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Introducing Seven Potentially Profitable Ways Marketing Leverage Pays Off!

So as you’re constantly pondering which direction to go in, with regards to investing and maximizing, your extremely limited marketing/promotional dollars.

You definitely already know and realize, the more limited your resources in general,and your marketing dollars in particular, the more you had better be constantly creating, and or generating, some-maximum- money making marketing leverage opportunities, correct?

Which obviously begs the $64 thousand dollar question of, how? Right.

Hopefully, after you’ve read and begun implementing, at least some of what you’ll discover in the remainder of this post, you’ll at least partially, have some of your answers.

So Who Else Wants To Discover Seven Potentially Profitable Ways Marketing Leverage Pays Off? (For Years And Years To Come!)

Before diving in head long, stop and (seriously) consider, the following train of thought. As the price of goods and services, necessary to successfully run your business and or services, continues to increase over time.

And your current marketing/advertising/promotional methods, cost more and more, yet continually deliver less and less bankable results.Bummer.

You’ve come to the proverbial fork in the road my friend. (Welcome to the club!)

Meaning, you can continue (for a short while anyway ), to throw, more like waste, your extremely hard earned dollars, on outrageously expensive marketing methods, which do little more than continually drain your bank account. Or, instead, you can start systematically, producing, some bankable marketing leverage.

The choice is truly yours.

Marketing Leverage Is Potentially One Of The Most Profitable Ways To Promote Your Business And Or Services!

Case in point, the following list, of seven potentially profitable reasons, explain how and why (you and I) would do well, to generate as much bank account filling marketing leverage, as we possibly can.

First of all, the seven plus minute video, which accompanies this post, is done my good bud, blog commenting buddy, and my expert affiliate marketing coach and mentor! The one and only, Peter Beckenham, of the Village fame.

Notice ‘how’ Peter mentions, (references) me by name, within the first 30 seconds of the video. My friend, this video, which he originally uploaded to his youtube account, and I later also added it to my follow up, opt in email message(s) campaign.

It’s a classic example of strategically generating marketing leverage. Say what? Because Peter is already an established affiliate and Internet marketing expert in his own right. You best believe, when he name  drops, his extremely loyal subscribers, pay attention! Agreed?

Structure Your Lead Generation Strategies To Provide Maximum Service To Your Target Audience And You’ve Probably Got A Winner In The Making!

So they Google yours truly, and a certain percentage of, may decide (to either) join my opt in email list, and or subscribe to my RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. Either way, I (or you!) have just generated, some potentially profitable, long term marketing leveragefor literally pennies on  the dollar, have we not? Thanks Coach!

And by doing so, you/we have just opened the door on previously untapped marketing possibilities, extremely wide.

Seven Potentially Profitable Ways Strategic Marketing Leverage Helps You And Or Major Competitors Pay The Rent!

Case in point, now that Peter has in essence, endorsed me on some level, to his current and future audiences.And by getting him to agree to produce this extremely helpful video, on “5 Things Every Newbie Marketer Must Consider!”

The following seven, potentially profitable, doors of long term marketing possibilities and or opportunities, just opened even wider!

1.) Potential marketing benefit # one: The video itself, can potentially, be converted, (into), either an ongoing, step by step ‘how to’ video series.

Which ends up, with Peter, (and or) some other extremely qualified expert, offering, some type of paid, one on one coaching packages.Right?

2.) Potential marketing benefit # two: Or, Peter (or you or I),  could create a companion, step by step, ‘how to’ blog series, and include the videos in each subsequent blog post.

And again, (either) offer a paid course, and or a paid 90 -120 minute “No holds barred” Q & A session type of product!

3.) Potential marketing benefit # three: Peter could create a series of related webinars, and offer the 1st 90-120 minute webinar, as a free list building lead magnet. And create some type of paid back end income producing products, and or services, customized, specifically for his particular audience!

Your Customized Marketing Strategies Can Literally Take You As Far As You Wish To Go!

4.) Potential marketing benefit # four: Again, because Peter is already an incredibly skilled, and experienced affiliate and Internet marketing expert in his own right!

He may well decided, to do some type of joint venture (JV) arrangement, where another non directly competing entrepreneur, (such as myself!), could host a free 90-120 Q & A webinar session, where Peter is the featured guest speaker.

Peter demonstrates his affiliate marketing expertise, and keeps 100% of any back end, one on one coaching packages he sells, as a direct result of the webinar.

And I (of course) record the single and or series of webinars! And  I (or you!) potentially generate passive back end income, (by either) selling the webinars as stand alone, digital info products valued at X!

5.) Potential marketing benefit # five: Or, I could use them as free list building leads magnets, in order to continuously build my opt in email list.

And put in place, a slid foundation, for a potentially profitable sales funnel, in the not so distant future.

6.) Potential marketing benefit # six: Or I may just decide to create, a comprehensive, step by step tutorial guide, (as a Kindle ebook), which teaches newbie Internet marketers, how to create profitable marketing leverage, simply by educating your potential prospects!

7.) Potential marketing benefit # seven: Admittedly, this last potentially beneficial marketing strategy, is long term.

But why not, (since we’re) definitely in this journey long term, correct?So why not create an aggressive affiliate program, and let your affiliates, earn 80% commissions, right after their second sale.

And -you and I- pocket 100% of the one on one, paid coaching packages and or consultations, which will inevitably result, from such a robust and on going marketing strategy.

These are just seven, bare bones minimum, potential benefits, waiting to happen! As a direct result of you and I, learning ‘how to’ consistently generate, some bank account filling marketing leverage. Any questions?

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