Can Hard Work And Dedication Alone Overcome The Many Advantages Of Strategic Alliances?Part Two

Can Hard Work And Dedication Alone Overcome The Many Advantages Of Strategic Alliances?Part Two

Hopefully, as you previously discovered in part one of this series about consistently capitalizing off the many advantages of strategic alliances.

There are literally tons of (on and offline) potential strategic alliances for you to tap into. Some even when you aren’t necessarily looking for them! Don’t you agree? (See the video below for the specific details!)

Let’s face it (already) entrepreneur, your individual bank account, marketing ideas, real world experience and dedication etc. Can (and will) only take you so far! In other words, there’s limits to (both) your time, money and expertise, correct!

However, when you in essence network (aka) resource share and or strategically align yourself with another non competitive small business owners and service providers etc. You can grow exponentially.

How To Continuously Cash In From The Many Advantages Of Strategic Alliances!

Remember in part one how this complete online stranger (see the video below!), in essence a fellow online entrepreneur reached out and asked if the two of us could do some type of collaboration? Or joint venture (JV) if you will.

And it was suggested that perhaps the two of us (just for starters) could interview each other, for 30-90 minutes. Then record the podcast and make it available to the public. Here’s a very powerful marketing twist, that flat out works!

And believe it or not, it comes from all places, by way of one of your favorite weekly hour long TV dramas. You know how 97% of the time, the plot for that week’s episode unfolds within the hour.

But guess what? The other three percent of the time, it goes right up to the final (commercial break), then it ends with “Don’t Miss The Exciting Conclusion In part Two!”

And guess what entrepreneur, you’re/we are simply hooked! Right? Because now you gotta know how it ends! My friend, the exact same formula holds true, for a savvy marketer such as yourself! Huh?

Putting The Many Advantages Of Strategic Alliances To Work For You!

You see, what if during the interviews that my JV collaborator conducts, he mentions that he’ll reveal his “mega proven” seven step formula for creating “Outrageous Positive Word Of Mouth Buzz Using Social Media Platforms Like FB And Twitter!” For Free!

His expertise lies in effectively leveraging social media! And as long as he over delivers the goods in the free 30-90 minute educational preview interview. Guess what? A certain percentage of the all the listeners from now on! Will want to purchase his paid 90 minute recording and 27 page special report!

Don’t you agree? And just to take this extremely simple (yet incredibly practical example) to the next couple of levels. Suppose one of his best market tested back end products is a $497 dollar info course on (what else?) , “How To” effectively leverage Google Plus and Linkedn.

And he also offers (one on one coaching), but instead of charging his normal rate $375 dollars per hour! With a minimum purchase of two hours required!

Anyone that buys his course, automatically gets their first three hours at a whopping 50% off the normal retail rate! Which means, instead of three hours normally costing them $1,125 dollars! ($375 PH x 3 = $1,125)

Instead they only pay $562.50 (or they pay just $187.50 per hour!) ($562.50 / 3 = $187.50! A bargain by anybody’s standards, don’t you agree?

Entrepreneur, here’s the kicker. So pay close attention! Every person that purchases his (or your!) 30-90 minute paid podcast recording, you/they automatically become one of his affiliates, and three incredibly lucrative things happen!

A.) First, they automatically get to sell the podcast and keep 100% of the commission on that low front end initial sale!

B.) Next, they automatically receive a 25% commission on all of the $497 dollar sales of his entire social media domination course that he sells!

Which means, each sale of the full course is now worth $124.50 to them!

C.) Plus, they also get 25% of every one on one consultation he does, whenever that customer/client originally came from (either) buying the original paid podcast or his course!

All in all, no matter how you add it up! There are simply way too many reasons, not to capitalize off the many advantages of strategic alliances, don’t you agree?

Please list at least two simple spin off concepts (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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