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Why It Simply Isn’t That Hard To Generate Some Bank Account Filling Marketing Leverage!

 (Without Having To Constantly Break The Bank In Order To Do So!)

So right about now, you’re probably wondering, how in the world, your semi cash strapped and or resourced challenged small business, service and or entrepreneurial endeavor, can consistently, generate some bank account filling marketing leverage.Right?

Especially for pennies on the dollar, correct? It’s certainly a fair question.And one you definitely shouldn’t take lightly.

Entrepreneur, here’s the thing. You can try and constantly re-invent the wheels of marketing opportunities and or possibilities.

And or, you can get with the program, and start looking for and strategically tapping into, untapped marketing possibilities, which aren’t being fully maximized.

Wanna Know How To Create Some Real Money Making Marketing Leverage For Literally Pennies On The Dollar?

Case in point.Some untapped marketing opportunities and or marketing possibilities, offer very little, in terms of long term, money making possibilities.

While others, clearly have the potential, to help you and other, non directly competing vendors, steadily in large your bank accounts.

And do so, without having to constantly break the bank, in order to do so.

For ex; every year, no matter what overall shape, the national economy is in. Literally thousands upon thousands, of aspiring law school graduates, are seeking some type of full or part time employment, with the big time law firms and or Wall Street big wigs, are they not?

So they’re busy waiving the resumes, and networking, pounding the pavement and shoulder rubbing, with the most influential men & women they come across, right? 😀

All in the name of landing their (so called) dream job/opportunity.Oh how nice.

Really Good Lead Generation Strategies Are One Of The Vital Keys To Consistently Generating Some Money Making Marketing Leverage!

For just a moment, let’s say you run an up and coming, single location, retail jewelry store. And even though your ideal customer, has a total lifetime customer value metric, of somewhere between, $7,500 -$10,000 dollars, over the next five to seven year period.

You’d rather not, try and go head to head, with some of the really big major competitors, within local area.

Because you realize, they routinely invest, anywhere from $30,000 to as much as $60,000 dollars per, during the height, of the end of the year holiday season.

Which means,during the height of the frantic holiday season, their outrageously expensive, mass marketing campaigns, are seen all over, local prime time, TV and radio ads.

On dismally performing billboards, through direct snail mail, opt in email, mobile marketing and or expensive -local- newspaper ads etc.

And yes, at the end of the day,( no matter) how well and or how poor, these particular marketing, advertising and or promotional campaigns work,(guess what?)

They still cost an awful lot of money.

Why Not Strategically Build Some Bank Account Filling Marketing Leverage For Virtually Peanuts!

So why not laser target, at least five or six, of the top CPA, Account and law firms in your immediate area.

And initially start off, by offering the major partners in the firm, the chance to purchase any two pieces of eye catching jewelry, of their choice, up to $5,000 dollars, at your actual hard cost. Plus any and all, applicable taxes & fees etc.

And in exchange for doing so, they promise, to b sure, every month, as local men and women, as well as the top newly licensed law students, apply for jobs.

These law and CPA firm big wigs, will instruct all of their secretaries and or administrative assistants, to pass out, some of your very best, market tested, two sided, new customer only, extremely time sensitive discount cards.

Where they can (A.) enter your monthly free drawing, for their chance to win, an extremely beautiful, $2,500 dollar diamond studded necklace.

And (B.), receive 30-40% off, their very first purchase.

How To Use Some Really Simple Ways To Promote Your Business To Brand New Heights!

Entrepreneur, for just a second, think about what 99% of of the other major, local, power house law & CPA firms do, to and with, the continuous flood of aspiring applications, which routinely cross their desks, looking for employment opportunities of some kind.

That’s correct. Basically not much.For the most part, all those not worthy of employment in the firms eyes, gets round filed.

So over the course of  year, you’re literally talking bout hundreds, upon hundreds, of local men & women, who are some way or another, connected to other men & women, who have money. Bingo! 😀

Because every body knows, those fancy laws school, are not exactly cheap, now are they?  😀 Which means, perhaps Mom & dad.(Or whoever financed this fancy education.)

Or maybe the in laws, would absolutely love, to make their very first purchase, and receive anywhere from 30-40% off, their very first, (but) more than likely, not last purchase.

You’re Only One Or Two Steps Away From Consistently Generating Some Bank Account Filling Marketing Leverage!

And of course, both Mom & dad, have some really close friends, relatives, co-workers, colleagues, employees, neighbors and or bosses,who also earn a pretty decent buck as well, do they not?

So when Mom & dad, or whomever initially redeems those extremely time sensitive, discount coupons, and head back to their immediate, circle of personal and professional influence.

Plus they’re done posting all over social media.

Guess what? The other high income earning individuals, will definitely want to know, where and how, they can enter the jewelers monthly free drawing. Plus, how for an extremely limited time, they can save anywhere from 30-40% too, correct? You better freaking believe it.

So is it starting to become crystal clear, how you and or your major competitors, can consistently generate, some bank account filling marketing leverage, for literally pennies on the dollar? Say yes. Great.

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