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So Why Aren’t You Strategically Using Low Cost High Powered Cross Promotions?

   (To Dramatically Lower Your Upfront Out Of Pocket Cost

And Increase Your Credibility!)

If, you could dramatically lower, the upfront out of pocket cost, on some of your current, advertising, and or promotional campaigns, by say 5075% or more, would your current advertising and or promotional campaigns, start generating an immediate front end profit?

What if, you could lower your upfront, traditional lead generation cost by even more than 75%, would you at least be breaking even on the front end of your sales funnel?

And just the for a moment, (entrepreneur), please suspend your natural tendencies toward overwhelming skepticism.

Because, if there is a rather simple, non techie way, for you to consistently accomplish such a goal, (that’s practically right under your nose),you’d definitely want to know about it!Would you not? My friend, welcome to the wonderful possibilities, of strategic cross promotions!

So Why In The World Aren’t You Strategically Cashing In With Low Cost High Powered Cross Promotions?

In order to successfully demonstrate, the potential effectiveness and long term profitability, of this all too neglected, mega proven money making, cost cutting marketing technique.

Let’s examine “how” an extremely successful, residential real estate broker, who specializes in the more upscale, owner occupied, single family homes, in the really nice neighborhoods of the city.

And over the last 15 plus years, she’s built a pretty successful business, and has tons of extremely satisfied former customers, her office has helped buy and or build and ultimately sell their dream homes.

(And many of them are highly influential professionals,

And as you might suspect, she has also developed, tons of extremely lucrative strategic alliances, with other local, non competing business owners and or service providers.

And now, unlike many of her major competitors, she doesn’t have to constantly invest, anywhere near the upfront amounts of her hard earned dollars,as her contemporaries do, in order to consistently generate revenue.

Effective Lead Generation Is A Whole Lot Simpler An Less Expensive With Some Strategic Cross Promotions!

Case in point; two of her most valued strategic alliance partners, are (A.) An extremely successful, local foreign car auto dealership, with two thriving locations, where they have a combined opt in email list of 5,700 rather well off individuals!

(B.) And the other, is an extremely successful, family owned retail furniture outlet, that currently has 17,357, VIP opt in email subscribers on all of their lists!

And this extremely marketing savvy realtor, currently has a grand total 6,700 , (and constantly growing) opt in subscribers, on all of her various real estate related products & services list!

And the three of them routinely send unscheduled “broadcast” email alert messages, to each other lists! Bingo!

In other words, whenever she has a listing for a well maintained single family home, in the $500,000 to $750,000 dollar range, she’ll send both strategic alliance partners, her link, along with a brief, 3-5 minute intro video, and offer the home, condo and or townhouse etc, to the other two vendors high income subscribers list.

And they periodically do the same.And as you might well image, then only need one person with the financial means, out potentially 23,000, semi qualified opt in subscribers to make a purchase!

The Good News Is You Definitely Don’t Have To Be A Fortune 500 Company In Order To Benefit From Some Strategic Cross Promotions!

Ladies & gentlemen, at least some of you, (hopefully) have heard of WordPress website and or blog building expert, “Jupiter Jim Landers” of fame.

He helps extremely dedicated entrepreneurs, small business owners and or service providers of all shapes and sizes, create state of the art, mobile responsive WordPress websites and or blogs, for extremely affordable rates!

(Important note: And I can’t personally recommend his professional products, and or services enough!)

And it’s very possible, you probably don’t know, and or have never hear of, WordPress plugin creator, Josh Lobe, correct?

Josh Lobe is the creator of a free WordPress plugin called “WP Edit.” Here’s the really cool part.As you will discover in the screen capture image below, Jupiter Jim’s paid membership site is prominently displayed, right on Josh’s WordPress install plugin page.How awesome is that?

cross promotions

So Why Aren’t You Strategically Using Low Cost High Powered Cross Promotions?

And by the very same token, Jupiter Jim recently created an excellent “how to” instructional video, where he expertly demonstrates, how to install and active  WordPress plugin creator Josh Lobe’s  free plugin, called “WP Edit.” See the screen capture image below.

cross promotions

So Why Aren’t You Strategically Using Low Cost High Powered Cross Promotions?

Entrepreneur, can you see and are you starting to appreciate, “how” and why, a little high powered cross promotions,  can and definitely will, lower your upfront, traditional out of pocket costs advertising/promotional cost, while simultaneously helping you build credibility!

And just like Jupiter Jim and Josh, (entrepreneur) there is no limit to the number of them, and or the sophistication level they are put together with!

Does that sound good? And are you also starting to appreciate the fact, you don’t have to be part of a publicly traded fortune 500 company, in order to benefit from utilizing these mega proven marketing strategy!Say yes!

Great! Get to it already!Now as is customary during this part of our show.

Please share your extremely valuable comments (in the comments section below) that you can

apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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And help you master your effective communication in marketing skills.(No matter what your particular
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4 Responses to So Why Aren’t You Strategically Using Low Cost High Powered Cross Promotions?
  1. Mark,

    Thanks for mentioning me and sharing my video in your blog post. All I did was create the video and then ask if Josh Lobe would add a link to the video on his plugin page on It was That Easy!!!

    I love how you encourage people to cross promote. It’s a win-win and an easy way to get your name in front of more people at No Cost!

    So glad I’ve got you around!
    Jupiter Jim would love for you to read..How to Crop and Resize Images in PicMonkey Quickly and EasilyMy Profile

  2. For sure, Mark

    Cross promotions can work for any business, no matter how small

    Lots of big businesses use them – they don’t have to be convinced. So why is it so hard for ma and pa businesses to get it? To busy working in their business, and a lack of entrepreneurial savvy and nouse are the maior reasons. Thats why their businesses stay small and marginal I guess.

    Keep preaching the gospel of cross promotions, Mark

    Kim Willis would love for you to read..Home Business Success: Eggs in One Basket, or Spread the Risk?My Profile


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