How One Of The Biggest Email Marketing Myths Is Destroying Your Chances For Online Success!Part Three

How One Of The Biggest Email Marketing Myths Is Destroying Your Chances For Online Success!Part Three

So now that you basically know and understand that while strategic email marketing is definitely a must.

You also recognize “how” counter productive and potentially destructive, that totally outrageous myth is that you’ve got to have all of these pre – written email follow up messages ready to go from day one, in order to have major success with email marketing, correct?

Any prudent service provider, like a hair/nail salon owner, can and will do just fine, even if all they do is send weekly broadcast emails to their list, announcing that week’s (extremely time sensitive) special(s) on whatever.

Or if you’re a fitness training expert. You could just as easily send your opt in/mobile subscribers, weekly broadcast email video tips, showing/demonstrating to them “how to” maximize their overall results, by consistently applying some of what they learned in your four part (advanced)DVD training series.

Simply by including some proven tips on nutrition, mediation and the like.

Again, you don’t necessary have to have a gazillion pre written messages, cued up and ready to go from day one, before you get started using effective email marketing strategies and tactics. (It certainly doesn’t hurt your case, if you are BTW!)

As was mentioned previously in part two, your opt in subscribers are far more concerned with the overall quality of your individual email messages, and not just the total quantity of them!

In part three of this ongoing series, you’re (hopefully) going to see first hand, what happens when you combine just a little “think outside the box” marketing creativity, along with some tried and true email marketing strategies. The overall results, may just shock and amaze you. Let’s have a look, shall we?

 How To Avoid Falling Prey To One Of The Biggest Email Marketing Myths! So It Doesn’t Derail Your Chances For Long Term Online Success!

Remember in part two, where it was suggested “how” a local upscale women’s clothing boutique could feature local aspiring models, to showcase in the boutique’s weekly broadcast email messages.

Basically showcasing the store’s latest clothing, shoes and other basic accessories, like custom designed jewelry etc.

Let’s take that particular strategy even further. Or at least attempt to, by creating some entrepreneurial opportunities for the most ambitious aspiring local models in the bunch. Here’s how. The boutique will (both) hang a sign in the window, (and of course) take to social media and start strategically running various quarter and half page display ads, in popular local publications to begin with.

Like the various local penny saver type publications, and find a few key (on campus) female student contacts on some of the local college campuses.

And here’s what they’ll be advertising in essence. 500 aspiring top (local) female models needed immediately! To showcase local women’s boutiques designer clothing, shoes, jewelry and other custom designed accessories.

You will be compensated with (either) totally free jewelry and or you can buy up to $1,000 dollars worth of the stores apparel, at the stores actual cost! Serious inquire- es only!

To be considered just go to Must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid drivers license, and have no prior criminal background.

Here’s basically what the boutique store owner(s) will do. If  they seriously feel like this particular female is truly a good fit.

They’ll start her off with $300 dollars worth of their jewelry and or shoes, that the model can buy at the jewelers actual cost! Then they’ll direct the model to go purchase a minimum of 500 specialty made business cards.

And each model will then be assigned a special ID code number, which in reality will be their very own affiliate ID number. And they’re told to basically carry on as usual with their daily lives.

Strategic Email Marketing In This Particular Case Is Simply One Of The Marketing Spokes But Not The Entire Marketing Wheel!

But anytime, someone asks them “where” they got those really cool blank’s from?

They’ll hand the person their card that directs them to the boutiques state of the art WordPress website, which in reality, is nothing more than their sales page. And every week, the boutique will tally the total sales volume by their affiliates, and the top ten will receive points and they earn various discount percentages on any an all future purchases!

And they’ll also receive weekly points on any female local models that they recruit! See “what’s” really happening here!

That boutique shop (and or) savvy local jeweler is actually recruiting a local army of enthusiastic, commissioned only sales reps!

Who are only too glad to be filmed modeling designer clothes, shoes, jewelry and other really cool accessories, like bracelets, necklaces and pendants etc! And the boutique can start building an extremely massive opt in/ VIP customer list, simply by continuously doing two incredibly simple things.

1.) Once every week hold a free drawing for their (ever growing) daily foot traffic! (Power list building 101!)

