Why Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Prefer Word Of Mouth To Newsletter Marketing!

So here’s the initial $64,000 dollar question. And entrepreneur, you simply have to be brutally honest here.

Because your online future clearly depends on it.

Do you truly hate to write? If so, why in the world, did you ever decide to start a WordPress blog?

Or decide to pursue periodic blogging as a potential, long term marketing strategy?  😀

Sadly, far too aspiring entrepreneurs (just like you!) haven’t really taken the time, to adequately question their real ulterior motives.

And as a direct result, the vast majority of them, who initially start a blog of some kind, all but abandon it, within 90 short days or less.Say what?

Nod your heads cadets, because it’s true.Word to the wise, if writing truly isn’t your thing, it may not really make sense for, (at this particular time!) to be attempting to get a blog of some kind off the ground.Seriously..

Ever Wonder Why Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Actually Prefer Creating A Positive Word Of Mouth Or Mouse Buzz As Opposed To Constantly Having To Produce A Periodic Newsletter Of Some Kind!

As previously mentioned, if you really, (flat out!) hate to write on a semi regular basis, of at least once a week.

And or every other week (twice a month.) My friend, unless you have a reputable source, who has some legitimate reasons, for periodically producing, some extremely valuable and practical, how to solving content, which targets your specific audience.

Take for a real world ex, my bud Allan J. Arellano, of tenfold.com fame. Allan and his team of B2B (Business 2 Business), sales and conversion strategist experts, gladly, periodically produce, how to problem solving content for my blog,(and others.)

In order to constantly generate additional free, extremely targeted  exposure, to business minded entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes.For literally pennies on the dollar.

So it’s far from being a philanthropic gesture on their part. 😀

Are You Sure You Want To Take On The Time And Resource Commitment Of Periodically Producing An Email And Or Offline Newsletter Of Some Kind?

Just as a basic overview, think about how much real effort and commitment of various resources, really goes into, consistently producing a quality newsletter of some kind.

First of all, somebody has to write and or produce the content itself, do they not? Which means, like it or not, you or someone else, has to be fairly consistent, with meeting deadlines, correct?

And your content, definitely needs to help your target market solves their most burning questions and or issues etc.

But occasionally it also needs to entertain your target audience as well. Otherwise, your content can quickly get a little robotic and plain. The same ole, same ole if you will.

If it’s delivered by an extremely reputable, paid email service provider, at least half your battle is won.

But if it’s delivered by offline snail mail, via 2nd or 3rd class, deliver-ability may quickly become a major issue.

Some Of Your Most Profitable Lead Generation Strategies And Or Tactics Simply Don’t Require Nearly As Much Effort And Or Allocation Of Resources!

Case in point; let’s say you run a fairly successful, (single location), retail jewelry outlet. And rather than try and produce some sort o newsletter content, and or have a blog component to your website.

Initially, you will just add one of your very best, market tested, monthly free drawing opt in form offers, to the most viewed pages of you site, but not attempt to provide any type of ongoing blog content.

However, you will most definitely, rely on some of your most profitable,extremely time sensitive “bounce back” offer, new first time only customer, discount coupons.

And each time, one of your regular customers, (especially the high end ones! 😀 ),brings back a friend, co-worker,neighbor, in-law, relative and or closest girlfriend etc.

Your Periodic Follow Up Email Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Nearly As Time Consuming As Having To Produce Some Sort Of Periodic Newsletter!

Provided this person is at least 18 years of age. The first time visitor, (provided they join) one of  your specific opt in email/mobile marketing list.

Guess what? They automatically get an extremely time sensitive VIP discount coupon sent to them, via your, (pre written), automated, follow up, drip campaign, as soon as they confirm, they definitely wish to start receiving your periodic email/mobile messages.

And this extremely time sensitive discount coupon, allows your first time guest, to purchase a set of beautiful, diamond studded earrings, at you actual cost, up to $250 dollars.  😀

And just for bringing them, your regular customer, automatically gets two really cool bonuses, worth at least X!

1.) First bonus: They get to reach into your extremely popular grab bag. And you just have two grab bags.

Because if their first time guest spends over X, your regular customer get to reach into grab # two. 😀  Which obviously has your higher end, positive word of mouth and mouse generating goodies.

You know, the type of totally unexpected goodies, which definitely cause both them and their guest, to storm their social media accounts! 😀

Your Extremely Well Implemented Entrepreneurial Ideas Can Lead To Some Much Deserved Long Term Profits!

 2.) Second bonus: Next, they also receive, a free 16 oz. bottle o one of your local, joint venture (JV)/cross promotional partners, best selling fragrances of their choice.

However, if both customers, spend over X, your regular customer, will now receive, an extremely time sensitive coupon, to get a free 64 oz. bottle of one of your women-s boutique store JV partners, best selling (and most) expensive fragrances. 😀

Here’s the ultimate point entrepreneur.There are no nerve racking deadlines to meet, right? There’s no problem solving content to write and or produce, day after day and or week after week, correct?

This Is Real Money Making Social Media Marketing At It’s Best!

Yet rest assured, when those ladies finally return to their personal and professional circles of influence.For literally days and weeks to come.

Their newly acquired bling, will most definitely be all the rage, around the water cooler at the office, during the breaks and or after hours, when the ladies all (finally) meet for this weeks  happy hour!

And start posting all over social media.

And you (and or) your major competitors, won’t have spent an additional nickel, and or allocated anymore resources, to this perpetual word of mouth and mose, social media marketing campaign.

Look a all of the free, potential, long term, residual exposure, your incredibly simple, marketing ploy constantly generates.

Entrepreneur, how cool is that? So is it finally starting to sink in, how and why, some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, actually prefer generating, bank account filling, word of mouth and mouse marketing campaigns,as opposed to trying to create, some type of periodic newsletter content of some kind? Great. Get to it already.

And let the rest of us know, how well you actually made out.On the front and back end of your sales funnel.

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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