advantages of strategic alliances

Advantages Of Strategic Alliances: And How To Make Them Work For You!Part Two

As you (hopefully) discovered in part one of this ongoing series, there are most certainly, some potential profits to be made, simply by understanding the advantages of strategic alliances.

Would you not agree? Absolutely. As as you also discovered in part one, your business and or service, doesn’t have be as large as Federal Express and or Kinkos, in order to benefit, from these potentially profitable arrangements.

However, what probably isn’t as obvious just yet, is just how versatile and potentially profitable, on many levels, these bank account filling arrangements can be.

As you’re about to discover…

So Who Else Still Hasn’t Yet Realized The Long Term Potential Money Making Advantages Of Strategic Alliances?

Quickly picking up where part one left off. An extremely marketing savvy retail appliance dealer, formed a marketing triangulation, strategic alliance, with a local jeweler, bakery and local restaurant owner.

And for this part of the marketing template,let’s focus primarily on the bakery and their strategic alliance arrangement with the retail appliance dealer .

And let’s further state, at this particular time, the bakery has no state of the art WordPress website, nor do they currently have, a paid email service provider, and they also don’t have their own mobile subscriber list either.

It Never Hurts To Develop Some Proven Lead Generation Strategies!

However, what they do, in order to send their constantly growing customer base to the appliance dealers, annual, summer, “Everything In Stock Must Go!” liquidation sales event.

They simply create about 2,500 two sided index cards. Side (A.) invites the recipients, to enter the appliance dealers monthly free drawing, for a chance to win a $2,500 dollar -credit- shopping spree! 😀

And side (B.), is one of the appliance dealers, best market tested, extremely time sensitive, brand new, first time customer only discount coupons.

And it invites the recipient, to come to the appliance retailers store, in order to receive at least two potential benefits:

1.) Potential benefit # one: Right out of the gate, the recipient can save 15% off any purchase under $99 dollars or X.

And save 25% on any purchase over $200 dollars or X.

 2.) Potential benefit # two: Bring a potential first time customer wit them, whose 18 and over, and save 25% on any purchase. No minimum requirements. 😀 

You’d Be Amazed How Some Of The Simplest Small Business Marketing Ideas Can Ultimately Lead To Some Major Profits!

Your bakery, will gladly provide, at least $500 dollars worth of free, gourmet muffins, bagels, cookies and or donuts, for the appliance center to pass out among their guests.

With the understanding, with each purchase, the appliance dealers professionally trained staff, will include, one of your stores, best market tested, extremely time sensitive, first time customer only discount coupons, in their customers bag.

Plus, the appliance dealer agrees, to aggressively showcase, both video footage and images of your mouth watering goodies, in their videos and images of the event, they eagerly post to their most active, social media accounts. 😀

And don’t forget, you also agree, to supply the appliance dealer, once every other week, with at least $50 dollars, (or X dollars) worth of free goodies for their weekly meetings.

Strategic Cross Promotions Increases Your Marketing Leverage And Lowers Your Upfront Out Of Pocket Costs!

And both the managers and employees/associates, get annual renewable, laminated, discount cards, where they automatically save 25% off their purchases, with no minimum purchase requirements.

And on -either- their birthday, wedding anniversary and or both, they bring in their laminated cards, which has these dates printed on side (B.) of their laminated cards.

(And not to worry ladies, it only includes the month and day, not the year you were actually born. 😀 )

They save a whopping 50% off any dozen of anything they purchase in your store.And they also, automatically get one free, large beverage of their choice, plus they can purchase any one item of their choice, at your actual hard cost.

You know these birthday and or wedding anniversary perks (benefits) alone, are more than enough, to having them posting-bragging- on their favorite social media accounts, right? 😀

And sharing their good fortune with their closet friends, family members, in laws, neighbors and or co-workers etc.Don’t you agree?

Your Lead Generation Strategies Alone Can Become An Entirely Separate Profit Center!

Hopefully, you’re truly starting to appreciate, these particular marketing strategies, are merely the initial tip, of of the proverbial marketing iceberg of untapped possibilities.Right?

For ex; whenever the appliance dealer, has to deliver an order to a customer, the customer will be offered, one of the bakeries, best market tested,extremely time sensitive new customer only discount coupons.

And or average, about 40% of these per year, will result in repeat long term customers, who routinely, send relatives pies, cakes, birthday,wedding anniversary and graduation cakes.

They’ll also routinely purchase coffee, tea, lemonade, cakes,pies,donuts, pastries and the like, for office and home parties, plus during the hectic holidays.

Your Lead Generation Strategies Can Go As Deep And Or As Shallow As You’d Like!

And the vast majority of this long term, repeat business, will come about, because your bakery, initially supplied, both the local jeweler and appliance dealer, and a few carefully selected, hair and nail salons, with free and or actual actual cost samples, of some of your most popular, mouth watering, gourmet goodies.

Entrepreneur, please say at this point, you are starting see and truly appreciate,some of the advantages of strategic alliances! Great! So glad to hear it.See you in just a little bit in part three okay?

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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