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Small Business Marketing Strategies: How To Profit From Bounce Back Offers!

Most of the small business marketing strategies you currently employ, probably cost you a few dollars to apply, do they not?

And besides, even if they don’t cost you a lot of money to implement, they probably are relatively time consuming, and not so easy to track the results,correct?

And what you’re currently implementing, isn’t necessarily cost effective, and or extremely easy to implement and track.Correct?

How would you like to implement a proven money making strategy which is? And it’s extremely versatile as well. Great, then you definitely should be, consistently implementing, the powerful money making strategy, you’re about to be exposed to.

So Who Else Wants To Know Your Small  Business Marketing Strategies Definitely Should Include Some Form Of Market Tested Bounce Back Offers!

Try this train of thought. You’re definitely in for a proven way, to systematically increase, your first time customer ratio, while simultaneously, inexpensively increasing your repeat customer ratio as well.

Here’s the kicker, without spending a proverbial fortune in the process. On the immediate surface, it sounds like and probably seems like an extremely tall order, does it not?

Luckily, there is an extremely versatile, market tested promotional strategy, you can literally plug in today, and start earning money from it’s affects, almost immediately.

And it’s extremely low cost too. Sound good? Great. Then you definitely should be implementing, some type of proven ‘bounce back offer(s), don’t you agree?

Case in point, let’s say you run a high end, retail jeweler store. And your ideal female customer, has a total lifetime customer value metric of $10,000 dollars over the next five to seven years.

And your ideal male customer, has a total lifetime customer value metric of $5,500 dollars, over the next three to five year period.

Proven Bounce Back Offers Definitely Should Become A Part Of Your Creative Entrepreneurial Ideas!

You could literally, give each female customer, who initially spends over $400 dollars (or X), an extremely time sensitive bounce back offer, which entitles them to a $50 dollar universal gas card and a $25 dollar grocery store coupon, to a popular local grocery store chain.

Simply for them bringing a potential first time customer back with them, whose at least 18 years of age.

And if this potential first time customer, also joins at least one of your opt in email/mobile marketing list, before they leave your store/shop.

Your referring customer, automatically gets a coupon, for a free, and or extremely low cost massage, which would normally be $39 dollars (or X. 😀 )

Instead, because your jewelry store, has -either- a standard joint venture (JV) arrangement and or cross promotional arrangement with the spa,(and or) non directly competing vendor, they only pay a low introductory, first time customer,patient and or client price, of just $19.95 or X.

Proven Bounce Back Offers Make Great Lead Generators!

When you put a pencil to it, you’ll quickly discover, your cost to consistently generate, high quality, semi qualified leads, using market tested bounce back offers are extremely low in comparison, to using outrageously expensive, traditional advertising mediums.

Your local radio, TV or local newspaper or billboard ads, won’t consistently generate, anywhere near, as many semi qualified, quality leads, for as low a cost to you.

Think about why. For one thing, your current customer, patient and or client already has established credibility, with your potential first time customer,have they not? Bingo!

Which means, you don’t have to continuously run your outrageously expensive ads, in order to initially get or pique their interest.

Then convince them, to either go to your WordPress website or blog, and or physically visit your store and or showroom etc.

Bounce Back Offers Make Excellent Ethical Bribes!

Remember, as long as your ideal customers, patients and or clients, have semi large, total lifetime customer value metric numbers.

You can simply offer better, far more appealing, and competitive ethical bribes on the front end of your sales funnel, in order to compel your best customers to drag someone they know, back to your store, before your extremely time sensitive bounce back offer expires worthless.

And one of the primary reasons, traditional advertising/promotional mediums and or methods, are so outrageously expensive, is because you have to do them over and over, just to initially get your intended prospects attention. 😀

And then a ton more times, in order to get them to act and hopefully make their very first purchase.Which probably, won’t even come close to paying your advertising/promotional cost.

Effective Bounce Back Offers Literally Go Hand In Hand With Some Of Your Most Profitable Entrepreneurial Ideas!

On the other hand, let’s say a female customer just purchased a $2,500 dollar diamond studded necklace, which was temporarily on sale, from the normal price of $3,799!

And just for bringing a potential customer back with them, in the next ten days or less, they automatically receive, a beautiful pair of diamond studded earrings, which normally retail for $300 dollars a pair.

Your customer gets them gets them for just $99 dollars,(or X) plus applicable taxes & fees.You know their social media accounts will be on fire, will they not? 😀  For sure.

And you best believe, they’ll find someone to drag back to your store with them, before your extremely time sensitive bounce back offer expires!

This is why, some type of market tested bounce back offers, definitely should become a part, of your long term, small business marketing strategies. Don’t you agree?

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  1. Wow, that’s a fascinating concept Mark! I can see how it makes perfect sense in the bricks and mortar world, I’m trying to figure out how to translate that into a digital environment. I think the nature of our sales funnel is the key. Thanks for giving us something to challenge our imaginations!


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