The residual income formula.

The proven residual income formula equals big bucks!

As you previously discovered in part one of this series on how to effectively apply the residual income formula to your small business marketing arsenal.

Just to quickly recap, before moving on. Two of the top and most commercially successful publishers/marketers of the “how to” make money with Real Estate investment strategies.

One being Robert Allen of “Nothing Down” fame and the other more contemporary is of course, Dean Grazioso.

There Is A Ton Of Short And Long Term Benefits To Be Enjoyed When You Strategically Give Away Your Products And Services.

And as you recall in part one of this series, Dean and his publishing/marketing company, decided to give away (at least) 100,000 copies of his brand new hard cover book entitled: “How to profit from today’s (turbulent) and depressed Real Estate market!”

All one has to do  is pick up the phone and dial the toll free number and pay a relatively small fee that covers (both) the actual cost to print the book, plus shipping.

And you were promised (an insider) killer marketing strategy,which probably wasn’t so obvious. So here it is!

The Wisdom And Benefits Of Joint Ventures When Properly Executed Equals Major Success!

First off, what if Dean’s publishing company doesn’t want to actually invest upfront in the (ever increasing) expense of national toll free phone lines?

What if (instead) because Dean and his extremely savvy publishing/marketing team, offered an up &  coming small to mid size business that offers toll free numbers.

The chance to earn an ongoing continuity affiliate commission on a sliding scale of 25-50%!

Because Dean has already calculated the lifetime value of a customer calculation on his target market and he can already anticipate that for every 100,000 books (or X) number of free books (or DVD’s, CD’s or free special reports etc.) that he (or you) give away for actual cost, in order to just break even on the front end.

Two very important things happen:

A.) First (he) and his top flight marketing team just identified and built a highly targeted list of long term potential customers and clients to  follow up with specific offers to, for years and years to come! Correct?

And he can do either offline snail mail postcards and market tested sales letters. Or he can use good old fashion inexpensive email marketing  and dramatically lower his ongoing cost to keep in touch as well!

B.) He also realizes that for every 100,000 that joins his list(via) his online lead capture or by  way of his offline toll free (or local) number.

On average (about) 33.7% or 33,700 subscribers will upgrade to Deans advanced Real Estate Investment strategies monthly paid membership site and pay a bare bones minimum of $47 dollars per month to do so. (100,00 subscribers x .337%= 33,700 paying members!) You can do the math yourself!

Plus, on average, about one percent of those 33,700 paid members (or) 337 people will upgrade (upsell) to his $997 dollar digital Real Estate Investment course. (33,700 x 01% = 337 x $997 equals a lot!)

Your Real Marketing Opportunities Start After You Build Your Opt In List!

And finally, (not really!) another ten percent of the 337 that bought  the $997 dollar digital course, will also attend Deans offline week long “Millionaire in the making!” $10K per person, $16K for any two people, power boot camp!

So let’s get this straight, Dean (or you) stand to earn money using this powerful residual income formula, in at least four separate ways!

1.) He makes a 50% commission on every person that upgrades to the membership site and remains a paying member at a bare bones minimum of $47 dollars per month. (Or X.) And Dean earns half that amount of $23.50 every month, for as long as their a paying member in good standing.

2.) Deans’s publishing/marketing company earns 100% for every person that upsells to his $997 dollar digital product.

3.) Dean (or you) also earns 100% from every individual that attends his offline week long boot camp that retails for $10k per person or $16k for any two people!

4.) Dean also has (either) an offline database of 100,000 subscribers or an online email list of 100,00 opt ins! And he can strategically put together some killer joint venture projects and collect some serious long term passive income for peanuts!

And that my friend(s) is just a small sample of what you can do in order to harness the enormous untapped potential available to you, once you strategically apply the residual income formula!

In part three of this explosive series on maximizing your profits using the residual income formula.

You’ll discover step by step, the (oh so) simple answer to your nagging questions about “how to” profit from this mega proven money making strategy, even if you’re just starting out and you have virtually no list yet, and no proven track record like Dean or Robert Allen!

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