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Why Small Business Service Providers Need To Develop Good Lead Generation Skills!

   (And Why You Definitely Should Too!)

So can you -personally- think of, any profit seeking, small business owner(s), service providers and or startup entrepreneurs, who can’t or won’t be much better off financially, if they take the time and effort, to develop some bankable lead generation skills? Me either?

But here’s the thing,(ladies & gentlemen), unlike learning and becoming highly competent at any type of money making copy writing skills.

You or I, (thank goodness), do not have to become guru like, in order to benefit dramatically, from -first- learning and implementing, some market tested lead generation skills.

Because the moment you have figured out, what primary solution your target market craves most, and you, (and or) your major competitors, can effectively demonstrate, you can provide an affordable solution.

Guess what? Your business, product(s) and or services, will sky rocket to the head of the line, in your ideal prospects mind.And that’s sort of the whole point, is it not? You got that right.

So let’s quickly go under the hood, to see ‘how’ some of today’s, savvy albeit semi to severely cash strapped, small business service providers, are doing just that…

So Who Else Wants To Know Why Some Extremely Cash Strapped Small Business Service Providers Definitely Need To Develop Some Bankable Lead Generation skills? ( And Why You Definitely Should Too!)

Let’s -all- face the bitter/sweet reality of the situation already.The average, small business service provider, is probably going to start their brand new venture, with far more ambition, enthusiasm, dedication and focus, than they’ll have readily available cash and or credit, correct? Absolutely.

But all-certainly- isn’t lost entrepreneur.Not by a long shot. Just because, they -or you-, are semi, to severely cash strapped, initially, doesn’t mean, your marketing creativity can’t, help make up some, and or a good portion, of what you may lack, in readily available cash or credit.

Case in point. Let’s suppose, shortly after acquiring your CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and or CPF (Certified Financial Planner) license, you get the overwhelming itch, to go out on your own, and attempt to do your own thing.

In other words, you -unlike-, the vast majority of your newly licensed peers, won’t have the luxury of some major corporate entities money, clout and or brand, to pull or compel you to success!

Being A Successful Service Provider Definitely Means You Gotta Develop Some Bankable Entrepreneurial Skills Asap!

Since very few influential players, in your immediate local community, know who you are just yet, and your readily available capital, and or credit, isn’t very long either.

You need to be as strategic, right out of the gate as possible, in order to start building some long term cred, in order to generate, some much needed short term cash.

So you’re going to initially, test and see, if it makes economic sense, for you to provide, free ‘financial, assessment analysis’, to some local small to mid size business owners and or service providers, who you may be able to barter, at least some of your extremely valuable tax reducing strategies, and or estate planning services with.

In exchange for them, supplying you with a free room in their Mom & Pop restaurant, once a month, where you conduct free, 90-120 workshops on subject X.

And of course, you will also arrange, for each attendee to your free workshops, to get limited 90 day, VIP, brand new customer only discount coupons, where they save 20% (or X%) off any and everything they purchase, over the next 90 days.

Plus, they automatically save an additional 10% off their entire bill, each time they bring at least one guest with them to the restaurant, (or place of business),whose 18 and over.The coupons will be date stamped and laminated.

So the restaurant owner(s), can potentially generate some additional, brand new first time, and hopefully, long term repeat customers as well,for virtually pennies on the dollar.

Your Effective Lead Generation Strategies Can And Will Serve You In Multiple Ways!

Another market tested strategy you can inexpensively test is this. Initially, when you advertise your free 90 -120 minute workshops, you can first, approach your local, adult education centers, and volunteer to teach a free and or extremely low cost, initial introductory class, at the adult education center, because they’ll probably take at least half or most of your class fee.

But that’s okay, because in reality, you’re looking to accomplish at least three other, (far more important) short term goals.

1.) Short term goal # one: First and foremost, you’re looking to generate some initial, brand new first time customers and or clients, to sell your other, far more valuable, and thus, more expensive, back end products and services to.Like your higher end estate planning and or asset management packages.

And you’re just leveraging the adult education centers resources, and free advertising in their periodic off and online booklets, in order to do so.

2.) Short term goal # two: Secondly, during each workshop/class, you’ll ask your audience, to list their most burning question, they want specific professional help with.

Where, they would be more than willing, to pay your normal hourly fee of X, in order to get the correct answer.

Now if, or whenever you decide to start your own WordPress blog, and or create your own youtube channel, you’ll know which specific subjects to write and or make short-lead generating- positioning videos about, in order to attract your ideal future prospects.

Plus, you’ll also have a pretty good idea, which subjects will best attract your audience, for future introductory offline courses and or Q & A workshops etc.And or future online webinars, tele-seminars, e-courses and or video boot camps etc.

(Entrepreneur, think about ‘how’ much potential, problem solving, magnetic content, these simple lead generating options will provide for you, and or your major competitors!)

Have You Noticed How Really Good Lead Generation Strategies Are The Literal Springboard To Multiple Streams Of Income Opportunities?

3.) Short term goal # three: But third, and certainly not least, after gathering such critically important target marketing information.

Now, you’ll know what to put on your highly targeted lead capture pages, and your newly created, non corporate, direct response type business cards, and or flyers etc.(More on this mega proven concept in part two.)

In order to inexpensively attract your ideal prospects. And your direct response type business cards, (don’t forget) can and should be passed out,(especially at local networking events), after you’ve discovered from your workshop audiences, what their specific hot button topics are.

So you’ll know which proven, lead bait benefits to highlight on both your direct response lead capture page(s) and your direct response type business cards.

You’ll discover at least three more missing lead generating pieces in part two okay? But for now, are you truly starting to appreciate, why extremely savvy small business owner service providers, (just like you), definitely can, and will be benefit, from developing some bankable lead generation skills? Say yes!

Great! See yo in just a little bit in part two. P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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4 Responses to Why Small Business Service Providers Need To Develop Good Lead Generation Skills!
  1. Hi Mark,

    These are great ideas for lead generation.

    Free workshops and talks on your key topic are a great way to build offline trust.

    Then give people a reason to sign on to your prospect list so you can keep in touch with them… give special offers and services etc.

    Great info.

    Donna Merrill would love for you to read..How To Sweeten Your Twitter Lists and Gain More FollowersMy Profile

  2. Hey Mark,

    When it comes to growing your business, you definitely need to make Lead generation a priority. I’ve skipped this for a long time which is why I was stagnant for a while.

    These are great tips to start the process. It’s vital to know who your audience is and creating a campaign the is geared towards their interests and problems will ensure that they’ll be opting into your site or even becoming subscribers to your youtube channel.

    It’s all about delivering content that’ll pique their interest right? If you can consistently do this, you’ll definitely see great results

    Great blog post Mark! Have a great rest of the week!
    Sherman Smith would love for you to read..How A Good Bounce Rate Is A Great Indicator Of Targeted TrafficMy Profile


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