How Savvy Entrepreneurs Use Marketing Strategies Not Advertising To Build Trust!

 (And How And Why You Definitely Should Too!)

Ever notice just how much money and effort, far too many profit seeking entrepreneurs, invest, (more like) waste, on dismally performing, traditional advertising campaigns?

And just for ultimate clarification here. By traditional advertising campaigns and or promotions.

This is referring to, the outrageously expensive, non goal orientated ad campaigns you so often see, the deep pocketed, fortune 100- 500 type outfits, constantly running all over the place.

Case in point, you’ll see local billboards, (which aren’t exactly cheap BTW), throughout your city/town, with some extremely large, corporate type logo splashed on it.

And that’s pretty much it. Huh? Exactly. With absolutely no market tested “Call To Action” (CTA) to be found anywhere.Big freaking mistake!

Entrepreneur, (please!!) do not go there. And if this is the type of completely wasteful advertising and or promotional strategies you’re currently attempting. Stop doing so immediately!(Before your business goes completely bankrupt!)

Because, (guess what?) There are far more proven and effective ways, for you to invest your extremely hard earned marketing dollars…

So Who Else Definitely Wants To Discover How Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Use  Proven Marketing Strategies Not Outrageously Expensive Advertising Campaigns To Build Rock Solid Trust!

First of all, let’s be crystal clear here! Before the counter email blast campaigns even start. 😀

Of course, you and I, should definitely be implementing, some proven, paid advertising and or promotional campaigns and or strategies, as often as possible.

Provided, before doing so, you’ve got a pretty good idea, what your ideal customer, patient and or clients, total lifetime customer value metrics are.

Otherwise, you may as well head to the crap or black jack tables at your nearest casino.Because who knows, maybe the odds are actually more in your favor.

How To Put Some Of Your Very Best Small Business Marketing Strategies And Or Tactics On Steroids!

Case in point, so (for whatever reasons!), you and or the committee, has decided, you need to waste a bunch of money (you really don’t have!), on some outrageously expensive, traditional advertising campaigns.

In one of the all too common -local- mediums. Meaning, maybe it’s a combination of, local TV, radio, newspaper(s) and or billboard ads etc.

And just like the extremely cash rich, fortune 100-500 types, you try your extremely resourced challenged hands, at using dismally performing image advertising campaigns.

Don’t Try And Advertise Or Promote Your Small Business And Or Service Like You’re A Fortune 500 Player!

Because you and I are told, it builds your image and therefore your “brand.” (Over time of course! 😀 )But what the expert peddlers (aka), high paid sales reps and top end advertising agencies, who peddle this rather expensive advice, often fail to mention is.

Unless your corporate pockets are as deep as the expense accounts of a major sporting league.You’ll probably run out of money, patience and enthusiasm, long before this approach ever becomes profitable.

The sidelines are littered with other semi cash strapped wannabees who have attempted to go down this painfully expensive road before you.Now it’s on to the go stuff.

The Right Lead Generation Strategies Can And Definitely Will Make All The Difference!

Suppose you own a very popular, local (yet) fairly small, non franchised, retail jewelry store.And currently, you only own a single location.

And your primary target, is local, high income earning women. And currently your ideal female, total lifetime customer value metrics are, about $7,500 dollars over the next five to seven year period.Give or take.

Now for the really painful part, (you simply!) have to come to grips with asap!Ladies & gentlemen, (hopefully!) you realize and or are starting to appreciate, the time it has taken you to read and digest this, and or any other of your favorite blogs. 😀

Sadly, within your local city,town and or province, a certain amount of local businesses and or services, have invested their hard earned money, on outrageously expensive, dismally performing, image advertising of some kind, correct?

Nod your cadets, because it’s true.

Learn To Use Proven Lead Magnet And You’re Most Definitely On Your Way!

Meanwhile, (entrepreneur) here’s a critically important question to ask yourself. Do you really think, by constantly running, a series of 30-60 second, radio and or TV ads, in your local market, during prime time hours.

This is actually building trust (of any kind!) with your target audience?  😀 Reality check please. It’s clearly not.Because for one thing, the vast majority of your intended, local audience, is not even paying attention to your advertising messages.

What do you mean, (how?) do I know this. You’re currently reading, (and hopefully) implementing what you’re reading on this particular blog, aren’t you not?  😀

So you’re not listening to  you favorite radio station(s), right? Now try and follow this.

Your Carefully Tailored Small Business Marketing Strategies And Or Tactics Will Serve You Far Better Than This Outrageously Expensive Traditional Corporate Route!

Case in point, since you’re currently implementing, your monthly free drawing, list building strategy, right? (Why the heck not? 😀 )

And since doing so, over the last five years, you now have in excess of 15,000 opt in email/

mobile marketing subscribers.Now whenever you send your subscribers, a private, by invitation only, extremely time sensitive, unscheduled, broadcast email alert message or two.

And you include, one of your very best, (extremely time sensitive),market tested bounce back offers.

Your Lead Magnets Can Create Multiple Profit Centers In Your Business!

Meaning, you inform your subscribers, those who bring a guest with them, whose at least 18, and not a current customer.They automatically go it another free drawing!And the winners will be announced the very next day, via email.

And the 1st grand prize winner, wins a beautiful, diamond studded necklace, easily valued at $500 dollars or more!

But the 2nd grand prize winner, gets it for just $300 dollars!Say what? Just for dragging a friend, relative, co-worker, neighbor, in law and or employee with them.Yep!

And the 3rd grand prize winner, can purchase any one piece of jewelry of their choice, up to $1,000 dollars, and save a whopping 40% of the normal retail rate.

And the 1st grand prize winner, also wins $100 dollars in local grocery store coupons!Do you think they’ll enthusiastically mention any of this on their social media accounts?  😀

Watch How Consistently Implementing The Right Lead Generation Strategies Cause Your Business To Explode!

Here’s the main point, not to be missed! While those guests, who may be complete strangers to your business. And while they don’t trust your fancy and outrageously expensive advertising campaigns!

They most certainly trust, the man or woman, who drug them to your showroom, do they not? Bingo! So your subscribe/customer, was able to do , probably with one phone call and or text message, what your firestorm of 30-60 second ad spots, never could.

They produced, a potential first time customer, who has the financial capabilities, of becoming a long term repeat customer. For literally pennies on the dollar.

So the $64,000 dollar question is entrepreneur. Would you rather keep wasting a fortune, using outrageously expensive, traditional advertising and or promotional methods.

Or would you prefer, to discover, how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, (just like yourself) use effective marketing strategies and or tactics, to build rock solid trust, not outrageously expensive advertising campaigns.

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