How Under Used Assets Help Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Money!Part Two

Did you happen to notice in part one, how there are many solid, and reasonable definitions, for under performing and or under used assets?

And most profiting seeking entrepreneurs, has there fair share of them.

Even though initially, it may not be as readily apparent.

Rest assured, all businesses and or services of every shape and or size, (including yours) has some form of under performing and or under utilized assets.

And some of them are more easily identifiable tangible assets, why others are of the intangible variety.

And sometimes, other non directly competing vendors can help you identify and profit from them.

And other times you can learn to benefit from your very own under performing and or under used assets. The remainder of this post, will amply demonstrate the untapped marketing possibilities.

How Do Savvy Entrepreneurs consistently Benefit From So Called Under Used Assets? (And How Can You Learn To Do It Too?)

As you recall from part one, an extremely marketing savvy husband & wife team, which currently manages upscale luxury townhouse and condo properties.

And they currently manage 400 upscale units. Which has more than it’s fair share of local females, who earn really nice incomes. And have no problem spending their earnings!

And or they work from home. Either way, they are professionals,(and or high income earners of some type), and they have professional and inner circles of personal friends, colleagues and or relatives, who also due very well.

And that’s why this extremely marketing savvy husband & wife team, initially approached a local upscale jeweler, who targets these exact same women, with their outrageously expensive advertising campaigns.

And because the jewelers ideal customer, has a total lifetime customer value metric of $15,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years.

The husband & wife team were able to convince the jewelers to provide them with his & her Rolex watches, worth $5,000 each. (Even though, truth told, the jewelers actual hard cost, is only about $2,500 dollars each.)

And the jewelers also agreed to finance annual 14 day luxury cruises, for the husband and wife team as well. Because once again, the jeweler could easily negotiate some type of discount from the travel agency, in exchange for the travel agencies getting massive free exposure from the jeweler and the husband & wife teams current tenants.

Your Highly Developed Entrepreneurial Skills Can Kick The Door Of Marketing Opportunities And Or Possibilities Wide Open!

Now let’s do a marketing reverse, shall we? Huh? Let’s say the extremely marketing savvy jeweler, initially approaches the husband & wife team, whose business currently manages, 400 luxury townhouses and or condos in a constantly growing sub division.

Since the jeweler wants to target the high incoming earning tenants, especially the women. They approach the husband & wife team, and offer to provide them with his & her Rolex watches, which easily retail for $5,000 dollars each.(Or X.)

And when the husband & wife team agrees to; (either) send a series of extremely time sensitive emails,(a couple of times per year), and or periodically send direct snail mail post cards, and or periodically leave, one of the jewelers best, market tested,extremely time sensitive one page flyers in every tenants mail box etc.

The jeweler will gladly provide the husband & wife team with annual 14 day luxury cruise ship vacations, which normally retail for $15,000 dollars, but the jeweler will pay quite a bit less, because they’ll gladly provide the travel agency with massive free marketing exposure, via their highly targeted opt in email/mobile marketing list.

Developing Effective Lead Generation Skills Has Got To Become A Main Component Of Your Business!

The other four main reasons why, the extremely marketing savvy jeweler, is more than willing to creatively invest their marketing dollars in the following fashion, is because doing so inexpensively puts them in direct and or indirect contact with their ideal target market.

1.) Potential marketing reason #one: Think about the inexpensive referral marketing opportunities and possibilities, the jewelers will instantly create, when a local husband & wife team, whose property management company, currently manages 400 upscale units.

Attends a local fund raiser and or exclusive upscale dinner party with other local highly influential guests, and they’re both showcasing their $5,000 dollar Rolex watches, which they got from the jeweler for either the jewelers actual hard cost, and or for free! Can you say interesting table talk?

Don’t Ever Under Estimate The Potential Long Term Marketing Leverage Your Small Business Is Truly Capable Of!

You can only imagine what type of constant, positive word of mouth and mouse exposure, the dynamic husband & wife team will generate among their peers for the jeweler, once their peers discover how they got those fancy Rolex watches, and a solid commitment to provide, annual 14 day luxury vacation cruise ship packages to the couple as well!

 2.) Potential marketing reason # two: The extremely marketing savvy jeweler also wants direct and or indirect access to the tenants professional inner circle of high income earning peers!

3.) Potential marketing reason # three: The jeweler also wants direct and or indirect access to the tenants personal inner circle of in laws, sisters, brothers, and or Moms, Fathers, children and or social media contacts!

Ever Notice How Some Really Good Lead Generation Strategies Tend To Lead To Even More!

4.) Potential marketing reason # four: They also want direct and or indirect access to the other local vendors, who routinely do business with the husband & wife management company.

Especially if the vendor has over ten employees or more. You’d have to agree, these four potential sources alone, are more than enough to justify the perks the jewelers supplying to the husband & wife team, correct?

Because the jeweler, (and or) extremely marketing savvy retailer X, is strategically building a long term sales funnel, which will pay them handsomely for years & years to come, don’t you agree?

This is just a small sample, of how strategically using reverse marketing, can and definitely will help any extremely savvy entrepreneurs (just like you), benefit from your under used and or under performing assets. Don’t you agree?

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