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How Some Really Simple Lead Generation Strategies Lead To Big Profits!

Have you ever taken a really close look,(and evaluation) at what some profit seeking entrepreneurs, small business owners and or service providers, try to pass off as, so called lead generation strategies?

It’s questionable at best, would you not agree?

Not to mention, outrageously expensive and luke warm effective.

And often times, their strategies, may cause them to feel the warm fuzzes inside. The bottom line is, these dismally performing promotions and or advertising/marketing campaigns, do very little for your bottom line, other than constantly drain it! Ouch…

The remainder of this particular blog post, (hopefully) will demonstrate to you first hand, how some really simple lead generation strategies and or tactics, can eventually lead to some major profits!

So Who Else Definitely Wants To Know How Some Really Simple Lead Generation Strategies Can Lead To Some Major Long Term Profits!

For this particular marketing example, let’s cover at least two, potentially profitable aspects, of your overall, lead generation strategies and or tactics.

One will be initiated offline, and the other will be initiated online. But ultimately, these proven marketing strategies are about maximizing your business and or services, long term profit potential, correct?

Which also entails, effectively utilizing -both- the front and back end of your sales funnel(s.) And as you well know, there are lots of potentially profit ways of doing so.

From Seemingly Inexpensive Lead Generation Strategies Can Quickly Develop Into Some Major Profit Centers!

As in this first case, of an online marketer/service provider. Take my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber.

To date, they currently have in excess of 120,000 paying customers worldwide. And steadily growing.  😀

And now, after developing their extremely reputable brand and constantly developing and improving, their outstanding customer service department!

And developing some outstanding, and rock solid business relationships, with some of the most successful, companies and individual Internet/e-commerce marketers in the world! Here’s a fairly simple way, Aweber could strategically tap into their businesses, built in back end,income generating potential.

Your Small Business Can Jump Start Your Profits With The Right Promotional Strategies!

Let’s say there’s a really aggressive, startup entrepreneur, which offers, a high end beauty skin care,cosmetics line.

And rather than spend (more like waste!), a proverbial fortune, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising/promotional campaigns. The cosmetics entrepreneur(s) aggressively look for some potentially viable marketing alternatives.

So Aweber approaches them, with the following, potential joint venture/revenue sharing offer. Aweber will use their current (worldwide) network of business owners, and seek out those, who also target women, within a certain demographic.

Sometimes The Simplest Small Business Marketing Ideas Can Have The Most Profitable Affect!

And Aweber will offer to pay these companies, anywhere from $1-$5 dollars per lead!For the opportunity, to place one of their best, market tested banner style ads, on their JV partners, download “Thank you” page.

(Extremely important note: Aweber-s marketing team, is certainly savvy enough, to strategically test, various on and offline strategies, for generating leads, which they ultimately get paid, a 25% JV/revenue sharing commission on. 😀 )

And each time, a subscriber joins Aweber-s opt in email list, Aweber agrees to pay their JV partner a set rate of $1 -$5 dollars per lead.

Your Money Making Lead Generation Strategies Can Have Multiple Layers To It!

Meanwhile, Aweber, will turn right around, and receive a 25% affiliate/JV commission from their JV partner, on all the front end revenue generated from their opt in leads.

If need be, (as an additional potential deal sweetener 😀 ), Aweber could actually offer, potential JV partners, free, state of the art opt in email services, in exchange for being allowed, to place one of their most effective, banner ads, on their JV parts download/ “thank you” page.

Plus, Aweber could -either- hire, some of the worlds most successful email marketing experts, to develop their JV partners, follow up email marketing campaigns.

This way, as their JV partners opt in email list steadily grows, Awebers opt in email list building opportunities, will constantly grow as well. Don’t you agree?

And all the while, Aweber won’t have to invest an additional nickel, on their front end advertising/promotional expenses.

In part two, you’ll discover a couple of proven ways, an offline, traditional bricks & mortar business, can and definitely should, profit from some of the exact same, proven lead generation strategies.So see you in just a little bit in part two, okay?

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