How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Fuel Their Business Growth Utilizing Free Stuff!Part Two

So does, or did it surprise you to discover in part one, that even some of the savviest entrepreneurs, like really big, extremely reputable CPA, Law firms, major software distributors and or manufacturers etc; they routinely give away, some of their very best goods & services, in order to massively grow their businesses or practices etc.You might call it lead generating on steroids!

Because when they allow some of their most influential customers, and or clients, to gift two or three hour, free consultation packages,to their best customers, the recipients are truly grateful!

And as you might imagine, a certain percentage of them, eventually convert into full fledged repeat customers/clients!And many of whom, are of the high six, seven and eight figure a year variety!

Now that particular outcome, (I gotta tell you), is definitely worth, initially giving away, some of your most valuable consulting packages, and extremely valuable one on one consulting time for free!Would you not agree? Absolutely!

Let’s delve even deeper, into the semi neglected back end portion of their under developed sales funnel, shall we?

So How Do Some Of Today’s Savviest Entrepreneurs Really Make A Ton Of Money Freely Giving Away Some Of Their Most Valuable Goods And Services?

So hopefully, you’re not (initially) reading part two of this ongoing series, because if you’re starting with part two, (instead of) starting with part one,you may not necessarily be grounded well enough in the overall fundamentals, of this potentially profitable marketing strategy and concept, and therefore, you may no fully appreciate, “how” or why, any serious, profit seeking entrepreneurswould gladly give away some of their most valuable goods and services, via free two or three hour, one on one consulting packages, valued at X!

So be sure you review part one, so you’re much better versed, in the proven marketing fundamentals, of this battlefield tested approach!

That said, as you also recall from part one, let’s say this high powered (Wall Street) type of CPA firm, has several high end clients, like mega commercial real estate developers, that routinely build massive commercial real estate structures, which include mega tier shopping malls, and major (higher end) apartment buildings, townhouses and or condos etc.

And they also have other high end clientele, that own a chain of 250 (mid level) retail stores, spread all over the mid west and into the east coast. And as you can` well imagine, they earn an awful lot of money, primarily offline!

And try as they might, their online presence,is little more than a state of the art, mobile responsive WordPress website and blog, but they clearly have no (real) clue(s), “how to” make the online arm of their operation profitable!

So seeing that, the savvy CPA (and or) software distributor, personally reaches out to their resident Internet marketing guru, self made multi millionaire Russel Brunson, of dotcom secrets fame!

And they readily gift the real estate developer, two free hours of one on one consulting time, with the man himself! That alone being a $4,000 dollar value! (Or whatever Russel’s current hourly consulting rates are!)


Entrepreneur If It Hasn’t dawned On You Get!(Effective Lead Generation Strategies Are Indeed Multi Faceted!)

So cutting to chase, (here’s the rub), (and remember), we’re only using self made multi millionaire Internet marketing  (guru) expert Russel Brunson, merely because his name and Internet marketing presence is already firmly established, and he’s extremely well known!

Anyhoo…the consulting end of Russel’s online business, gladly leaps at the chance, to personally go one on one with some of the most successful CEO’s, CFO ‘s,marketing strategist, and or presidents, of the fortune 100 or 200 etc!

Because Russel (knows) all too well, that with each of these free two hour blocks of time,that his CPA joint venture partner gives away, to a semi qualified potential client, he can easily determine within that length of time, if his skills and Internet marketing expertise, can help dramatically increase the online profits of this particular business!

And if the company in question, could possibly become a high six or seven figure a year consulting client! Or if he can create some type of mutually beneficial seven or eight figure  year, joint venture revenue split!

So here’s what the savvy CPA firm, or major software distributor does, once every quarter, (or once every 90 days) or so, (provided) Russel (and or) Internet marketing guru expert Mr. or Mrs. X, physically has the time to participate!

The CPA firm (gladly) flies Russel and two of his closet staff members to a major hotel, (and the CPA) firm foots (both) the first class airfare, and first class hotel accommodations, plus, they pay Russel $25,000 dollars, (or X) for an entire day of high level consulting!

And in turn, the CPA firm invites 25 of their largest, most influential customers,clients, vendors and or professionals, that have at least some sort of website, and the pay $3,000 dollars each to attend this intense eight hour private event!

Savvy Entrepreneurs Constantly Look For Ways To Better Serve Their Target Market!

And Russel and his staff, (choose) live right in front of the attendees, one of their websites, (and or blogs), and begins expertly dissecting it, right in front of them! Carefully detailing, step by step, what, and “how” (both) he and his expertly trained staff, would immediately go about making the Internet side of their business, far more profitable, than it currently is right now!

Russel will demonstrate via Power Point slides, “what” and “why” they would A/B split test certain things, and (totally eliminate others), and how they would go about, (both) generating more targeted traffic, (for less money)and how they would systematically convert more of it, (on both) the initial front & back end of the companies sales funnels!

And he’d also field, any and all of their immediate, and most burning questions, for the next eight plus hours!And at the end of the day, any of those 25 potential clients, that wanted to retain Russel as their paid Internet marketing consultant, and or potential JV revenue partner,Russel will gladly credit their $3,000 dollar attendance fee, as part of his third hour of advanced consulting!

In short, any new potential six, seven or eight figure a year consulting  clients that sign on, before he and his staff get on a plane and head back to his Idaho headquarters, Russel will gladly schedule another free 90 minute session,as soon as they both have time on their extremely hectic schedules!

Ladies & gentlemen, (hopefully) you see how and why, it definitely makes sense, for savvy entrepreneurs like (self made) multi millionaire, Internet marketing consultant Russel Brunson, to participate in events such as this, even if he didn’t receive a nickel upfront! Don’t you agree?

Hold that thought, because in part three, we’re really gonna go deep under cover! So please stay tuned until then!Okay? Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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