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How Startup Entrepreneurs Profit From Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns!

  (And How You Can Too!)

Did you happen to read, a previous post, where I referenced how and why, some type of strategic email marketing campaigns, where absolutely a must.

Clearly, an online marketer, whose heavily advocating for the use of some type of reputable, paid email service provider, is nothing new, correct? 😀

However, it’s when you can see things, from potentially different marketing perspectives.

Is when things can potentially get very interesting and profitable. As you’re about to discover. So buckle up and hold on.

Who Else Wants To Know How Even Some Extremely Savvy Startup Entrepreneurs Can Profit From The Right Type Of Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns?

Right out of the gate. Let me be extremely frank and upfront. Usually, the type of -hypothetical- marketing examples, you’re about to be exposed to, would only be shared, with an extremely high paying, coaching and or ongoing consultant client. 😀

However, my reasons for sharing this type of far more advanced -potential- marketing strategies, on my blog, literally for free. Are basically two fold.

A.) First and foremost, the primary purpose of my blogging activities, is to develop, a long term relationship with my main core, repeat visitors.

So they begin to see my blog as one of their primary resources, whenever they need a jolt of marketing creativity and or some straight forward, non techie marketing strategies, tactics and or concepts.

Potentially Profitable Online Marketing Strategies Can And Often Will Take You In Many Different Profitable Directions!

B.) Next, if and when the need arises, for some paid marketing consulting and or coaching, they will immediately look to yours truly, to satisfactorily feel their needs. 😀

So it’s definitely in my interest long term, to help them see, they potentially have, several potentially viable, marketing options.

So with the proper foundation laid. As you recall from a previous post. The Masters Golf tournament, decided to monetize their live crowd, of 100,000 plus in attendance, of their annual event.

(Important note: The actual numbers are merely for illustration purposes only! It’s the overall concepts, you must grasp.)

 Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns Opens The Door To Creating Multiple Streams Of Income Producing Opportunities!

Let’s say the Masters Tournament committee, decides to spend about $10,000 dollars, for their extremely fancy, state of the art WordPress website/blog.

Unfortunately for them, (and many of their corporate sponsors) who pay big bucks to advertise on their site,it’s the standard type of, brochure-ware kind of a website.Huh?

Meaning, they have absolutely no way, to capture a percentage of their visitors opt in email information, because, they still don’t realize, they definitely need some type of reputable, paid email service provider software.

Until, your startup -email service-, does a private presentation, and offers to -both- provide and offer, all the state of the art bells and whistles to your service to them,for literally pennies on the dollar. 😀

You’d Be Totally Surprised And Amazed What Some Proven Email Marketing Tips Can Do For And To Your Bottom Line!

Remember, on average, about 100,000 plus golf enthusiasts, annually attend, the Masters tournament, live.

And since the Masters tournament committee, decided to sponsor a free drawing, where four attendees. Two women & two men, each win $25,000 dollars each. Plus some other extremely cool perks, discussed in detail in a previous post.

Lets say, at least 85,000 individuals, leap at the chance, to in some of these free goodies.

Typically, a reputable paid email service provider, would be charging somewhere in the $150 to $200 dollars per month range.

But because, you’re extremely marketing savvy startup entrepreneur, looking to both build your brand and develop some major corporate clients, without having to spend a fortune, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising mediums.

You only charge the committee, $67 dollars per month. Say what?

Your Creative Entrepreneurial Ideas Can Definitely Lead To Some Major Pay Days!

You’re not after, a major corporate client you can gain through some major price discounts! 😀  No way! Any and all of your major competitors, can and definitely will do the same! 😀

Instead, you offer to handle their ever growing opt in email list, for such a lifetime, advantageous price, on three major conditions.

1.) Major condition # one: You startup email service provider firm, gets joint ownership of all the subscribers.

So you can make periodic offers to them, where you’re company, is either a registered affiliate for another non directly competing vendor.And or you’re involved in some type of joint venture (JV) and or cross promotional partnership arrangement.

And you get to keep 10% of the profits, your arrangements produces. 😀

Your Email Marketing Strategies Can Be Extremely Versatile!

 2.) Major condition # two: And next, the Masters tournament committee, and o major corporate client, agrees in writing, to personally introduce you or your marketing team president, to the main decision maker(s), of at least, three other major corporate heads, within the next six months or less.

3.) Major condition # three: And finally, they also agree in writing, to supply your business and or service, with either a video, audio and or written testimonial. 😀 

Hopefully you’re starting to appreciate, how you and or your major competitors, can leverage a major player, by offering them a lifetime discount of various services, in exchange for them opening other corporate doors for you!

And strategic email marketing campaigns, is one of the vehicles, to help you accomplish it! Any questions?

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