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Why Your Best Lead Magnets Don’t Have To Be Expensive To Really Effective!

Does your resourced challenged small business and or service, currently utilize and benefit from,any market tested leads magnets?

In fact, if you’re anything like most, cash starved entrepreneurs, who read that last sentence, as soon as you read the term lead magnetyou probably, starting thinking about, some sort of free digital giveaway, which came, either in the form of an MP3 recording, ebook, PDF file and or popular webinar recording, correct?

And why not, because any and all of those proven forms of list building lead magnets, have definitely proven to be effective, but it’s certainly not limited to the aforementioned formats.

For example, almost all of you, have heard of, and or may have already purchased some type of personal development products or services, from international known, mega personality, ‘Tony Robbins,”correct?

But how many of you have ever thought of ‘Tony Robbins,’ as a proven lead magnet? Say what? That’s correct..

Who Says Your Very Best Lead Magnets Have To Be Expensive In Order To Be extremely Profitable?

Just to clarify the concepts covered in the previous paragraph. Let’s say your organization, wants to host a major two – three day, symposium and or conventional style event.

And you’d like to fill a venue capable of holding at least 1,500- 5,000 plus people. Well, you could speculative, and try various types of inducements, or, (provided) your organization could afford it, you could simply pay a mega proven, internationally known personality, on par with Tony Robbins, and practically guarantee you sell your event out, right?

Sure. Provided your organization has at least $100,000 -$200,000 dollars or more, laying around, in order to pay Tony, and or a similarly recognized keynote speakers, high end appearance fee.

And perhaps, even a certain percentage of the total revenue generated for the entire event. But since most organizations, and or your extremely cash strapped, small business and or service, really doesn’t have this an a viable marketing option, not yet anyway.

Where does this leave you, and or your organization, if dropping a cool six figures on your proven, keynote speaker lead magnet, isn’t an option?

Are there any proven ways, for your far less expensive leads magnets, to ultimately generate, some serious long term front and back end profits? So you can create and benefit from your long term follow up process, without having and or needing, deep corporate pockets in order to do so.

Oh (you most certainly) had better believe there are. As you’re about to discover shortly.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Know How To Get A Whole Lot More From A Whole Lot Less!

Suppose you run a fairly successful, woman-s boutique shop, which targets, local high income earning women, from all walks of life.

Meaning, some of them are high end professional, corporate types.While others, work hard from the comfort of their home. But irregardless of where they come from, and how much actual money they currently earn, they all love purchasing really nice clothing and accessories etc.

And since the boutiques ideal customer, has a total lifetime customer value of at least $12,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years.

They may not be able to afford to drop six figures on their market tested lead magnets, but they can certainly afford, more than enough to attract their ideal female prospect/customer.

And here’s one fairly inexpensive way, they’ll strategically go about doing so. Let’s say there is a lady, (and or) savvy husband & wife team, which sells the most mouth watering,calorie rich cupcakes, since Betty Crocker herself!

And they usually strategically place their truck throughout town, and sell to people on the streets, and in the park, six days a week.

As Your Lead Generation Skills Steadily Improve Watch Your Long Term Profits Soar!

You invite them to set up a mini booth in your store, and sell to your extremely loyal customers, plus allow them to keep 100% of the front end revenue they generate.

Provided, they contact all their current, local  customers, via their various social media accounts, and invite them to your store as well. And as long as these first time guests, bring a potential first time customer with them to your store, whose 18 and over.

You’ll allow both first time quests, to purchase any bottle of 32 oz. perfume you sell, at your actual cost.

While your supplies last.Which means, both women can and definitely will, spread the word about some of your best selling and most popular perfumes, because they’ll be wearing it every chance they get.Right?

Imagine what happens when they get back to work, or when they text and or call, at least 25 other women and tell (more like) brag, about their recent good fortune.

And of course, each woman who comes to your boutique, as a direct result of being invited by the cupcake sellers, you’ll give each of them, extremely time sensitive brand new first customer, discount certificates, where as long as they return within X amount of days, with yet another brand new potential first time customer, whose over 18, they automatically save X!

Effective Lead Magnets Just Have To Be Effective Not Necessarily Expensive!

Hopefully you can, and or you’re starting to fully appreciate, how and why, some of your very best, market tested lead magnets, definitely don’t have to be outrageously expensive in order to extremely profitable, right?

It’s more a matter of, discovering how to attract your ideal customers, and then go about doing so.Don’t you agree? Whether it be, through strategic opt in email/ mobile marketing, direct snail mail, blogging and or good ole fashion, positive word of mouth and or mouse publicity etc.

As long as your market tested lead magnets gets the job done, who cares if it’s expensive or not! Don’t you agree?

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