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How The Right Lead Generation Strategies Lead To Multiple Profit Centers!

Did you happen to read, a recent blog post, where I discussed, a hypothetical marketing opportunity, involving my paid email service provider of choice, Aweber?

Basically as you recall, Aweber strategically leveraged their outstanding email provider software, and outstanding customer service reps, to set up various types of joint venture (JV) partnership arrangements, with -both-some established and up and coming startup entrepreneurs etc.

Aweber will use their email marketing expertise, in both delivering emails and their cutting edge, email marketing software, to collaborate with aspiring online marketers, who target women, in the multi billion dollar a year cosmetics industry.

And basically, they’ll sandwich their services between, company (A.), which they’ll generate their targeted leads with, and additional companies,(both on and offline), they consistently generate back end, affiliate and or JV income possibilities with.

And in the process, create multiple profit centers. As you’re about to discover.

So Who Else Wants To Discover How The Right Lead Generation Strategies Can And Ultimately Will Lead To Multiple Profit Centers!

As you recall in a previous post, Aweber successfully negotiated, with various non directly competing, joint venture partners, for Aweber to include one of their very best, market tested, lead generating (list building) offers, on the JV partners, download “Thank you” pages.

And by doing so, (after) ongoing strategic testing, of various, free lead magnet, list building offers. Aweber eventually discovers which offer(s), consistently produce the most opt in email subscribers, who are eager to discover, the answer/solution to their main problem, issues and or concerns etc..

In this particular case, Aweber is offering, a free downloadable guide,ebook, PDF and or instructional, how to video/webinar presentation etc.

And it teaches women, ‘how to” finally, once an for all, rid their skin, of unwanted blemishes.

Your Well Crafted Entrepreneurial Ideas Can Lead To Some Major Profit Breakthroughs!

Here’s the really simplistic look, at the initial front cost and profit potential, for Aweber. Aweber agrees to pay their JV partner, anywhere from $1 – $3 dollars, for each lead, their banner like offer, generates, on their JV partners download “Thank you” pages.

While Aweber grosses a 25% affiliate and or front end JV profit sharing commission, on anyย  front end sales revenue, their opt in email leads generate for their JV and or affiliate offers.

Pretty standard stuff so far, correct?ย  ๐Ÿ˜€ Now let’s not forget, the additional front and back end potential income opportunities directly available to Aweber. ๐Ÿ˜€

Your Battlefield Tested Email Marketing Strategies Are The Gateway To Long Term Profitability!

So let’s say after (just) 18 months of adding their free, market tested, lead generating offers, on their top JV partners download “Thank you” pages.

Aweber has basically generated, at least 10,000 opt in leads. And lets say on average, they paid at least $2 dollars per lead to their JV partners.(Which helped lower their JV partners, upfront marketing cost.)

So to date, Aweber has invested about $20,000 dollars, -@- $2 dollars per lead. But since, Aweber typically generates, anywhere from $47 – $125.25 dollars, per sale those leads continuously generate, when these targeted subscribers, (who are) primarily women, interested in finding viable solutions, to their skin care issues.

Email Marketing Offers Multiple Profit Producing Opportunities!

But here’s the other thing, the moment those subscribers join Awebers list, they are automatically re-directed, to one Awebers JV/affiliate partners, most effective, “OTO” (One Time Only) offers.

And on average, about 1-1.5% percent of them, will invest at least $27 dollars, on a low cost skin care solution or two. ๐Ÿ˜€

And the remaining 98.5 -99% of subscribers, who did not take advantage of the “OTO” offer. They remain on Awebers list, and steadily receive, follow up email messages, for other market tested products & services, Awebers affiliates and or JV partners offer.

Here’s the other potential strategy Aweber can potentially implement. Aweber will allow (qualified) vendors,(potential JV partners) to use their state of the art email service, to build their opt in email lists.

Your Creative Entrepreneurial Ideas Can And Definitely Will Mean All The Difference!

And currently once a paid subscribers lists reaches 10,001-25,000. Aweber-s monthly rate, is just $149 dollars.

So by strategic reverse engineering, Aweber could actually not have to pay a nickel, on their first 50 leads @ $3 dollars per lead, at the beginning of every month, simply because they will allow their JV partner to access their service for $149 dollars worth of credit, because at least one of their primary lists having at least 10,001 subscribers on it.

Hopefully you’re starting to see and better appreciate, how some of the right lead generation strategies, can and most definitely will, lead to multiple profit centers. Don’t you agree?

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