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How Some Really Simple Lead Generation Ideas Can Lead To Massive Profits!

You definitely started your business and or service, in order to provide some much needed value in the marketplace, correct? Agreed.

Which also means, you definitely have no problem, being fairly compensated, for the quality products and or services you provide, right?

Which also means, who couldn’t use and or benefit from, some market tested lead generation ideas, right?

Because if there’s a way, (and rest assured) there most certainly is, for you to effectively market and or promote your business and or services, and other extremely valuable resources, for less money.

You’d definitely want to know more about it, agreed? Excellent. Then let’s have a look under the hood, to see if there are in fact, some viable alternative, lead generation ideas and or strategies worth actively pursuing.

So Who Else Wants To Discover How Some Really Simple Lead Generation Ideas Can Ultimately Lead To Some Massive long Term Gross Profits!

In order to systematically build, a long term ‘money making’ sales funnel of some kind.

Let’s start at the foundation and or marketing root if you will. Let’s say you run a very successful, women-s clothing and accessories boutique shop.

And since you’re rather upscale, you tend to strategically target, local women who currently earn high five and six figure a year incomes.

Primarily because they represent your ideal customers, who have a total lifetime customer value metric, of anywhere between $8,000 – $13,000 dollars, over any given five to seven year period.

Not to mention the fact, a high percentage of these high income, highly influential earning ladies, are extremely active on social media. 

Your Proven Lead Generation Ideas Are Potentially Icing On The Cake!

Case in point, since your boutique is currently located, in an upscale mini strip mall, right near an upscale residential area.

You already get tons of daily -first time- walk ins and tons of repeat customers to boot.Which is why, it only makes sense, for you to create, a huge -can’t miss- type of sign,strategically placed sign, placed in the middle of your store, promoting your incredibly popular, free monthly drawing.

Each month one incredibly lucky female winner,(whose on your opt in email/mobile marketing list), wins one of your most popular designer hand bags, which normally retails for $950 dollars!(Or X.)

And each month, all 99% of the runner ups, automatically receive, an extremely time sensitive, first time only customer discount coupon, where they automatically 30% -40%) off their very first purchase.

And just for bringing  potential first time customer with them, whose at least 18 years old, they automatically save an additional 10% off their very first purchase.

Plus, as extra valued incentive bonus, as long as your guest also joins your opt in email/mobile marketing list, before leaving your store (and or) place of business.They automatically save 20% of any purchase over X.

And automatically save 10, (or X%) off any purchase under X.Plus all the additional incentives, they’ll begin receiving, via your follow up (drip) campaigns.

You’d Be Totally Amazed How Some Incredibly Simple Lead Generation Strategies Can Rapidly Grow Your Business And Or Service!

For ex; for every guy whose happens to shop in the store, they automatically go into a completely separate monthly free drawing, where each month, the 1st grand prize winner, gets to send, a dozen roses, a great tasting box of gourmet chocolates, and a market tested, five foot teddy bear, to any female they choose! 😀 Say what?

At least twice a year! Once on her birthday, and once on Valentines day.(Important note: The jeweler and the florist who ultimately delivers the flowers, does not need the actual year the female was born. Just the month and day! 😎 )

Just imagine the total look of surprise, when the lady receives this totally unexpected gift, (especially) on her job and or at her place of business!

And what do you think her reaction will be, once she,(and her professional and personal inner circle) discovers, this local, extremely marketing savvy jeweler, is actually behind this particular, market tested promotion.Bingo!

Effectively Marketing Your Small Business Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated And Or Overly Expensive!

Case in point, when these extremely lucky ladies, have their dozen roses, five foot teddy bear and great tasting box of gourmet chocolates delivered, courtesy of the jeweler, who in reality, behind the scenes, is really one of the boutique store owner(s), joint venture (JV) and or cross promotional partners.

They will also receive, an extremely time sensitive ethical bribe, first time only customer discount coupon, courtesy of the jeweler.

And just like the extremely marketing savvy women-s boutique store owner, these ladies will be rewarded (ethically bribed), to bring a potential first time customer with them, whose at least 18 years of age.

And just for doing so, they will be allowed, to purchase, a beautiful pair of diamond studded earrings, which normally retail for at least $250 dollars.

They can purchase them for just $125 dollars. However, simply by joining the jewelers opt in email /mobile marketing list, (by entering their) extremely popular monthly free drawing as well.

In A Lot Of Ways Marketing Your Small Business Can Not Only Be Fun But Extremely Profitable As Well!

They also get a chance, to win a beautiful, (not to mention), extremely eye catching, diamond studded necklace, which normally retails for $3,500 dollars.

But joining the list, allows them to pay just $125 dollars, plus any and all applicable taxes & fees, for the $250 dollar pair of earrings!

So let’s say (on average), about 40% of the women who bring a semi qualified friend with them, also joins the jewelers opt in/mobile marketing list, so they can showcase, a beautiful pair of diamond studded earrings, which usually cost the general public, $250 dollars, plus any and all applicable taxes and fees etc.

But these ladies get them for just $125 dollars (or X!) Can you say social media explosion? 😎  You know, at work and the various social functions they attend, including annual-holiday-, family get together-s and neighborhood barbecues or baby showers etc.

They’ll have at least a thousand and one stories to tell, over and over will they not? 😎  And both the jeweler and the women-s boutique shop owner(s), will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

This is how, some really simple lead generation ideas, can and most definitely will, lead to some massive, front and back end gross profits! Don’t you agree?

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  1. Hi Mark, these are really great tips for newbies for expanding business and generating profits. Thanks for sharing!
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  2. Hello Mark,

    I have just landed here from your comment on Donna’s blog, I think you have made some excellent points here and its worth implementing in lead generation campaigns.



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