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Why Small Business Service Providers Need To Develop Good Lead Generation Skills!Part Two

So as you were reading part one, of this ongoing series, did you notice, and start to really appreciate, ‘how’ even a semi cash strapped, small business owner and or service provider, can eventually go out on their own, once, or as soon as, they develop, some bankable lead generation skills?

Great, that’s really good to hear. In part two, you’ll also discover, at least three more really important pieces of the lead generating marketing puzzle, which really help glue everything else together.

Let’s be clear right out of the gate.Having a workable monthly advertising/promotional budget is great, but not a requirement.

On the other hand, the less readily available cash and or credit you have, to initially promote your extremely valuable products and services, as an aspiring solo-startup/preneur etc.

Entrepreneur, then quickly developing some bankable lead generating skills is not an option. It’s a requirement.

So How Does Developing Some Bankable Lead Generation Skills Help Small Business Service Providers Become More Profitable?

Picking up where part one left off.As you recall, a semi cash strapped and newly licensed CPA, decided to strike out on their own, within -let’s say- 9 short months, after recently getting their license.

And because they often have lunch, (and occasionally an early dinner) at a local Mom & Pop restaurant they frequent quite a bit.And because they know and like the husband & wife team who owns and runs the restaurant.

The CPA approached them, about bartering a spare room they have typically reserved for various types of parties and or local business meetings and or related groups etc.

And in exchange for being able to use the room once a month, in order to conduct free 90-120 Q & A workshops on various, popular subjects, which revolve around tax savings, and IRS approved tax reducing strategies etc.

The marketing savvy CPA -and or- CFP will gladly advice the restaurant owners for free, (or for a greatly reduced price),on various aspects of their business and other holdings, in order to legally generate maximum tax and estate planning savings etc.

As You Continually Develop Your Lead Generation Skills More And More Short And Long Term Marketing Possibilities Will Start To Present Themselves!

The other market tested strategy which was also mentioned in part one.The CPA will also approach local adult education centers, about teaching 90-120 classes, once a month, on various tax savings and or estate protection strategies, to local small business owners, service providers and or startup entrepreneurs.

And they will also provide each attendee with three additional bonuses,(valued at X), just for taking their introductory class.

1.) Bonus # one: Each attendee will automatically be given, (either) a flyer -and or a direct response type of business card- with at least five to seven, market tested bullet points on it, directing the attendees to the CPA’s newly created lead capture page,(like the screenshot image below) so they can join their opt in email/mobile marketing list asap.

2.) Bonus # two: They will also be offered, at least two extremely time sensitive, VIP brand new customer only, discount coupons to the Mom & Pop restaurant, he has the arrangement with. In order to help them, (hopefully generate some brand new first time customers, a percentage of whom, develop (over time of course), into some reliable, long term repeat customers, and some bank account filing testimonials as well.

small business

Why Small Business Service Providers Need To Develop Good Lead Generation Skills!Part Two

(Important note: Ladies & gentlemen the above sample lead capture page, was built from scratch, in all of 20 minutes, using my paid email service provider Aweber-s, rather basic lead capture page editing software.)

Your Highly Developed Entrepreneurial Skills Can Kick The Door To Opportunity Wide Open!

3.) Bonus # three: Each attendee will also receive, an extremely time sensitive discount coupon, where they and another, local, preferably small business owner/service provider, can attend a more advanced 90-120 minute power session on subject X.

One can save 20%, but any two can attend the same class and save a total of 35% off (or X!)In other words, you’ll sort of strategically add on sell your existing  attendees, and leverage their ability to convince and drag additional colleague(s) with them, to another paying class/workshop.

And over time, you’ll eventually start video taping, and or audio recording your workshops, and making those recordings available, as both paid- stand alone- products.Or as powerful, free quick decision bonus gifts valued at X!

But quickly getting back to this lead capture page concept, so you don’t totally misunderstand ‘what’s’ actually taking place here.

Your Small Business And Or Service Doesn’t Have To Be Trapped Just Because You’re Temporarily Cash Strapped!

Ladies & gentlemen, (in this particular example), the CPA (or your) lead capture page, is not a regular part of your blog? Huh? (Eventually once you (or they) get a regular WordPress blog up and running, you’ll have your sign form on it.But that’s not what’s going on here.)

Meaning; the CPA or CFP etc, remember, initially their money is still kinda type.So they may not initially have a state of the art WordPress website and or blog, to drive their targeted traffic to, set up just yet.

However, because they are using, a reputable, state of the art, paid email service provider like Aweber. Their lead capture page is simply being hosted by their email service provider.

However, the CPA (or you) still needs to purchase a separate,but relevant domain name, and simply point (forward) the domain name-web address- ,to Aweber-s self hosted URL -web address), this way, they don’t have to use Aweber-s rather unattractive web address link, as their lead capture pages web address.

As Your Lead Generation Skills Develop You Will Start To Lower Other Traditional Upfront Out Of Pocket Cost!

(Important note: This semi techie process, which takes all of five minutes or less to actually complete, is nowhere near as complicated as you may be thinking! Your reputable domain registrar company, where you originally purchased your domain name, can and definitely is more than willing, to walk you,step by step through the entire five minute or less process.)

Anyway, the web address you put on (either) your, direct response type of business cards, and or the flyers you’re passing out,now looks far more conventional, and therefore is much easier to remember.

So now you can start regularly passing out (either) your index cards and or non traditional business cards, at various, local business network events, and start consistently, and inexpensively generating leads offline as well!

My friend, this is just an extremely small sample, as to ‘why’ some extremely savvy small business owners, and or service providers, just like you, should definitely develop, some bankable lead generation skills asap! Don’t you agree? P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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