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Small Business Marketing Tips:How To Put Your Distribution Business On Steroids!

If you had a distribution business of some kind, wouldn’t it only make economic sense,for you to routinely expose your company/service, to some of the most practical, small business marketing tips and or strategies, you could regularly access?

Absolutely. Otherwise, like so many of your peers, you seriously run the risk, of having to rely on some outrageously expensive, traditional and or conventional, forms or advertising and or promotions.

And if you haven’t already, why not do yourself a favor (asap!), and have a look, while you’re sitting down of course, at the current prices, for prime time, local TV, radio and or full or half page newspaper ads.

And then decide, if maybe you need to seriously consider, some potential viable, non traditional alternatives… 😀 

So Who Else Want To Discover Some Battlefield Tested Small Business Marketing Tips!(Which Will Definitely Help You Build Your Distribution Business Like A Rabbit Farm On A Hormone Diet!)

Okay, let’ say you run, a fairly successful, Mom & Pop distribution business.And you specialize in offering,various types of great tasting beverages.

Especially, exotic coffees,teas, cocoas and various, non traditionally flavored lemonades from all over the globe.

Now if you pockets are deep enough and you have enormous patience, you could simply blast your super glitzy, corporate style advertisements, all over local radio, TV and local newspapers etc.

And given enough massive exposure and patience, you’ll ultimately generate, some outrageously expensive, first time customers, who will probably eat up, anywhere from 65 -85% of your front end gross profits, in order to generate them. Not do good, right?

Let Your Well Polished Entrepreneurial Skills Lead The Way!

Or, you could get just a little creative and non traditional, and really get the word out, in a big way, for literally pennies on the dollar.How you so skeptically ask?

Case in point. First of all, (if it’s at all possible), see if you can semi accurately pinpoint, if you have a larger male and or female customer base.

So simply for the sake of creative marketing, illustrative purposes only.Say you discover, or average, at least 65% of your entire customer base, is women, ages 18-65.

Approach a few nail and or hair salon owners, and initially offer the owners, free 10 lb. samples, of the coffees, teas, lemonades and or cocoas of their choice.

Wowing Your Customers Is Definitely One Of Your Best Small Business Marketing Strategies!

And whichever 10 lb. bag they choose, tell them you will gladly provide them one free X pound bag of exotic beverage of their choice, for their complete personal use.

Provided, at least  twice a month, preferably every other week, you and or one of your managers, can personally come to their store and or showroom etc.

And serve -both- they customers and staff, some of your very best tasting beverages.Plus, on the major holidays, (which their open), like Valentines and or Mothers Day etc.

You definitely want to serve their customers, free large cups of some of your very best beverages, and offer them, some of your best, market tested, extremely time sensitive, first time customer only, discount coupons, to hopefully ethically bribe them, right on the spot, to make their all important, very first purchase.

Your Low Budget Small Business Marketing Strategies Don’t Have To Break The Bank In Order To Be Really Profitable!

Here’s (the all important!) parts B &  C of a long term, potential marketing strategy such as this.Whether one of these local companies, which primarily target women or not, has their very own opt in email/mobile marketing list or not.

When you consider, the total lifetime value customer metrics, it definitely makes economic sense, for your semi cash strapped distribution business, to target some of these, non directly competing local businesses and or services.

Case in point. Let’s say there’s a few, local independently owned, florist shops.After becoming a regular customer of theirs, who also routinely sends them steady referrals.

Negotiate a potential revenue sharing, cross promotional venture, where -both- 5 and 10 pound bags of some of your most popular coffees and or teas, are given away to the florist-s customers, as secondary gifts valued at X, in their quarter free drawings.

You’ll routinely receive a certain percentage, of first time customers, who are exposed to your company, via one of your extremely time sensitive, first time customer only, discount coupons.

Strategically Growing Through Creative Leverage Of One The Back Bone Small Business Marketing Tips!

And rest assured, upon doing so, a certain percentage of these first time customers, will continuously do, a couple of things. Which will definitely help your business continually grow.And how.

And you’ll discover what they are very shortly, in part two, okay? Great.

For now are you better starting to appreciate. How some battlefield tested, small business marketing tips, can and definitely will help you continuously grow your business Don’ you agree?

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