2.) Making sure they offer the visitors to their site a 35% (or X%) off their very first purchase, brand (new customers only) VIP discount coupon! And let’s say only 5% of the 500 women that initially answer the ads, ever do a thing!

That’s still 25 local female walking billboards, ( give or take) that can and will be seen daily, wearing something from the boutique!(500 x .05% = 25)

And that includes some of their most popular lady perfumes! Plus, they’ll be all over social media talking about (more like bragging) and posting on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest etc! All in all, I’d say, that boutique doesn’t need any pre written follow email messages of any kind.

In order to make a ninja marketing strategy like this really work! Don’t you agree? So hopefully, after three installments on this incredibly powerful strategy.  You are starting to appreciate “how” and “why” it’s simply not necessary, to have a gazillion pre – written follow up email messages of any kind.

In order to be massively successful, using low cost, high powered email marketing strategies! Don’t you agree?

Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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13 Responses to How One Of The Biggest Email Marketing Myths Is Destroying Your Chances For Online Success!Part Three
  1. Hi Mark, great article email marketing is a revenue generating method. these 3 mistakes are really helpfull.
    Sundar kannan would love for you to read..johnvincentt is Profile

  2. Hi Mark Great example with women’s clothing boutique, Emails have to be personalized and should have a captivating message in the subject line. The biggest problem that I found with email marketers is that most fo them go for an email blast, no personalization. Just an automated message which will annoy the prospect and will eventually end up as spam.

  3. Hi Mark,

    Sincere apologies for my recent absence but as you realize we’ve had our fair share of challenges recently in our little Thai village.

    Really enjoyed this post – my man you have such an incredible way of coming up with simple, practical and very easy-to-implement marketing ideas.

    As far as email marketing is concerned I must admit that I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes and these days keep my “pre-written” messages to a minimum. I much prefer the more spontaneous “broadcast” message approach as its so much fresher and much more likely to be acted upon.

    One thing I have found re email marketing is that the more personal I get with my subscibers like linking to videos of me simply chatting to them about ideas, tips or even offers of help – the better my open rates are. I also like to use “pattern interrupts” at times just to keep my subscribers o ntheir toes and not taking me fro granted.

    Thanks as always for sharing your wonderful expertise Mark – very much appreciated.

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

    Peter Beckenham would love for you to read..Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

  4. Hello,
    This is very Nice and valuable article for all people I think everyone should read this..And thanks for sharing
    these blog please keep it up..

  5. Mark, when you decide to make a video or tutorial. May I offer my free support in that area? I have the procedures simplified to help anyone create their foundation. The thing is to make sure quality and no expenses should there be. Only when networking with the proper people and locations.

    Most people can keep it about $10.00, no matter the size of the company. The single person trying to get a great start, on sharing something. They, have found to be their core passion. Now, by sharing it. They feel confident, to create revenue. They and everyone, may desire in owning their own company address. That is all a domain is. Yet, also you can gain pre-established departments, with hosting your own site. Priceless!

    Just as we learned to walk, Mark. We had to have a solid foundation, to start from, Mom and Dad. Another words, Family.

    Hey, thanks for responding to my first comment. This is my response to your reply. Enjoy the evening and I am serious about free collaboration, on my favoriate subject, email.
    William Earl Amis Jr III would love for you to read..Time To Clean Your Stuff !My Profile

  6. Mark, as usual. You have made an amazing way to share a topic!

    Yes, great information and with consistent action things will manifest. You have given us the blue print of email marketing and very well done, I must say.

    Two observations are that no one hardly will respond to an email for spending money. If it did not arrive form that so called companies domain. Every company must own their domains and have a real company Operations email v.s Gmail, Yahoo and other free personal email. Just a huge wast of man hours.

    Mark, just had to share my experience and perception on your article. Blasting emails is a huge no, no. We can see everyone you blast contact email? Please, get with the program and BCC it. Most people believe they can place it in a blaster and the other emails will not be displayed. Adjust settings to any mailing account. It is not automatically set.
    William Earl Amis Jr III would love for you to read..Let Go, Gain Clarity!My Profile


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