How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Fuel Their Business Growth Utilizing Free Stuff!

   (And How You Can Too!)

You’ve (definitely) heard the old saying, “being in the right place, at the right time,” correct? Sure, we practically all have.

However, rarely if ever, can even the savviest and most experienced, (not to ) mention, extremely driven entrepreneurs among us, actually control, to any degree worth mentioning, being somewhere, at precisely the (so called) right time.

That said, there are several things, even some semi cash strapped small business owners, and or service providers can control.

And that would be, who and when they decide to give away some of their extremely valuable, goods and services, to potential first time customers and or clients, in order to systematically grow their businesses and or practices.

Believe it or not, it’s routinely done all the time, by some of the biggest law & CPA firms, in practically every major city and or municipality in America!

Of course, it’s not the sort of thing they readily advertise to openly to the general public, but doing so, can and very often is, extremely profitable!

That’s why they continuously look for the right situations and circumstances, to justify doing so!As the following situations,(will ) hopefully demonstrate!

So If These Entrepreneurs Are So Savvy Why In The World Are They Giving Away Some Of Their Most Valuable Information And Or Services For Free?

Right out of the gate, let’s be (extremely) straight forward and crystal clear here! The type of extremely marketing savvy entrepreneursthat are being referenced in this particular post, such as some of the big time CPA, law firms, and or major software/hardware service providers, are not utilizing this particular, (advanced) lead generating type of marketing ploy, because they’re trying to be more philanthropic!

Far from it my friend! They clearly recognize, the enormous, perpetual long term back end money making potential here! And they’re just doing everything within their immediate power, to take full advantage of it! So this is not about charity per se!

And in order to cut to the chase and really shed some (much needed) light, on the type of (barely tapped), long term money making potential, that’s so often buried in the back end of these types of marketing strategies and or arrangements, this post is quickly going to leap ahead to the back end of this often (totally) neglected sales funnel!Okay?

 Effective Use Of Free Lead Generation Tactics Often Lead To An Avalanche Of Long Term Gross Profits!

So here’s where the “timing” part of being in the right place, at the right time, might apply to some of today’s savviest, (profit seeking) entrepreneurs. See if, (or how) your severely cash strapped small business and or service, could apply the first part of this “battlefield tested” marketing tactic.

It’s Xmas time and or, quickly approaching, yet another new year! And you, like a ton of other profit driven vendors, desperately want to impress (one or) several of your major clients!

And over the years, (both) you and your major competitors, have sent gourmet chocolates, vintages bottles of X, and flowers for their secretaries etc.

Trouble is, so have your major competitors!And further more, none of that truly conveys to your (big fish) customer/clients, just how much, their business and continuous patronage means to your bottom line!

(Important note: Now watch “how” the extremely marketing savvy law & CPA firms, demonstrate “what” their major clients mean to their bottom line! By strategically giving away some extremely valuable two or three hour consulting packages worth X, to the their biggest clients, so their clients can freely give them away, to their major vendors, customers,clients and or other professionals etc!)

They’ll typically send certified, priority “snail mail,”personalized letters to their biggest clients, and these personalized letters, have market tested main power headlines, that read something like this! “It’s About Time You Really Knew And Understood Just How Much Your Continued Patronage Really Means To Us!”(Or something over the top to that effect!)

You Combine Some Of Your Very Best Entrepreneurial Ideas With Your Ideal Customers Or Clients In Mine! (And More Times Than Not You’ve Got Yourself A Surefire Winner!)

Here’s the short of the front end of the sales funnel marketing process, (so you and I), can focus exclusively on the potentially lucrative back end of the sales funnel process!

Around Xmas or new years, (rather) than sending their best customers, and or clients, the usual suspects of,expensive champagne or flowers for their  secretaries etc.

A major CPA firm, with an extremely keen eye towards massive future growth, without all of the traditional up font, out of pocket costs, that normally comes with it!

This year, they will allow, and highly encourage  some of their biggest and most influential customers/clients, to gift their most influential and valuable customers, clients and or professionals etc, free two or three hour consulting packages, from your firm valued at X!

With the complete understanding, they are absolutely under no obligation whatsoever, to retain your firm as their professionals of choice!

It’s merely being done as a courtesy, to demonstrate to them, just “how” much and how valued, their continuous patronage truly is appreciated!

And if, they’d like, they’re free to pass the two or three hour long consulting package on, to anyone they choose, provided that individual, and or business owner, meets certain minimum requirements!

The main point being, look “how” doing so, helps you stand head and shoulders above your major competitors!Who else is looking out enough for them, to help them grow their business and or lower their personal tax obligations!Bingo!

There Is Absolutely No Reason An Extremely Savvy Small Business Owner And Or Service Provider Couldn’t Successfully Employ This Exact Same Proven Marketing Strategy!

In part two, we’re really gonna do some deep sea marketing! But for now, here’s the (extremely short) version, of where all this pro-active, front end marketing activity will take them.

Let’s say the savvy CPA firm, typically can save their ideal clients, at least $10,000 to $15,000 dollars, (or X) in cash, usually within the first 45 days or less! And in some extremely rare cases, it may take up to 60 days, before these type of initial savings and improvements of inefficiencies, fully start to materialize!

And typically they charge their clients $10,000 dollars upfront, in order to secure them as an ongoing customer/client. Instead, the savvy CPA firm, waves their first month $10,000 dollar commitment fee!

Because they already realize, their ideal client is worth at least $10K per month, for the next 18 months! Give or take!But here’s where the extremely savvy  CPA/law firm and or software/hardware firm, really connects the dots!

Because they’ve got the upfront cash flow, after looking over the online applications of their client,the CPA firm reaches out to one of their big time guru Internet marketing consultants!Like say, (self made) multi millionaire Internet marketing guru Russel Brunson, of Dotcom secrets fame!

(And no), for the record, unfortunately, yours truly is currently, in no way affiliated with any of Mr. Brunson’s companies! So he’s only being used, as a hypothetical example, in order to effectively convey the overall marketing concepts being presented.

Anyway, once this preliminary checklist/cheat sheet is carefully approved by the CPA/law firm, they immediately forward it, via fax, directly to one of Russel’s (personally trained) inner circle members!

They in turn re- check the preliminary cheat sheet, and (initially) email the companies CEO,CFO and or President directly, just to re- confirm any specific info.

And once they feel satisfied, then and only then, is an initial one hour, free one on one preliminary discussion set up with the man himself, “Big Russel!” (And or immensely qualified Internet marketing expert Mr. or Mrs. X!)

And if Russel honestly determines, this particular account, has the potential to yield six or seven figures per year or more, in (either) ongoing consulting fees, and or some type of joint venture revenue split etc!Then and only then, will he proceed!

And the CPA/law firm that originally referred “Russel” just added an additional 25% of Russel’s total agreement, to their bottom line!

And just think, the CPA/Law firm, (or you) or I, can literally do these type of revenue sharing arrangements, until the cows come home!

But not without burning more than your share of the midnight oil mind you!But that my entrepreneurial minded friend, is “how” and why, some of today’s savviest entrepreneurs, fuel some of their businesses long term growth, by initially giving away free, some of their most valuable products and services!Any questions? Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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