09Nov 2017

What A Simple Kids Game Can Teach Savvy Entrepreneurs About Successful Marketing!

So are you currently working extremely hard, trying to-either- grow and or maintain your semi cash strapped small business and or service? Me too! 😀

And most extremely savvy entrepreneurs (such as yourself), would readily agree, trying to constantly and profitably grow your business, is not for kids per se, agreed?

On the other hand, would it totally surprise, shock and or amaze you, just how much you can and definitely should learn, about successful marketing and or promoting, simply by observing, a simple kids game? Let’s find out… Continue reading

09Nov 2017
small business

If You’re Small Business Isn’t Consistently Doing This You’re Losing Money!

So have you really ever noticed, what ultimately happens, whenever a semi cash strapped, small business owner, service provider and or aspiring startup entrepreneur of any kind, starts routinely experiencing, minor and or major cash flow problems?

Almost immediately, they start -either- paying their ongoing invoices, much, much slower, or not at all, correct? 😀

And if things don’t dramatically improve in hurry, next comes -either- the cutting of key (and not so key) employees hours.

Or temporary or permanent layoffs,right? Compound this dismal outlook, with a combination of, a constant increase, in both on and offline competition and a prolonged, nagging local recession.

And suddenly, this (or your) entrepreneurial dreams, are basically on life support, correct? All the more reasons why, your semi cash strapped small business and or service, had better be systematically using, one of your most, potentially profitable marketing strategies! Or else, you simply may not be around much longer! Continue reading

08Nov 2017
small business

How Too Many Small Business Owners Leave A Fortune On The Table!

 (When They Definitely Don’t Have Too!)

I’d be willing to bet, most of the aspiring small business owners and or service providers you, know, like and trust, are extremely hard working, are they not?

But sadly, even though they continuously rise extremely early and they need to go to sleep late at night.

They spend at least 80% of their time and resources, or more, working in their business, not on their business and or service.

This is one of the primary reasons, they constantly struggle to grow their business, at an alarming slow, snails pace. And it’s not like they don’t have full access, to all the right tools, strategies and or tactics.

It’s more a matter of, having the proper desire to utilize them. Continue reading

07Nov 2017
marketing tips for entrepreneurs

3 Simple Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs Which Generate Bankable Results!

So when it comes to -both- consistently and profitably promoting and or advertising your extremely valuable products and or services.

Are you of the mindset, to reach for your check book and just starting writing checks and -holding on-, waiting to see, how things eventually turn out?

Let’s hope not.Are you truly open to discovering, three incredibly simple to implement, marketing tips for entrepreneurs, which definitely help you start making more money, with less upfront out of pocket expenses.

Or is your first gut kneed reaction, to look for some form of paid advertising? Be it on or off, one of the extremely popular social media platforms?

And far more importantly, (as of right now), are you somehow totally convinced, your sales funnel,  has and must start -somewhere-, outside of your business, instead of within? 😀

If you do, prepare to not only change your current thinking, but prepare to change your approach, and therefore, start increasing your long term profits too. Sound like a plan or what? Continue reading

06Nov 2017

email marketing strategies

Why Startup Entrepreneurs Benefit From Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns!

  (And How You Definitely Can Too!)

So if you’re semi cash strapped small business and or service, can figure out some consistent ways -to-both save money, while simultaneously, increase your long term gross, front and back end profits.

This probably sounds like the type of plan, you’d definitely wanna learn more about, correct? 😀 Great.Just checking.

Otherwise, it really doesn’t make sense, for you to spend much time on this particular blog. This being the case, it definitely sounds like you’re open, to discovering, how some incredibly simple, strategic email marketing campaigns, can and will, help you start making more money.

Without having to constantly spend a ton up front, in order to do so. Is that correct? Continue reading

04Nov 2017
small business marketing strategies

Small Business Marketing Strategies: How To Profit From Bounce Back Offers!

Most of the small business marketing strategies you currently employ, probably cost you a few dollars to apply, do they not?

And besides, even if they don’t cost you a lot of money to implement, they probably are relatively time consuming, and not so easy to track the results,correct?

And what you’re currently implementing, isn’t necessarily cost effective, and or extremely easy to implement and track.Correct?

How would you like to implement a proven money making strategy which is? And it’s extremely versatile as well. Great, then you definitely should be, consistently implementing, the powerful money making strategy, you’re about to be exposed to. Continue reading

03Nov 2017

Wanna Discover The Profitable Way Savvy Entrepreneurs Profit Using Free Stuff!

  (And How You Definitely Can Too!)

Let’s face it (already!),far too many aspiring startup entrepreneurs,semi cash strapped small business owners and or service providers, try (in vain), to advertise and or promote their way to success, do they not?

Instead of being on the lookout,for some marketed tested ways, of generating, some bank account filling marketing leverage.

Initially, they’re only too eager, to fund outrageously expensive, traditional ad campaigns, until they simply can no longer afford to do so.

Then and only then, as their initial capital steady dwindles, will they even consider, any other, less conventional forms of marketing and or promotions.

But as soon as they do, worlds of previously untapped marketing possibilities and or opportunities, start and remain open to them.As you’re about to discover. Continue reading

02Nov 2017
email marketing campaigns

How Startup Entrepreneurs Profit From Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns!

  (And How You Can Too!)

Did you happen to read, a previous post, where I referenced how and why, some type of strategic email marketing campaigns, where absolutely a must.

Clearly, an online marketer, whose heavily advocating for the use of some type of reputable, paid email service provider, is nothing new, correct? 😀

However, it’s when you can see things, from potentially different marketing perspectives.

Is when things can potentially get very interesting and profitable. As you’re about to discover. So buckle up and hold on.

Continue reading

01Nov 2017
email marketing campaigns

5 Proven Ways To Improve Your Best Email Marketing Campaigns!

Does your business and or service, have a problem with not only consistently lowering your upfront, out of pocket cost?

But simultaneously increasing your profits as well?

Seriously. If this is true, why in the world, doesn’t your business and or service, have some type of ongoing email marketing campaigns?

For a moment,forget about all those incredibly lofty numbers, you often seen thrown around like tabloid rumors.

You know what I mean. You hear figures like, email marketing returns $44 dollars, for every dollar you invest.

If only,right? Okay,maybe some of the top, fortune 500 companies and the top 3% of Internet marketers routinely achieve the impossible. 😀 But for the rest of us, mere mortals, this is clearly not the case.

Still in all, your well implemented email marketing campaigns, can and definitely will, have a positive impact on your bottom line. Especially, when you incorporate, the following, five proven strategies and or tactics. Continue reading