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Why It Simply Isn’t That Hard To Generate Some Bank Account Filling Marketing Leverage!Part Two

So did you happen to notice, in part one of this ongoing series, how once all the smoke clears, you (and or) your major competitors, can consistently generate, some bank account filling marketing leverage?

And continuously do so, for literally pennies on the dollar. And the really cool part is, as you continuously do so, you’re virtually flying, right under your major competitors radar.

Because by and large, they constantly spend an outrageous fortune, on dismally performing, traditional advertising, marketing and or promotional strategies and or tactics.

And you don’t have to be the super creative type per se. You just need to be open, to inexpensively tested, different non traditional marketing approaches, until you discover which one(s), consistently generate the most bang for your buck.

Wanna Discover The Real Way Savvy Entrepreneurs Consistently Generate Some Bank Account Filling Marketing Leverage!

Quickly picking up where part one left off. Let’s say, on average, at least two of the top CPA and law firms, each average about 8 potential job applicants per week.

And over a 52 week year, this means 416 total aspiring job applicants, per firm, apply for various jobs.So 832 potential applicants, apply for jobs.

And no matter what, 832 of them, receive one of your jeweler stores, best, market tested, extremely time sensitive, first time customer only discount coupons.

And let’s say (on average) at least 40% of them, (or) 332 of them, join your opt in email/mobile marketing list, so they can enter your monthly free drawing. (823 x .40% = 332 brand new subscribers. 😀 )

For Sure Your Market Tested Email Marketing Strategies Are Definitely A Main Stay!

Since your opt in email/mobile marketing list, is constantly growing, and you don’t have to continually waste a fortune, on outrageously expensive,dismally performing, traditional advertising/marketing and or promotional ad campaigns.

You’re now free, to get just little more creative. For example, as you recall from part one, your ideal customer, has a total lifetime customer value metric, of somewhere between $,7,500 & $10,000 dollars, over the next five to seven year period. Give or take.

So here’s one of the proven ways, you’l accomplish two things.

 1.) First: Whenever you send your subscribers, an extremely time sensitive, “bring a friend whose not already a customer”, discount coupons.

Every customer who does so, automatically saves an additional 25% off any purchase they make. No minimum purchase required.

Plus, they automatically going into a free drawing for the event, where the eventual winners, are announced at the end of the event, via an unscheduled broadcast email/mobile alert message.

Your Extremely Well Crafted Lead Generation Strategies Can Significantly Multiply Your Long Term Profit Generating Potential!

2.) Second: Next, every one of your customers who brought a guest, automatically wins a $50 dollar, universal gas card.

Because you know, they’ll be bragging (non stop), to their closet friends, family members, co- workers and or neighbors etc.Right?

Plus, they’ll also receive an extremely time sensitive discount coupon, where they save at least 25% on the very next two purchases.

And they have 120 days to do so. And one extremely lucky winner, who brought a first time guest, whose at least 18 and not a current customer and or opt in email/mobile marketing  subscriber.

Simply for doing so, one extremely lucky customer of yours, will also win, a beautiful pair of diamond studded earrings, which normally retail for at least $250 dollars. 😀

You Can Definitely Systematically Lead Generate For Literally Pennies On The Dollar! (While Your Major Competitors Continually Waste A Fortune On Outrageously Expensive Advertising Campaigns!)

And get this, since your ideal customers, total lifetime customer metric, is relatively high. You can also make a really big splash, simply informing your first time guest/potential first time customers.

Every one of them, who joins your list today, for their chance, to win a $2,500 dollar diamond studded necklace.

At the end of the event, one extremely lucky guest, will win, a free pair, of $150 dollar a pair, diamond studded earrings.Social media avalanche anyone? 😀

(Extremely important note: These particular numbers, are totally irrelevant. Make sure you’re grasping the overall marketing concepts, strategies and or principles.)

How To Really Put Your Word Of Mouth And Mouse Marketing Leverage Efforts On Steroids!

While the rest of them, receive your standard, 25-40% off, extremely time sensitive, discount coupons, simply for returning with a friend, before their coupon expires.

They bring a friend, they save 40% off (or X% off) their very next purchase or two. 😀  Are you finally starting to appreciate, how you can generate, some bank account filling marketing leverage, (over and over again!),for literally pennies on the dollar.

Simply by snowballing your non traditional promotional efforts. And the obvious momentum, of some extremely positive word of mouth and mouse publicity,will pretty much do the rest. 😀

Don’t you agree?

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