Three Ways Robert Allen Made A Fortune Marketing To His Niche!Part Two

As you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, about how super information marketing guru “Robert G. Allen”, made and continues to make a proverbial fortune, catering to his specific niche.

And by doing so, has literally created “multiple streams of income,” in the process.

For sure old Bob and his extremely savvy marketing team over the years, have been on the cutting edge of some of the most sophisticated and wildly profitable information marketing strategies anywhere!Would you not agree?

In fact, truth told, very few individuals and or companies, have ever done it better than Bob and company has! Or for as long as he has!Witness to the fact, way back when he originally published his very first book.

The guy literally hit a home run, because (as was previously mentioned) in part one, Robert Allen’s mega selling block buster first book, “Nothing Down,” to date is still the number one all time best selling book in it’s particular category! 😎

And you can literally count the authors throughout American book publishing history that (A.) Have written multiple New York Times best sellers! And (B.) Have written a national runaway best seller on their very first try! 😎

My friends, that’s about as rare as spotting mega best selling author Seth Godin’s metaphoric “Purple Cow!” 😎

In the remainder of this post, let’s quickly explore, at least three more extremely profitable ways, that old Bob has used (and continues to do so), in order to create and benefit from, “multiple steams of income!”

So How Does Super Information Marketing Guru Robert Allen Consistently Create Multiple Streams Of income Within His Chosen Niche?

Quickly picking up where part one of this series left off. First of all, ladies & gentlemen, I’m sure you can appreciate the fact, that over the span of Robert Allen’s 30 plus years in business of all kinds.

While he’s most definitely had his ups and downs financially!Primarily his ups! And over the years, he’s had and still has, plenty of extremely vocal critics! 😎

(Some might call them haters! 😎 )

Entrepreneur, you can’t hang around any particular industry that long, and consistently earn millions of dollars in gross profits and not develop at least, (A.) Some type of extremely valuable marketing skills!And (B.) Not develop and form some extremely valuable partnerships (aka) strategic alliances along the way!

Would you not agree?

So let’s quickly take a look, in the remainder of this post, at least three more incredibly profitable ways, that Bob has consistently generated “multiple streams of income.”

All while catering exclusively to his extremely profitable niche!

Three Incredibly Simple Ways Robert Allen’s Long Term Niche Marketing Strategy Has Yielded Him A Fortune!

As you also recall from part one, during his early years in business/marketing, Robert Allen through the use of his widely mass marketed free 90 minute introductory workshops, and his wildly successful, lead generating 30 minute info-mercials etc.

He and his highly sophisticated marketing team, initially amassed a gargantuan offline database, (especially) for that era back then, when there was no opt in email option yet! 😎

Old Bob controlled in excess of 150,000 leads, for his very own (in house) database! And you best believe it cost him a pretty penny to do so!So first, let’s cover a couple of really basic ways he routinely used his in house list to create and multiple streams of income.

And then in the third strategy, we’ll dive a little deeper!Okay? 😎

1.) Profit strategy # one: This first proven way that Bob Allen , (and or) extremely savvy marketer X, consistently created and creates extremely profitable, multiple streams of income, from marketing to their niche.’

You know after the initial buying craze has long since vanished from some of Bob’s extremely popular $495 – $795 home study courses.And they’re now just sitting in some warehouse, basically collecting dust.

Bob still might have at least $60,000 – $100,000 dollars tied up in total unused inventory!Ouch! So “why” not contact (both) his immediate in house list of 150,000 offline database subscribers.

And simultaneously reach out several to several of his most successful joint venture partners, that may have their own personal offline databases of at least 25,000.

And offer both lists, an extremely advantageous, time sensitive, VIP  “final” closeout-every thing must go– sales price, in order to clear out his warehouse of all of his remaining excess unsold inventory!

So in order to do so, every order received by some specific date, they not only get the particular home study course of their choice, for an extremely advantageous discounted close out sale price,but on top of that, they also get to choose any two of Bob’s national best selling books as a free -do it now bonus!

Plus, an additional free three month extension of his incredibly popular real estate investment strategies newsletter and his paid monthly hotline service , if they’re not already subscribers.

Or a free three month trial subscriptions to both, if they weren’t already current subscribers to each!Entrepreneur, you best believe an irresistible offer like that, where his VIP customers save a whopping 60% off the normal retail price, most certainly causes them to whip out their credit cards and check books etc! 😎

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Every Bodies Niche Marketing Strategies Were This Profitable!

2.) Profit strategy # two: Granted, this next proven marketing strategy, that Bob (and other extremely savvy marketing experts) routinely use to get and keep the cash registering popping, is simply a no  brainer!

But each time Bob sold anything to his extremely valuable in house, offline database of 150,000 strong!

The fulfillment company was instructed to always include one of Bob’s best market tested, extremely time sensitive “bounce back” offer inserts! And just like McDonald’s literally adding millions of extra dollars (daily) to their bottom line,with virtually little or no increase in overhead, because of those incredibly profitable six words!

“Would you like fries with that?” Old Bob routinely got a 25-40% response on whatever he was marketing at the time! 😎 And sometimes the products or services were his own!

And sometimes they were his best JV partners, best market tested products or services!

Either way, I think (and hope), it’s finally starting to dawn on you, how over the course of the last 30 plus years, mega successful information marketer, Robert G. Allen was able to gross an incredible $200 plus million dollars!

Because of the expert way he and his extremely savvy marketing team, strategically tapped and catered to his particular niche!Pretty impressive, tight?

In the interest of space, we’ll save his third proven way for part three!Because truth told, this is where he (and other) extremely savvy marketers, routinely strutted some of their more fancier stuff!See you in part three, okay?Until then…

Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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4 Responses to Three Ways Robert Allen Made A Fortune Marketing To His Niche!Part Two
  1. Hello Mark, Wow now those are some Crazy numbers my friend! Bob and his team had a Great Game Plan HUH?

    Wowsy Very Impressive Indeed!!
    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt would love for you to read..Secrets To Finding A Success MentorMy Profile

  2. Bob certainly found a need and filled it, and then managed to capitalize on his success it extremely well. These days those niches are harder to find and buyers themselves are more savvy. If someone was known to offer high priced items for a much cheaper price after the initial rush, I’m sure many would wait. I’m not saying that it’s impossible to do well in a niche but that it’s not as easy. What do you think?
    Sue Bride would love for you to read..A Round-Up Post About Roundup PostsMy Profile


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