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How To Make Sure Your Lead Generation Strategies Increase Your Profits!

So have you noticed how some, resourced challenged entrepreneurs, actually go out of their way, to try and make their lead generation strategies and or efforts, over complicated?

While others, seem to just be able to cut to the chase, and ultimately take the shortest distance between points A & B.

It’s really aproper mindset thing. For ex; just because a potential marketing situation may not exactly be ideal. This is no reason, not to try and make the most of it, correct?  😀

Case in point, maybe you don’t currently have an opt in email/mobile marketing list of 15,000 total subscribers, (just yet! 😀 )

But you do have a steady growing list of (either) Facebook fanpage and or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) subscribers.

Again, while not ideal, you’re still able to be extremely pro-active, are you not? Let’s have a closer look or two.

So Who Else Wants To Discover How To Make Sure Some Of Your Very Best Lead Generation Strategies Ultimately Increase Your Profits!

For sure there are a ton of traditional ways, to make your lead generation strategies and or tactics profitable, correct?

But (entrepreneur) it’s equally important, to maximize the untapped marketing opportunities, eve though your lead generation efforts, are not exactly conventional.

Case in point, let’s say (for whatever reasons), your RSS feed subscriber base, is constantly growing, like mine is.

Granted, even though this definitely is not an ideal subscriber base, by any stretch of your imagination. 😀

Yet, as long as your WordPress content, be a blog post, video and or podcast, has problem solving value, your extremely loyal rss subscribers, are less likely to be annoyed and or put off by it including your own products or services links, and or references, to any type of paid affiliate products or services, you may be currently promoting.

Of course you have absolutely no control whatsoever, on whether your subscribers click on, and eventually purchase any of your products and or services etc.

The main point being, you still need to be as extremely pro-active, with regards to leveraging this particular resource.

Your Small Business And Or Service Doesn’t Have To Be Great At Lead Generation Just Effective!

Case in point, let’ say you’re an up and coming, local CPA and or up and coming, local CPA firm. You could initially, inexpensively test, self publishing a workbook and or series of digital (and or) hard cover books, on five to ten, of your ideal clients, most common concerns and or issues.

And to begin with, let -both- local charities and or other local organizations, which constantly need help with their fund raising efforts.

Let them sell your books and keep 100% of the front end profits.All you firm wants, is the physical mailing address of the recipients.

This way, your firm can offer them, extremely time sensitive, bran new potential customer only, 90 minute consultation coupons, which are typically valued at $525 dollars (or X.)

Because statistically speaking, you know on average, about 30% of the individuals you perform a portfolio analysis on, will retain your firm, and become repeat clients.

Your Resourced Challenged Small Business And Or Service Can Definitely Earn Big Profits Simply From The Back End Of Your Sales Funnel!

Here’s the other potential long term money maker. As you start volunteering to speak to local groups and or organizations.

You offer to become, (at least) one of their resident, in house, go to experts.

And offer their current and future members, life time discounts of X % off your normal retail consultation and or ongoing continuity fees.

Maybe you can find a local, up and coming software firm, and let them include your 90 minute power consultation sessions, as additional free bonuses, for them agreeing to set up an initial, 30-60 day free trial, with potential first time, commercial business customers, in your local area.

Whose Says You Have To Be A Whiz At Email Marketing I Order To Build A Huge Following!

The main point being, there is an incredibly lucrative, potential back end, to your sales funnel, if you’re open to it. Don’t you agree?

Of course, with some inexpensive, strategic testing, this is just the tip of the proverbial marketing iceberg. Don’t you agree?  😀

In any event, this is just an extremely small sample, of how your carefully structured lead generation strategies, and or efforts, can and will, help you increase your profits. Any questions?

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  1. Oh, my you just sparked a HUGE AHHA for me with your point about letting a charity or local organization sell our book – I love this and have just the circumstances to make this work in a big way. I am just completing a 5th-anniversary edition of my first book and planning a relaunch. Timing is key because it lays the groundwork for a course coming out in a couple of months. As part of the anniversary celebration, I could offer the book to my charity of choice with them getting all the proceeds and the email list from that would be perfect to help with the launch of my course, Face Your Fears. Yippee! I love you, gotta get to work …
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..Until You Let Go Of The Past You’ll Never Be FreeMy Profile


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