggle to keep afloat. B2B lead generation is a critical partner of sales development and sales. All of them work together to ensure the company’s constant growth.

19Dec 2017

marketing lesson  Okay, so when it comes to some of your top sources, for learning and or discovering, a potentially profitable marketing lesson or two.

Your local butcher and or meat department, probably isn’t at the top of your list, correct?  😀

Who knows, maybe after you read and (far more importantly!), implement what you discover in this particular post, your perspective will change.

In any event, rest assured, your local butcher, can definitely teach you, a potentially profitable marketing lesson or two.

And in the process, just might open you up to, a whole new way of thinking about, some previously untapped marketing possibilities and or opportunities.Let’s have a closer look. Continue reading

18Dec 2017
small business

The Really Simple Mindset Shift Your Cash Strapped Small Business Needs To Make!

So you’ve got your small business and or service setup, and you’re actually running it, with the full intentions, of turning and sustaining a reasonable profit, correct?

Good  for you.Me too.  😀 There is however, a potentially profitable, must have mindset shift, if you haven’t already, you definitely need to adopt as asap.

Especially, if you’re a resourced challenged service provider of some kind.Please pay very close attention, because what you’re about to discovered and or be exposed to right here, can quite possibly, be or mean the difference  between feast or famine.

Watch see if you agree… Continue reading

16Dec 2017

How To Use Your Inventory Closeouts For More Than Just A Quick Buck!Part Two

So it definitely was, pretty much established in part one, of this ongoing series, practically no one, can resist, a bargain basement, “Everything must go by midnight!” sales extravaganza type of event, right?  😀

Sometimes, these major retailers, turn their annual closeouts, into must attend events, correct?  😀

Because on top of their prices being lowered, to bare bones minimum, they also go overboard, when it comes to the actual events themselves, right?

For instance, outside, during the summer, they may hire some of the top end, local entertainment, like popular clowns for the kids, or they’ll serve, some really great tasting barbecue, or great tasting pastries free of charge etc.

And maybe, at least one, extremely popular, local radio and or TV personality, will be on hand,to help cheer lead the event as well. And you walk away, with the types of bargains, which definitely cause your social media platforms to blow up, correct?

And retailers love it as well. These are the types of long term benefits, which make your closeouts, potentially profitable, for years and years to come… Continue reading

15Dec 2017

7 Potentially Profitable Reasons You Definitely Should Be Using Twitter!

So have you ever heard the phrase, “the constantly moving parade?”This phrase most certainly does apply, to social media in general and twitter marketing and or promoting specifically, does it not?

Isn’t it interesting how, most semi resourced challenged, small business owners and or service providers, are constantly looking for creative, yet cost effective ways to lower their upfront out of pocket cost.

And yet while they’re actively doing so, they will run right past, the low cost, high impact, potentially profitable marketing opportunities, just waiting to be tapped into, using twitter. Go figure right?  😀

Instead, they’ll typically opt for, some outrageously expensive, dismally performing, traditional advertising medium and or campaign. Get ready to say loser. Once again.

But the really good news is, it simply doesn’t have to be that way.As you’re about to discover… Continue reading

14Dec 2017


cross promotions

So How Much Longer Are You To Wait To Start Using Cross Promotions?

So let’s be brutally honest hear, have you ever had to actually suspend and or discontinue altogether, a paid ad campaign, simply because it wasn’t cost effective?

Or have you ever stopped a campaign mid-way, because, once again, it simply wasn’t paying for itself on the front end, and at the time, your sales funnel, literally had no reliable back end marketing process set up.

Does any this, sound all too familiar? If so, it probably means, you definitely, need to establish (asap!), some extremely reliable, cross promotions, with other, relevant, yet not directly competing vendors.

Because simply by doing so, you can literally stretch, not only your marketing reach, but you lead generate, for literally pennies on the dollar. Let’s have a closer look, at an instance or two.. Continue reading

13Dec 2017
how to increase sales revenue

How To Increase Sales Revenue Practically On Autopilot!

 (Just Like The Big Boys And Girls Do!)

So when you’re trying to systematically increase sales revenue, do you automatically spend a ton of your extremely hard earned money, on dismally performing, traditional advertising methods and or campaigns?

Because it’s pretty simple to do so, is it not? You simply write checks, knowing, going in, your projected (ROI), Return On investment, will probably fall way short of your projections, correct?

Especially if you’re currently spending money on, outrageously expensive, local newspaper, billboards, prime time radio and or TV spots etc.

For one thing, if you decide on running, 30-60 second, local TV and or radio spots, (entrepreneur), you’d better be financially prepared, to spend a small or large fortune. 😀

Because before the general public even notices your ads, (let alone!), start responding to them.You’re gonna need to spend a fortune trying to stand above all the marketing clutter.

So rather than go down that all too familiar, unproductive road. Let’s explore some creative, (albeit) rather basic, proven marketing alternatives. Whatdaya say?… Continue reading

12Dec 2017
marketing tips

The Really Simple Way You Can Increase Sales Revenue!Part Two

So as you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, implementing some proven lead generation strategies, is a surefire way to increase sales revenue, is it not?

And the really cool part is, with the right customized marketing plan and or strategies, your lead generation efforts, can and definitely will, lead to an increase in both your front and back end profit opportunities.

And both the front and back end of your sales funnel, has tons of previously untapped marketing potential currently buried in them.

And just depending on how you go about approaching them, and the total lifetime customer value metrics of your ideal customers, will determine how much you can truly afford to invest, in order to generate and or re-activate them.As you’re about to discover.

Continue reading

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