So How Do Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Really Increase Retail Sales Even During A Nagging Recession?

So do you agree, entrepreneurs in any given industry and practically any worthwhile niche, have more than their fair share of extremely intense competition, and or daily challenges of all kinds, correct?

And there are tons of additional obstacles, they simply have (absolutely) little or  no control over whatsoever, right?

Things like, a severe and nagging local or national recession!There is absolutely no way to control any of  that, right?

Or what if some of their front end cost of doing business, even if they are fixed, (to a certain degree),still increase (unexpectedly) by an additional 10-15% or more!


There is simply no way to anticipate and or prevent that from occurring, now is there?

And (like it or not),they’ve still got to actively compete with their major competitors, do they not? And if their front end gross profit margins are razor thin to begin with, things can get awfully tense, really quick!Ever been there?

Don’t you agree? On the other hand, if you and or your major competitors, still have really nice, gross front end profit margins, even if there is a nagging (local), and or severe national recession raging on, you still have more than your fair share of extremely viable marketing options, correct?

So How Do Some Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Still Manage To increase Retail Sales Even During  Nagging Recession?

(And More Importantly How Can You D It Too?)

So imagine one of the top of the line cruise ship businesses, and they routinely pay one of the many travel agencies, anywhere from 1015% of the price of one of their extremely popular cruise ship packages, as a sort of referral fee.

So that means, every time the travel agency (via) their agents, gets a client (or clients) to purchase one of those extremely high end, $20,000 dollar 14 day cruise ship packages, the travel agency, typically earns anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 dollars.

And BTW, (truth told), the real long term benefits to the cruise line, is all the additional, ongoing (back end) generating revenue their on ship ( their on board) customers will (most definitely) spend over the next X number of days.

Because they’ll constantly be buying (not exactly) cheap beverages of all kinds,and purchasing various types of, (hard to find) totally unique arts & crafts, and partying like it’s 1999!The entire time they’re on board, and each time the ships (temporarily) dock.

Because in some of those stops, the offshore vendors, due in fact give the cruise ship (in essence) a kickback referral fee, for a percentage of the gross sales, those vendors receive, because (at least) 80% or more of the vendors long term gross profits, are generated from perpetual tourism.

So in order to entice the cruise ships to dock at their ports, and not a port of other equally enthusiastic vendors, they ethically bribe the cruise ships for doing so!

Why Not Put Your Front End Lead Generation Strategies On Steroids!

So since the cruise ship is extremely savvy marketers in their own right, and they’re always open to some market tested ways, for (both) dramatically increasing their lead generation results, while simultaneously lowering their lead generation costs!

The following, ninja marketing strategy, definitely seems to be worth inexpensively testing! So here’s what they decide to do, in order to generate some serious, long term, positive word of mouth and mouse publicity.

They look around, and soon discover a brand new womens clothing designer start up distribution company, that also distributes fancy, higher end designer hand bags. These (extremely popular) women’s designer hand bags, routinely sell for anywhere from $650 to $1,700 dollars each!

And the distributor has been spending outrageous amounts of money, on glitzy magazine ads, in order to find their all important, first time customer!But now, thanks to the director(s) of marketing, at cruise ship headquarters, this distributor is about to hit the mother lode,by being exposed to an almost endless stream of higher income women, that routinely earn high five and six and seven figure annual incomes!

When At Least Two Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Have A Common Goal! (Positive Things Usually Happen!)

So rather than simply continually spending an ever increasing fortune, on (outrageously expensive) traditional advertising campaigns!Instead, here’s “how” the extremely marketing savvy cruise ship marketing directors, ultimately convinces the designer hand bag distributors to form a strategic alliance with them!

Since the cruise ship has on board, (on any) given 10 to 14 day high seas event extravaganza, at least 1,500 to 2,000 adult women on board, that routinely earn and (regularly) socialize and or work with, other (potential women) that earn the same amount of money, the designer hand bag distributors are constantly on the look out for!

So the cruise ship offers to purchase, (initially anyway), at least 1,000 designer hand bags, that would normally retail for $650 dollars,(or X), but they’ll gladly only charge the cruise ship just $300 dollars per bag! (Or less!)

And as you might well imagine, once 1,000 walking and constantly talking),tweeting and posting on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram etc; upper income earning women, from practically all walks of life,who are actively strutting around their work place, place of business, and or just plain old socializing in general!

A vast majority of the other ladies, (including extremely close girl friends,in laws, neighbors and or relatives etc,),definitely want to know, all of the exciting details!

Do they not? You’d better hurry up and know it!Which means, even though the designer hand bag distributor may have initially discounted the retail price of one of their extremely popular $650 dollar hand bags, by $350 dollars!($650$350 = $300 dollars.)

In essence, those initial 1,000 women, are high level, union free billboards, that work (extremely hard) to virally get the word out, 24/7, via on and offline positive word of mouth & mouse publicity!

And all those additional gross retail sales, (that will surely follow),literally help explode,both the distributor and the cruise ships retail sales numbers!Who would have thought!Right?

So that’s step one, of how some of these extremely savvy entrepreneurs,(literally) increase retail sales, even during a nagging, local and or national recession!Any questions?Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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