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How Proven Email Marketing Strategies Increase Your Reach By 500% Or More!

So have you noticed, how many offline, small business owners and or service providers, who constantly struggle, to not only pay their ongoing bills.

But they often invest far too time, money and other extremely limited resources, working in their business, instead of on it.

Have you noticed this frightfully alarming trend too?

So it makes you wonder why, any cash conscious aspiring entrepreneur, doesn’t readily embrace, the enormous, potential marketing leverage, and or long term, money making potential, they can gain, from the right type of email marketing strategies and or tactics.

After all, strategic email/mobile marketing, lets you profit from state of the art automation, segmenting your list.

Plus, for a relatively low cost, you can stay in constant contact, with your hottest prospects and or best customers, clients and or patients, can you not?

So Who Else Wants To Discover How Some Battlefield Tested Email Marketing Strategies Can Definitely Increase Your Reach And Marketing By At Least 500% Or More!

This particular post, is based on an actual (real life) experience.My computer starting freezing and eventually, my tower would not even come on, even though the power light on my monitor, indicated it, (meaning my monitor) was currently on. 😀

Go figure right? Anyway, after totally exhausting what little computer savvy I clearly don’t have.I called a buddy of mine-s computer repair business. He currently has five different locations, spread out in different-local- areas.

And one of their very impressive marketing strategies they utilized, to instantly increase their cash flow, really impressed.

Basically, they offered the following two reasonable choices.

Potential Generation Opportunities Are Always Just Around The Corner Waiting To Be Discovered!

 1.) A- They provide a completely free, 100% diagnostic exam of you computer, lap top, tablet and or cell phone etc.

And after they pinpoint and assess the true nature of your problem, they call you with their findings and inform you how much their proposed solution will cost.

And if you don’t desire to go any further, you simply pick up your device(s) at your earliest convenience.

 2.) B- Or, (as I personally) chose to do, you can simply pay $45 dollars, and immediately get bumped to the front of the line and all available hands on deck, start diagnosing your devices problem right then and there.

And you’re basically informed, you can pick your device up later in the day, if it’ something pretty minor and requires no major time commitment and or no major over hauls etc.

Low Cost Email Marketing Strategies Are Simply A Must!

Or if you decide to go the free ‘diagnostic’ route. They basically label (and date) your device(s), and place them on a shelf in the order received,and whenever they have free time during the week, after they service their paying customers, they’ll take a look. 😀

First of all, I was totally impressed, they’ve come up with a creative, yet helpful and practical way, to better serve they customers, who are more than willing to pay for some type of priority  service now.

And here’s where potential email marketing strategies, can potentially have a long term, potentially profitable affect to my buddies bottom line.

I also noticed on the wall, right by the door, as soon you enter his storefront. He has a cork board, plastered with other local business owners and or service providers, who have pinned their business cards to it.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Create Marketing Leverage If None Currently Exists!

First of all,why not inexpensively test, offering all those business owners/service providers, who placed a business card on his board, free of charge mind you. Two major potential benefits.

Simply by them joining, either his opt in mail and or mobile marketing list.

1.) Major potential benefit # one: They get lifetime discount percentages of X, simply by remaining on my buddies opt in email/mobile marketing list.

This way, whenever he needs to send them, any type of extremely time sensitive discount coupon offers, he can do so, simply hitting the send button of his paid email service provider software.

2.) Major potential benefit # two: Next, my buddy (could) and definitely should, feature each business owners products and or services, in some of his 10,000 plus subscriber base.

And offer to promote these aspiring entrepreneurs. But only,if they agree to do the same for my buddy. In other words, they could strategically cross promote each, either via email/mobile and or direct snail mail post cards.

Always Look For Creative Non Traditional Ways To Promote Your Business And Or Services!

And these vendors, could easily and periodically give away some of my buddies very best, market tested, extremely time sensitive, new customer only discount coupon offers, to their brand new,current and or ex customers.

Entrepreneur, are you starting to smell, the potential long term profits yet? Say yes! 😀 And can you see how, and why, some battlefield tested email marketing strategies, can and definitely will, make all the difference. Great.

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below)which you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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