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The Sneaky Little Way Savvy Entrepreneurs Increase Their Market Share!

 (For Literally Pennies On The Dollar!)

Isn’t it rather odd? No matter matter how much money, some semi cash starved, aspiring entrepreneurs spend, on outrageously expensive, traditional adverting mediums, such as local radio and TV ads.

No more matter how dismally they perform, these profit seeking entrepreneurs, rely heavily on them, to try and increase their overall market share.

When clearly, with just a little marketing creativity, they could be so much better off.

They can build their overall brand (reputation), so much faster and far less expensively, simply by readily embracing, some far more effective marketing strategies and or tactics.

As you’re about to discover.

Who Else Wants To Discover The Sneaky Little Way Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Increase Their Market Share! (For Literally Pennies On The Dollar!)

One of the critically important mind shifts, you definitely need to make asap, is to finally come to grips with the undeniable fact, your small business, service and or entrepreneurial endeavor, has both a front and back end component.

And in some cases, your business and or service, can serve as another non directly competing vendors back end and vice versa.

And when you finally come to grips with this critically important understanding.Currently untapped marketing possibilities and opportunities, immediately begin to open up to you.

Your Market Tested Lead Generation Strategies Can Serve As Another Non Directly Competing Vendors Back End!

Case in point: (Entrepreneur, please pay extremely close attention to the marketing concepts and or low hanging fruit marketing strategies and or tactics, you’re about to be exposed to, in the following hypothetical examples.

Let’s suppose, your run an incredibly popular, local upscale jewelry store, which is independently owned.

And your ideal female customer, currently earns a high five or six figure a year income, and her total lifetime customer value metrics numbers are as follows.

Typically, she will be responsible for generating about $7,500 dollars to your bottom line, over the next 5-7 year period. 😀

This being the case, you’d much prefer to invest some of advertising/marketing and or promotional budget, helping another non directly competing vendor, become more successful, so you can as well.

You Can Definitely Build Your Market Share Simply By Helping Other Non Directly Competing Vendors Do The Same!

Case in point; let’s say there is a rather quaint, Mom & pop retail-corner- store, located right near a major hospital. And you’d absolutely love, to inexpensively, tap into the network of 200 plus nurses and nursing assistants, who are currently employed there.

But rather than waste a proverbial fortune, on 30-60 second, local radio and TV  and newspaperads, like the vast majority of your major competitors do.

Instead you much prefer, to rely on some marketing creativity. So you approach the owner(s) of the Mom & pop corner store with the following marketing proposition.

You’ll gladly help them grow their ever growing customer base, in exchange for cross promotional exposure. Say what?

Strategically Helping Non Directly Competing Vendors Grow Their Business Or Service Is Definitely One Of The Proven Ways To Promote Your Business!

Case in point, not only will you gladly, let all the female employees, (especially) the ones who work directly behind the cash register, purchase up to $1,000 dollars worth of bling (jewelry), at your actual hard cost, plus any and all applicable taxes & fees etc.

But you’ll also sponsor (pay for), some of their ongoing marketing cost, in order to inexpensively reach, certain target markets.

For example, on Mondays, the Mom & pop store, could create a really big sign, which they -initially- place outside, in front of the store.

Advertising/promoting, on Mondays (or) whatever day or day makes the most sense, Nurses & nurses aids, get to purchase one large coffee (and or) large beverage of their choice, plus a donut, bagel or pastry of their choice, for just .99 cents or X!

Who Says You Need A Fortune 500 Advertising Budget In Order To Build Your Market Share!

And you’ll gladly pay the Mom  pop store owner, the retail difference per nurse,(or target group) provided they hand each nurse, one of your best, market tested, two sided index cards, so they can opt in your your email/mobile marketing list, in order to enter your monthly free drawing.

For a chance to win a $,2,500 dollar, diamond studded necklace.Meanwhile, for virtually pennies on the dollar, you get continuous, inexpensive exposure, to your ideal target market for literally pennies on the dollar.

In part two, you’ll discover at least two more proven ways, savvy entrepreneurs, use some creative entrepreneurial ideas, in order to build their market share. And how you can too!

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