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Why These Five Additional Email Marketing Tips Your Business Simply Can’t Do Without!

Do you remember in the previous post in this series about five proven email marketing tips. 

And how your business and or your top joint venture partners could cash in big time using these incredibly powerful and mega proven five email marketing strategies.

In order to systematically increase (both) your short and long term profits.

Introducing Five More Proven Email Marketing Tips Your Business Simply Can’t Do Without!

Before you dive head long into these incredibly powerful and proven five additional email marketing strategies. Consider these three incredibly sobering  facts about successful online marketing in general and email marketing in particular.

Fact # one:  A very well respected research project conducted by MarketingSherpa revealed  by in large the successful online marketers who consistently used a two step opt in email format, (as opposed) to the single (non confirmed) opt in format.

They seemed to enjoy (at a bare bones) minimum the following three big advantages.

A.) On average, far lower bounce back rates.

B.) And (typically) twice the open rates for their emails as well. Obviously the more subscribers that actually open your emails, dramatically increases your chances for additional sales and your email being forwarded to others etc.

C.) And a significantly lower opt out (and or) unsubscribe rate as well.

So there is much to be said for the proper use of the double opt in (confirmation email)  marketing approach.

Strategic Email Marketing Strategies Offer Multiple Types Of Profit Streams!

Fact # two: According to the recent Pew Internet survey, a staggering 83% of all Americans (that were) surveyed, indicated email was by far, (still) their number one online activity.

(And yet a ton of therwise etremely savvy small business owners,still are not proactively using it to both lower their marketing cost and improve sales.)

Fact  three: A recent DoubleClick survey on email marketing usage, confirmed (at least) 90% of them admitted to using email multiple times per day.

Plus,the average email user revealed (typically) they receive about 360 pieces of unique email per week! And over 70% of them complained most of it was wanted spam!

And about one third of the average double opt in email subscribers (also) admitted to actually clicking on the link iside the email and purchasing something!

And these startling statistics are in spite of all the constant road blocks facing it such as (ever improving) high tech spam filters and other rules and regulations constantly being imposed

on them etc.

Effective Email Marketing Campaigns Don’t Just Happen All By Themselves!

Of course in order to be effective (both) your emails and or postcards have to be opened, read and acted upon otherwise,  there’s really no point.

Let’s also not forget that (ultimately) whether your marketing via inexpensive online email and or offline snail mail postcards etc.

What you’re really talking about is effective copy writing and other direct response type of proven marketing strategies.

So let’s now (quickly) turn your attention to ‘how to’ get (both) your emails and or postcards open, read and acted upon!

Five More Must Have Email Marketing Tips That Flat Out Work!

Email marketing tip # one: What are the odds ( do you think) any of your major competitors have even considered the following:

A.) Typically, which is the absolute best day(s) to even send any email promotions and which day(s) or (statistically speaking) are the worst? (Of course your individual subscribers, may have different preferences.)

B.) And which times (during the day) have proven to be far more effective to send commercial email messages. For ex; test after test has proven, (unless) your business and your clientele expects to hear from you around major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Xmas and or New Years etc, then by all means don’t do it!

Other major dates to consider off limits might be the date of major hurricane’s like Katrina and or Sept, 11 etc. And of course this same basic thinking applies to any other part of the world which you happen to live in.

Developing Effective Email Marketing Campaigns Is An Ongoing Process!

Email marketing tip # two: Another rather startling fact the Marketing Sherpa research project revealed, (currently) only a dismal 31% of email marketers ever bother to test and track which days and or times yield the best response rates, for their particular subscribers.

This is truly sad, because one simple tweak, could literally triple your response rates and be the difference between success and or failure regarding email marketing. Like learning the hard way, not to email your major product launches and or newsletters on the weekend!( And this includes Fridays as well!)

Subscribers (typically) seem to check their emails over the weekend, looking mainly for messages from friends, family and or co-workers, and they’re typically not in the mood to buy much.

(Of course there are exceptions to this rule, especially if your business caters to teenagers and or sports buffs etc.)

Effective Email Marketing Campaigns Help Streamline Your Cost While Simultaneously Setting The Stage For Explosive Long Term Growth!

Email marketing tip # three: Tests have also shown (with) very few exceptions, the last thing your typical potential customer wants to read, after they settle in at work on Mondays, is an inbox full of sales promotions via email!

Because chances are, they’ve probably already spent more than their share offline over the weekend. Besides, Mondays (typically) are just way too hectic, so they’ll tend to simply delete a majority of the promotions and concentrate more on personal and or job related emails.

Email marketing tip # four: Email labs (also) conducted an exhaustive email study and they’ve concluded, a staggering 80% of all emails which actually get opened, are usually done so between the hours of 5 am-5 pm EST.(Eastern Standard Time.)

And the best days to send your emails are normally Tuesday – Thursday, because according to their research, about 62% of them will be opened and read on those days.

Again, your actual tests to your particular list will be your final metric by which you decide. These are just starting points for you to begin testing and tracking.

Email marketing tip # five: Please, get in the habit of regularly checking your sites server logs, because whenever you notice a significant amount of traffic hitting your site, take note of the particular time of day, because that might indicate which time is best to email your particular list.

Otherwise, according to one of the webs most successful online marketing companies and consistent industry leaders. Your best window of opportunity is between the hours of 10 am -2 pm, Tuesday -Thursday. Test, test, test.

There you have it a nutshell cadets. Five more mega proven email marketing tips your business simply can’t do without.Don’t you agree?

Q.) Which one of these five proven additional email strategies will you apply to your business in the next 30 days or less and why?

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