You can profit from a well executed residual income formula plan.

The residual income formula has many benefits!

As you discovered in part two of this ongoing series about cashing in using the proven residual  income formula.

There are (fortunately) tons of low cost proven ways for any savvy small business owner, service provider (and or) savvy entrepreneur (such as yourself) to cash in using it.Don’t you agree?

And as you also recall in (part two) of the residual income formula series, Dean Grazioso, was offering his brand new book free to the first 100,000 prospects that called the toll free number and, paid a small fee that covered (both) the cost of printing the book, plus the cost to ship it.

(FYI: Does that first strategy give you any long term profitable ideas? Do you see how and why you should be strategically giving away one of your most popular selling products or services ( like a CD,DVD or special report) of some kind in order to build that all important (online) email marketing list or offline mobile database!) Say yes!

You Don’t Have To Be An Established Guru Or Guruette In Order To Implement This Proven Marketing Strategy!

But here’s the point. Dean Grazioso and Robert Allen are both extremely successful, and therefore (your thinking) and rightfully so, it’s a heck of a lot easier for them to get a major cable network TV company to offer them unsold national cable time, and agree to get paid an ongoing monthly residual back end income of some kind.

In exchange for not charging them upfront for the cable time. Obviously the cable company (or company X) your potential joint venture partner(s) will benefit many times over (provided) of course that your customer’s total lifetime customer value  justifies you marketing your business,product or service this way.

The national toll free phone service company stands to make out as well, because they get paid (in this) particular example only! They earn $23.50 as long as each person that ultimately upgrades to the paid membership site remains a paying member.

Remember, Dean already knows (because) he and his extremely savvy marketing team have already calculated (on average), for every 100,000 prospects that order his free book, 33,700 (33.7% of 100,000) will join his paid membership site, and as long as they remain a paying customer.

The national toll free number provider service will earn 50% of whatever Dean earns off of their particular membership level. And for the sake of example, let’s say that the toll free number service will earn $23.50 per month,  (in the beginning) anyway,off 33,700 people! You can do the math yourself!

They’ll probably earn more from this JV  (joint venture)arrangement, than they will from charging Dean’s company for the use of the toll free phone service! Don’t you agree?

But let’s face reality! In the beginning, Dean doesn’t have the proven track record or the necessary clout to pull this type of long term mega JV off!Right?

And probably neither do 98% of the eyeballs reading this! Even Dean and or Robert Allen (and all the) other gurus and guruettes had to start at the beginning.Right?

But before you go any further, hopefully you can see and grasp the overall marketing concept here. That being (whenever) you have a built in, proven long term residual back end income stream, available to you.

You can creatively leverage other established business owners assets (such as) their national toll free lines, or their national unsold cable TV time, or their unsold display or classified ad space etc.

And pay them with the income generated on your ventures ongoing back end income stream. How’s that for “No Money Down?” Eat your heart out Carlton Sheets!

How The Ultimate Insiders Leverage And Profit From Other Business Owners Assets!

Before you move on, let’s take a look at Robert Allen’s situation. As you recall, Bob was already profitably lead generating by giving away a special free 33 part Real Estate mini investment email course at one of his best sales converting lead capture page websites.

And since both he & Dean totally understand the benefits of joint ventures, Bob has decided to JV with  Dean’s company, and so Bob merely adds one more well written email message to the end of his ongoing 33 part email series.

And this 34th (and possibly) 35th message offers Dean’s brand new book to Bob’s 500K opt in email list! And let’s just say that 25% of Bob’s list upgrades to Deans paid membership site.(Just in case you’re wondering, (25%) of 500,000 is 125,000!) (500, 000 x .25% = 125,000.)

And because they are Bob’s customers, they get a special VIP discount rate of just $27 dollars per month! And old Bob nets a passive residual income of $13.50 (50% of $27 dollars) each month that his customers remain a paying member to Deans site!

Which means he’ll gross a staggering $1,687,500 dollars per month! In passive back end residual income! (500,00 x .25% = 125,000) And he’ll gross $13.50 each month as long as  they remain a paying member! Yea buddy!

Now without going any further with this completely watered down example! You probably don’t see the brain dead simple mega proven money making opportunity staring you in the face!Do ya?

And it’s just one really simple marketing step away and kaboom. You could put this money making strategy on steroids!

How To Profitably Leverage Your Expertise Even When You’re Just Starting Out With Little Or No Money! Or Assets  And Profit Big Time From The Residual Income Formula.

Let’s boil this thing down. Remember way back when Dean, Robert Allen (you & me) were just starting out? When you had virtually no list, and very little real world money making experience and no clout etc.

Suppose because Dean is extremely marketing savvy (he or you) decides to participate (in other words) he joint ventures with another expert author and agrees to supply a chapter on (what else) Real Estate investing.

In exchange for national,possibly even International (lead generating) exposure! Dean (or you) agrees to share his proven expertise with a vendor in (either) their book or CD or DVD product.

A percentage of the leads ultimately joins Deans opt in email list and join the paid membership site.

And they also upgrade and buy his $997  dollar digital product and attend his offline $10k per person (or $16K for any two people, week long “Millionaire in the making”, week long boot camp!

In case you missed it, the strategy for you & me when you’re just starting out is to simply agree to share your proven expertise (via) audio,video and or by agreeing to supply a chapter in some other JV partners book or ebook etc.

Or (initially) speaking for free at one of their high profile events and holding a free drawing of some kind.You or they choose the grand prize winner(s) and you strategically follow up with everyone else (either) by offline snail mail and or email.(Power list  building 101!)

And offer them your best market tested discount and some other free bonus goodies (for an extremely) limited time of course, for ordering now!You get the free power bonuses from your top  JV partners!Stop making excuses for doing nothing!

Or add your lead capture page and or WordPress blog address in their material that you supply and start list building, and strategically following  up and converting some of those leads into long term customers and clients.

Or Dean could simply create another back end based information product called “How I created a multi million dollar information business by supplying a chapter in someone else’s book!” A documented step by step case study.

That (my friend) in a nutshell is how you can and will profit big time from the residual income formula! Any questions?

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