How Extremely Resourced Challenged Entrepreneurs Get the Word Out Really Fast!

  (And How You Can Too!)

So are you one of those aspiring entrepreneurs, which seriously thinks, you can use traditional, outrageously expensive advertising campaigns, to successfully grow your business and or service?

Let’s hope not, because in order to do so, you’re gonna need awfully deep pockets and some extraordinary patience to boot.

And be able to effectively deal with some ever increasing competition. And not just from your closest major competitors.

There’s always going to be, advances in technology and if you and I don’t remain cutting edge, sooner or later, we’re definitely going to be left behind, by competitors who do.

So if you’re attempting to advertise your way to long term success, you may want to re-think your options.

Ever Wonder How Some Resourced Challenged Entrepreneurs Still Manage To Inexpensively Get The Word Out Really Fast! (And How You Can Too!)

First of all, notice the image featured with this particular blog post.It probably doesn’t make you immediately think of your typical, profit seeking entrepreneur, does it?

But it definitely should. Say what? Because the person and or persons behind the image, are (guess what?) Profit seeking entrepreneurs, just like you and I.

So in this particular case, let’s say this lady owns her very own (non franchised) bakery business. And like most startup entrepreneurs, she’s not exactly up to her eye balls in seed money.

So she simply can’t afford, (for a lot of reasons), to spend a ton of money, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising campaigns, in local newspapers and or prime time radio or TV ads etc.

Generating Tons Of Positive Word Of Mouth And Mouse Buzz Is A Great Way To Get The Word Out Really Fast!

So she may just decide, to strategically tap into in a major way, a ready made network, of potential advocates, who would be more than happy, to inexpensively help her get the word out really fast!

Because with the right, market tested, ethical bribes, they’ll enthusiastically take to social media and their place of business and or immediate circle of influence, their self made, word of mouth grapevines, will most definitely do the rest. 😀

For ex; they’ll first approach the owners, where they routinely get their hair or nails done.And here’s what they propose.

On the providers traditionally slowest days of both the winter and or summer, the bakery owner(s), will gladly provide, at least $50 dollars (or X) dollars worth free, gourmet pastries and or coffees, cocoas and or teas.

The Extra Long Term Residual Benefits Of Developing An Effective Lead Generation Strategy!

Consider the long term goodwill, your rather inexpensive marketing gesture, will have on the hair or nail salon providers business. First of all, the hair/nail service providers best customers, will truly appreciate, this totally unexpected surprise, will they not?

So you know, once they get back to the office and or their immediate circle of personal and or professional influence, they’ll mention it, at least a few times, correct?  😀 For sure.

Next, once a year, on the service providers birthday, the bakery business owner, will gladly provide the service provider, with a free dozen pastries of their choice, plus one large free beverage of their choice.

And they’ll gladly do the same, with each employee, whose also rents a booth from the provider.

Don’t Ever Forget And Or Take For Granted Your Extremely Well Polished Entrepreneurial Skills Are A Form Of Currency!

You best believe, each stylist who rents a booth from the nail/hair salon owner, their regular clientele, are definitely taken notice of this really cool marketing strategy. 😀

So the very next step  is, you create some sort of, brand new, first time only customer discount coupons, for both the owner(s) and stylist to routinely pass out, to their customers, who spend or X amount of dollars.

This simple marketing tactic, will definitely generate a steady stream, of initial first time customers, for a fraction of the traditional cost.

And since your mouth watering gourmet pastries, definitely taste good. You can bet, at least three rather predictable things will definitely happen! The only question is, to what extinct.

And they’ll be explored much further in part two, okay? For now, are you starting to appreciate, how some extremely resourced challenged small business owners, still manage to get the word out, really fast! And how you definitely can too!

Great. See in just a little bit in part two.

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