marketing leverage

The Really Simple Way Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate High Powered Marketing Leverage!

(And How You Can Too!)

When you hear the term “autopilot” it does sound really cool, does it not?

And unfortunately, far too many aspiring entrepreneurs, fall into the trap of (initially) thinking, they can (somehow) sit back, and (on or offline) profits will somehow magically, flow into their bank accounts.

Dream on. 😀 But rest assured, you can most definitely, implement some proven marketing strategies and or tactics, (both) on and offline, which will generate some serious, long term marketing leverage.

Many of them, for literally pennies on the dollar. As you’re about to discover very shortly….However, long before any of this can happen, over and over, for many years to come.

You most definitely need a -proven- strategic plan of action. And no it doesn’t have to be perfect, just practical and you steadily adjust as you go.

Are You Finally Ready To Discover Some Really Simple Ways Savvy Entrepreneurs Consistently Generate Some Bank Account Filling Marketing Leverage!

Right out of the gate, are you active, on any of the major social media accounts, where (at least) some of your ideal customers consistently hang out?

For just a second, let’s suppose you’re not. Then by and large, you will not receive, any of the potential long term benefits, of being directly active on any of the social media platforms. correct?

On the other hand, what if one of your main cross promotional and or (JV) joint venture partners, just happens to be, one of the top social media marketing experts online, like my particular, social media marketing expert Coach and mentor Janice Wald, of fame

And as a direct result of she and I, being long term, cross promotional partners,( BTW) that’s her in the featured video below. 😀

She was gracious enough, to allow me to write the foreword to her very first book, which went on to be published on Amazon. Thanks Coach!

marketing leverage

The Really Simple Way Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate High Powered Marketing Leverage!

Create Lead Generation And Long Term Marketing Strategies Which Benefit You Over The Long Haul!

Her ebook, which (she or you!) can easily, do one of four things with, to help her constantly generate, some bank account filling marketing leverage.

1.) Four potential ebook and or PDF marketing strategies: She (or you!) can create a free download lead magnet giveaway, which includes the very first chapter of her book.

And every time she does, yours truly, also gets additional free marketing exposure as well. 😀

2.) Four potential ebook and or PDF marketing strategies: She could allow some of her top (most productive) student customers, (like myself!) to also give the first chapter of her book away, as a free -surprise- bonus gift,(value at X),  and offer it on their download “thank you” page.

You Can Consistently Generate Some Massive Marketing Leverage For Literally Pennies On The Dollar!

3.) Four potential ebook and or PDF marketing strategies: Next, she (or you!) can inexpensively test, selling her ebook, as a super low front end, (OTO) “One Time Only” offer.

Because obviously, (both) she and you, plan on reaping the vast majority, of her long term profits, on the back end of her sales funnel.Via paid, one on one consulting or mentoring packages of some kind. And or via various affiliate sales.

4.) Four potential ebook and or PDF marketing strategies: And finally, she (or you!), could also allow, some of her top JV and or cross promotional partners, to offer the first chapter of her ebook, as part of a free, bundle package of digital products or services valued at X.

Are You Starting To Appreciate Why You Have To Start Generating Some Bank Account Filling Marketing Leverage!

Bonus tip: She could also, offer the 1st chapter of her ebook, plus a free 15 minute, one on one power consultation, valued at X.

In exchange, for any of her paying customers and or clients, providing her (or you!) with a bank account filling testimonials. Like the one my expert social media coach and mentor did for me! 😀 Thanks Coach!

The main point being, are you starting to appreciate, how you can benefit from, some serious bank account filling marketing leverage, (of all kinds),for literally pennies on the dollar? Great.

See you in just a little bit in part two.

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Thank you so much for the link and the mention.
    In part due to your influence, I’m trying to become more involved in affiliate marketing. I’ll let you know how it goes.
    Thanks again for thinking of me. I’m off to share.


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