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How Understanding Effective Lead Generation Strategies Can Your Small Business The Edge!Part Three

Hey entrepreneur, wanna know a closely guarded secret? Something that almost never gets publicly acknowledged!In fact, this one little tid bit of vitally important information, is such a closely guarded  secret, even your major competitors part time bookkeeper, and or full time CPA doesn’t even know anything about it!Seriously!

There is a very good chance, the vast majority of your major competitors, have virtually no idea whatsoever, how much their lead generation strategies, and or processes, is costing them!From day to day, week to week, or month to month! It’s true!

So when you couple that rarely acknowledged fact, with several other glaringly simple small business marketing mistakes, the average, semi cash strapped small business owner, and or service provider is constantly making, (my friend) you have just been given your first, major opportunity, to make some real inroads within your particular niche.

Take a look at the following examples, to get much better idea, of how this potential opportunity actually pays out.

So How Can Understanding Effective Lead Generation Strategies Can Your Small Business And Or Service A Decided Edge?

Ladies & gentlemen, most of you, (especially) you ladies reading this particular post. You probably, personally know, and are related to someone that owned a hair and or nail salon,correct?

Or maybe at some point, you actually owned your very own hair and or nail salon. Well, whatever the case may or may not have been, there is a very good chance, that your all too typical, (single location) Mom & pop hair salon owner, really has no real clue,”how” much their lead generation strategies, and or tactics, is actually costing them.

In terms of potential gross profits, and or potential lost opportunities, to upgrade their small business lead generations strategies and or tactics.

Case in point; (once again) let’s fast forward in your ongoing marketing education, now you not only are beginning to understand, your businesses total lifetime customer value calculations, but you’re also starting to really appreciate, your businesses, (front end) lead generation costs as well!

Practically Every Small Business Owner Has Lead Generation Strategies! (Most Of Them Just Have No Real Idea How Much It’s Costing Them!)

So let’s (once again) re-examine your hair salons unique customer counts, (and the) total lifetime customer calculations,because they are and will continue to be the real keys, to you and or your major competitors, attracting some extremely viable, cash rich joint venture partners.So even though you currently have a (single location) hair and or nail salon.

Let’s say you have a grand total of seven full time hair stylist, including yours. And each of you, (on average) service about ten clients each per day, six days a week.Here’s “how” you shops numbers work out, ten clients each per day, times six days a week, equals 21,840 unique clients over a 52 week year.

(7 full time hair -or- nail stylist x 10 clients each per day x a six day week x 52 weeks per year = 21,840 unique clients per year!) And (on average) 30% of them, are given an extremely time sensitive, VIP, brand new customer discount coupon, from your extremely savvy local jeweler.

That 30% of your extremely loyal, repeat customer base, means (initially) 6,552 of your (hard fought) customer/clientele,make that all important,initially purchase from the jeweler! (21,840 x .30% = 6,552.)

And keep in mine, the jeweler didn’t have to spend the typical outrageous, traditional advertising fortune, trying to pinpoint, those all important first time customers, like they and their major competitors, normally do!

And because the both of you readily understand that, (that’s) the main reason, the extremely savvy jeweler, was only too willing, to sell all both you and seven of your full time hair stylist, some incredibly beautiful, $1,000 dollar diamond studded necklaces, at their actual cost!

And because you’re the owner, they’ll also, (gladly) throw in, some absolutely beautiful, $400 dollar a pair, diamond studded earrings for you, for free! Because they readily understand, every time, one of your customers sits in your chair, a certain percentage of them, are definitely wanna know where you got the outstanding looking bling!Correct?

Effective Lead Generation Can Be A Huge Potential Profit Center!

Now, in order to keep the entire, low cost, lead generation gravy train going, the incredibly savvy jeweler (and you) decide, it would be best, for the jeweler to invest in helping you continually build your business!

And here’s they’re going to do it! The jeweler decides to merely pay you in essence, what amounts to a monthly, marketing fee of $10,000 dollars or X.

Because after all, once the both of you actually (bother) to put a pencil to it, the jeweler is easily grosses six figures, are darn close to it, each month!

And that’s only the initial front end of their sales funnel!They haven’t even begun to calculate, the value of those initial 6,552 customers, repeat purchases, referrals and (bank account filling) testimonials!

So here’s part of what you do each week, with part of your $10,000 dollar (monthly) marketing fee, the extremely savvy jeweler is paying you. Each week, both you and your six other, full time hair stylist, are given twenty, $20 dollar gift certificates each, to offer to every client to freely giveaway to their friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, and or closet girlfriends etc!

Because, once you do the math, you’ll quickly discover, “what” percentage of your first customers, convert into reliable, extremely loyal repeat customers! And in turn, your extremely savvy jeweler JV partner, will discover “what” percentage of those customers, will become first time customers of theirs, for literally pennies on the dollar!

Small Business Owners Don’t Have To Think Small!

Here’s the next (marketing) shoe to drop; you’ll also take part of your $10,000 dollar monthly marketing fee, and purchase the most expensive, gourmet coffee to serve (both) you and your clientele!Because doing so, will definitely help boost your shops word of mouth & mouse exposure,right?

And you’ll also (start) a ritual, where at the beginning of every week, you or one of the other girls, will grab a dozen donuts,(some gourmet coffee) pastries and or bagels!

And once a week,(on your traditionally) slowest day of the week, you’ll also have an upscale catered lunch, where you serve, both you and all your clients!

Think about the word of mouth & mouse publicity, that one strategy alone, will do for for your  business, each time a brand new first time customer, is sitting in your shop, each time you provide an upscale catered lunch!

And the best part is, your businesses word of mouth & mouse publicity is literally exploding, while (just one) of your major JV partners, is gladly footing the bill! Entrepreneur, does this marketing scenario, give you any ideas? Are you starting to appreciate “how” understanding, basic lead generation strategies, can and definitely will give your small business a decided edge? Say yes! Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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