Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Big Ad Budgets To Make Big Money!Part Three

So why is it, some extremely savvy entrepreneurssimply do not have to rely on, outrageously large, traditional ad budgets? While others, simply can’t make a go of it, without one?

While I can’t personally say why this may or may not be the case.One thing is definitely for sure, if your entrepreneurial venture, has to constantly be fueled by extremely large, conventional advertising, and or promotional budgets of any kind.

My friend, you’re constantly skating on very thin ice. For one thing, the type of glitzy, and outrageously expensive, traditional ad campaigns, most resourced challenged small business owners, and or service providers try and use, in order to continuously get the word out.

Really offers, virtually no long term residual benefits of any kind.Ouch.

Yet, those types of extremely popular campaigns, eat up large chunks of your readily available capital.

So for those primary reasons, and so many others, some extremely viable,profit producing marketing alternatives, have got to be implemented asap.Would you not agree?

Who Says Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Have To Rely On Really Big Conventional Advertising Budgets In Order To Be Successful?

Quickly picking up where parts one two previously left off.So you’re running this extremely successful, upscale women-s boutique shop, which currently targets, the higher income earning females,(and their mega profit  generating) inner and professional circles,who definitely come from all walks of life, within the immediate local area.

And in order to keep your initial, marketing and or promotional costs down. You reached out to a a local, upscale hair and nail salon owner, who you or your staff has gotten to know over the last 90-180 days or so.

Because the three of you are non directly competing, yet all three of you target the exact same female clientele.

And because your ideal female customer, currently has a total lifetime customer value metric, of $10,000 – $12,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years.

You’re more than eager, about strategically tapping into those two vendors extremely loyal customer bases, for literally pennies on the dollar.Because doing so, will help the three of you continually grow your businesses, through positive word of mouth and or mouse publicity.

Plus, you’ll also systematically be building your opt in email/mobile marketing list, as well as your long term sales funnel follow up process too.

Make Sure Constantly Developing Your Lead Generation Skills Is A Constant Priority!

Now before diving in head first, stop and consider, the outrageously expensive marketing alternative(s), your major competitors are constantly implementing.

And sadly, how little if any, residual money making benefits, they ever receive from doing so. They purchase pricey, local prime time TV, radio, and or expensive Sunday ads etc.

And not even 30 minutes after their glitzy TV or radio ad campaigns run. Practically no one even remembers them, right? Yet, all the time and money they put into them, is gone just the same.

On the other hand, once they  start strategically cross promoting, with a reputable, upscale nail and hair salon provider, watch how they create and maintain, long term residual money making benefits, from their alternative marketing strategies and or tactics.(For literally years and years to come.)

Savvy Entrepreneurs Constantly Discover And Or Test Brand New Inexpensive Ways Of Getting The Word Out About Their Extremely Valuable Products And Or Services! (And So Should You!)

Case in point; since you (and or) your major competitors, both have fairly large,-multi thousand dollar- total lifetime customer value metrics, it only makes sense, for you to heavily invest, at least some of it, into helping build up, those two non directly competing hair and nail salon vendors,right?

After all, the more upscale,highly influential, local high income earning female clientele they consistently attract, the larger percentage of long term back end residual business,and referrals you’ll consistently generate, for literally pennies on the dollar.Right?

For ex; since both the owners of the nail & hair salons, and their staffs, all have birthdays every year, right? Why not start off, by ethically bribing the owners of both salons, (and their staffs),by compelling them to enthusiastically spread the word, both on and offline, about your awesome products and or services.

So when their respective birthdays roll around, allow each of them, to choose any one popular designer hand bag you currently sell, up to $500 dollars,(or X) and give it to the owners free! And or at your actual hard cost, plus any and all applicable taxes and fess etc. Say what?

This Is How You Put Your Best Lead Generation Efforts On Steroids!

Think about what most certainly is gonna happen, going forward! You know they will constantly be texting and tweeting,posting pictures, and showing off their designer hand bags, to their neighbors, in laws, very best customers,  daughter(s), closet girlfriends, sisters, Moms, and any and every body else they can possibly think of, right? You better freaking believe it!

But for now, let’s just go with their best, (most loyal) long term repeat customers.Because these ladies, are by far, the most likely to constantly refer and post positive things, all over social media.

Plus, these ladies of course, will desperately want to know, where and how they can get hooked up too, right?

Plus, once you give them the free designer bag, worth up to $500 dollars,(or X) you’ll automatically allow them, to purchase another one up to $500 dollars, for your actual cost!Now you definitely know, we’re talking positive word of  mouth and or mouse tsunami, right? Oh yea.

That’s why, you also provide them, with at least -100 to start-,extremely time sensitive, two sided index style discount coupons, for brand new first time customers only, to first enter your free monthly drawing.

And come to your store, before the hand written expiration date on the coupon expires, and save X% off their very first purchase!

Are You Starting To Appreciate Why You Definitely Have To Continuously Develop Your Entrepreneurial Skills?

Plus, simply by bringing a brand new potential first time customer with them, whose 18 and over, they automatically get a free 16 oz. bottle of their choice, of one of your most popular, and best selling fragrances.So you know a certain percentage of them, will definitely drag a friend with them to your store, correct?

And by compelling a certain percentage of those potential first time customers, to join your opt in email/mobile marketing list,and enter your long term follow up process.

You can also ethically bribe them right then and there, by allowing them to purchase any two 16 oz. bottles, of your most popular and best selling fragrances, for your actual cost.

You’d Be Surprised What Really Effective Lead Magnets Can Do For Your Business!

You know this market tested strategy, will immediately cause them to enthusiastically spread the word, both on and offline, to their professional and inner circles alike, right?

So here’s the $64,000 dollar question,given the choice, would you rather keep spending, more like wasting a fortune, on outrageously expensive, and dismally performing, conventional advertising campaigns?

Or do you prefer, to do like other extremely savvy entrepreneurs, and stop heavily relying on needing really big ad budgets, in order to be successful? The choice is yours.

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2 Responses to Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Big Ad Budgets To Make Big Money!Part Three
  1. Hi Mark,

    Although I have spent a couple of thousand dollars on ads, it has not proven to be an effective way to market for me. My costs added up quickly. Now I just tell people to evaluate their potential return carefully before choosing to use them.

    Enjoy the weekend!
    Rachel Lavern would love for you to read..Kick Your Creative Rut to the CurbMy Profile

    • Always nice to see you Rachel!

      Personally, when my first time paying consulting customers, but especially
      my returning repeat clients asks, my honest opinion, with
      regards to using paid ads.

      I typically will try and persuade them to see if investing the
      money in some proven alternative marketing methods and or strategies etc;
      might better serve their long term purposes better.

      There’s nothing wrong with effectively utilizing certain types of paid
      advertising methods and or strategies etc.

      Bu I’m totally against, seeing cash strapped, and resourced challenged,
      small business owners, service providers and or start up entrepreneurs
      of any kind, trying to copy the outrageously expensive,poorly performing,
      glitzy image advertising model!

      Like the mega fortune 100-500 types, and the fancy ad agencies which
      specialize in promoting this type of approach, are so fond of!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Why Your Best Lead Magnets Don’t Have To Be Expensive To Really Effective!My Profile


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