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Since Your Small Business Can Generate Marketing Leverage Why Pay For Advertising? Part Three

Since you’re also a pro-active, small business owner, and or service provider/dynamic entrepreneur, do you actually prefer, wasting tons of your extremely hard earned money, on dismally performing, albeit outrageously expensive, traditional advertising campaigns?

Or does it also make sense to you, to implement some form of bank account filling marketing leverage? I’m definitely with you, when it comes to choosing between those two particular choices.

Sadly, however, there are far too many aspiring entrepreneurs, who are simply hell bent, on trying to advertise their semi cash strapped enterprise, as if they too, are a fortune 100- 500 type.

Meaning, they will initially try and go, the outrageously expensive, image advertising approach, that is, until the brutal reality finally sinks in.

Which is, unless they quickly change their totally misguided ways, their severely cash strapped small business and or service, is definitely on the road to insolvency.Or they can willingly embrace the market tested, proven alternative(s.)

So Do You Prefer Consistently Generating Bank Account Filling Marketing Leverage And Or Outrageously Expensive Advertising Campaigns?

For just a second, picture the following, all too common scenario. And after you do, then seriously think about, the potential future of your business and or service/entrepreneurial endeavor, if you don’t readily embrace, some much needed marketing change.

Let’s suppose you run a fairly popular, and therefore successful, women-s boutique shop.

And currently, even though you only run a single location, you’re currently located, in a highly frequented mini strip mall, in a rather upscale location.

And your ideal female customers, who routinely earn, in the high five, up to mid six figure a year incomes, have a total lifetime customer value metric, of at least $9,000 -$12,000 dollars each, over any given five to seven year period.

But unfortunately, you’ve decided to continue, to pay for outrageously expensive, traditional advertising campaigns of various kinds.

Which means, you literally have allocated tens of thousands of dollars of your extremely hard earned dollars, on outrageously expensive,local prime time,30 -60 second radio and TV ads.

And you’ve also purchased more than your fair share of, extremely pricey Sunday newspaper inserts etc.

Savvy Entrepreneurs Rely More On Their Entrepreneurial Skills Than Their Bank Accounts! (And You Definitely Should Be Too!)

Now, on the other hand, let’s suppose one of your local, major competitors, has finally decided to aggressively embrace, a proven marketing alternative.

Here’s what they’ll initially inexpensively test, just to dip their toes, in previously un- chartered marketing waters.They’d like to see, how fast one of their low cost, ninja marketing strategies, can not only build some much needed, positive word of mouth & mouse buzz.

But they’re also curious to discover, just how much brand new gross front end profits, this initial unconventional marketing strategy, will add to their bottom line.

Imagine this, and then you be the judge. During the Monday morning,prime time drive into work, at least two, popular, local radio stations, will run your rather pricey, 30-60 second radio spots, at least six times each, over the next two hours.

Basically from 7:00 am- to 9 am.

Your Proven Lead Generation Skills Will Definitely Become More Valuable Over Time!

And likewise, on local prime time TV, during the evening hours of 5 pm until 9 pm that same evening, at least eight of your 30-60 second TV ads, will quickly roll across the TV screen as well.

And of course, after you tally the total cost, of first producing these catchy prime time ad campaigns, then paying for their constant rotation in the local prime time slots.

Now you have to wait anxiously, to see just how many,(if any) brand new, first time customers actually come to your store, and if they do, will they spend enough on their very first visit, in order to cover all of your upfront, out of pocket expenses.Does any of this, sound all too familiar?

Now, let’s quickly contrast what you’ve done and continue to do, with one of your major competitors, who just sent an unscheduled, ‘broadcast’ email alert message, to their current, opt in email /mobile subscriber base of 4,500, and constantly growing.

Primarily, because they run an incredibly popular free drawing every month, where one of their walk in and or regular, long term repeat customers, enters for their chance, to win an eye catching,$950 dollar designer handbag!

Don’t Be Afraid To Inexpensively Test Some Of Your creative Entrepreneurial Ideas!

So let’s quickly run the hypothetical numbers, so you can (hopefully) get a much better sense, of the stark marketing contrast going on here.

Since you emailed two, unscheduled, ‘broadcast’ alert messages, one on Thursday morning, and the other on the following Friday afternoon, around 4 pm.

In order to make your 4,500 opt in subscribers, aware of your big event, “Bring a friend sales” event, on Saturday!

And every subscriber, who brings a potential first time customer with them to your store, whose at least 18 and over.

They automatically, qualify for two popular prizes. And at least one really cool prize is worth at least $60 dollars, and another really cool prize, potentially worth at least $350 dollars!

Your Market Driven Small Business Can Definitely Make A Really Big Splash! (Don’t You Agree?)

1.) First prize: First, just for bringing a potential firs time customer whose at least 18 with them, your extremely loyal subscriber/customers, will automatically win, a free 16 oz. bottle of their choice, of one of your best selling and most popular perfumes, which normally retails for at least $60 dollars per bottle!

 2.) Potential second prize: In order to really compel, some positive word of mouth & mouse buzz going forward, they’re automatically entered into another free -mini- drawing, for a chance to win an extremely beautiful, $350 dollar designer bag!

Can you say social media sharing frenzy? Here’s the hub, (so please) pay very close attention. Come Monday morning, when these 600 plus local, upscale women, from all walks of life, (return) to their high paying jobs, and or their own businesses etc.

And they’re standing around the water cooler, (and or) they’re blogging or texting any and every body they know,sharing the all too exciting details, (yet again!) about their latest shopping spree, with at least four or five other co-workers, or their ever growing twitter/Facebook and or Instagram following etc.

And they just happening to be wearing the free 16 oz. bottle of high priced, and extremely great smelling perfume, they got from your major competitor this past weekend!Which market tested approach, do you honestly feel, will consistently build, the most robust, long term sales funnel? Bingo!

Your Market Tested Lead Generation Strategies Will More Than Make Up For Dismally Performing Advertising Campaigns!

Which event, do you think, will go the most viral?And continue to do so! Your outrageously expensive, 30-60 second, prime time ad campaign? Or these 600 plus, local upscale women, one of who, just won a beautiful, $350 dollar designer handbag!

You got that right. (Just so you know!) The primary reason the video for the video about ‘how Google search works, was chosen for this particular post, is because, watch ‘how’ the Google spider (bots), crawl, from one site to another.

That’s the nature of a really effective, positive word of mouth and or mouse, viral marketing campaign.Which is the ultimate goal of any marketing and or promotional strategy, is it not?

You decide. Would you rather have your small business promotions, continuously generate some bank account filling marketing leverage? Or just continue to waste tons or your extremely hard money, on dismally performing, and outrageously expensive,bank account draining, image advertising campaigns? You so got that right!

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