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Since Your Small Business Can Generate Marketing Leverage Why Pay For Advertising?Part Four

Any small business owner, service provider and or start up entrepreneur, can waste a proverbial fortune, on dismally performing, outrageously expensive, traditional advertising campaigns of any and all kinds, right?

To accomplish this, certainly doesn’t take an advanced degree from Harvard and or Wharton Business school, correct?

On the other hand, a severely cash strapped and or resourced challenged entrepreneur (of any kind!), (especially these days!)had better know how to consistently, and strategically, get the word out, on or offline, if they expect to have any realistic shot, at successfully growing their small business/service.Would you not agree?

So the eternal $64,000 dollar dollar burning question, now becomes.How or what can a severely cash strapped, small business owner and or service provider possibly do, to continuously grow their business or service, and generate some bank account filling marketing leverage while they do so?

Especially when they don’t currently have much, on line social media clout, and or a mile long sheet of readily available marketing assets, at their fingers tips.Maybe things aren’t as bleak as they readily appear?

Would You Rather You Semi Cash Strapped Small Business Continually Pay For Outrageously Expensive Advertising Campaigns? (And or Start Consistently Generating Some Bank Account Filing Marketing Leverage!)

I’m definitely with you on that train of thought. So quickly getting back to our previous, (hypothetical) marketing example, involving the local upscale women-s boutique shop owner(s.)

As you recall, the owners strategically target, local female customers, who typically earn high five and six figure a year incomes, because these highly influential ladies, routinely socialize, work and or dream vacation with, other women, with similar incomes and interests etc.

Which means, the extremely marketing savvy boutique shop owners, are constantly looking for some proven, albeit inexpensive ways, of causing some positive word of mouth and or long term social media buzz of any kind.

So they don’t have to try and rely on, the outrageously expensive, yet dismally performing, and bank account draining, image advertising fluff, they routinely see the corporate 100-500 types, constantly blowing a fortune on.

Give Your Natural Entrepreneurial Skills A Chance To Develop And Flourish!

Switching gears for just a moment. Since the vast majority, of the battlefield tested, low hanging fruit marketing strategies, and or tactics, the boutique store owners, will initially, inexpensively test, before simply rolling the out, involve targeting these local -influential- females.

What if you subtly switch gears, and try and getting indirect access to these exact same women, by proactively marketing to, a segment which typically gets totally ignored, by both you and your major competitors.Say what? Case in point.

Suppose, your boutique, makes friends, and actually becomes a regular customer, of the local auto mechanic shop owner, just two blocks over, which specializes in repairing high priced foreign cars.

Once you get to know the owner(s), you approach them, by asking how soon they’d like to start routinely pampering, (both) the important ladies in their lives, as well as the important, and influential ladies, in their mostly male customers lives as well?

Really Effective Lead Generation Strategies Don’t Have To Be Conventional!

So first things first, (if) the auto repair shop owners, (either) has a wife, girlfriend and or live in significant other.And or daughters, grand daughter(s), daughter in laws, sisters and or a really cool Mom whose still alive, offer them an extremely time sensitive, brand new first time customer only, discount coupon/gift certificate.

And this coupon entitles these ladies, to come to your store before the coupon expires, and they can save 25 (X%) off any 64 oz. bottle of their choice, of some of your most popular, and best selling perfumes.(While supplies last!)

But!Simply by bringing a friend, whose over 18, whose not already a current customer, they can automatically buy an additional, 16 oz. bottle of your best selling perfumes (while supplies last!), at your actual cost, plus any and all applicable taxes and fees etc!

And your friend, automatically gets the exact same deal on their initial purchase, of any 16 oz. bottle, of one of your best selling perfumes!They’ll both probably start texting friends and posting on -either- Facebook and or Instagram, before they even leave your store, right?

You Can Definitely Help And Or Compel Your Small Business To Grow!

Now, the very next pro-active step in your long term marketing strategy, with regards to indirectly targeting highly influential local women, is for yo to institutionalize your efforts.Huh?

Meaning, now you persuade the auto repair shop, to periodically offer free drawings, about three to four weeks, just before Valentines day and Mothers day etc.

And they offer three grand prizes.The major grand prize, is $1,000 dollars worth of auto repairs, and or body detailing, absolutely free! To be used, how ever the grand prize winner sees fit.

The 2nd grand prize, is $500 dollar worth and the 3rd grand prize is $250 dollars worth.But all the eligible winners, have to -either- be on the auto repair shops, opt in email and or mobile marketing database list.

This way, the owner(s), can easily contact, both the grand prize winners, and all the runner ups, (who BTW), will also receive, some extremely time sensitive discount coupons, to save anywhere from 15- 25% off their next repair and or detail work etc.

Ever Notice How Proven Opt In Email Marketing Strategies Always Seem To Play An Extremely Active Part In Your Long Term Small Business Success!

In reality, (behind the scenes), since the extremely marketing savvy women-s boutique shops, idea female customer, currently has a total lifetime customer value metric, of at least $8,000 – $12,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years.

So in reality, it’s the women-s boutique shop owners, who are actually financing the free drawings. Obviously, they can easily afford to, correct? And the primary reason the -both- the auto repair shop, and the boutique store owner(s), insist the free drawing entrants, be on the repair shops opt in email/mobile marketing list.

Is so the repair shop can also send all the VIP subscribers, some extremely time sensitive, discount coupons, right before Mothers & Valentines Day, courtesy of the boutique shop!Bingo!

This way, the extremely marketing savvy,women-s boutique shop, doesn’t have to be as concerned, with their local, major competitors, being aware of some of their ninja, underground marketing strategies.Don’t you agree?

And both vendors (sort of) quietly and systematically, going about, building, a potentially profitable, long term, follow up sales funnel, for literally pennies on the dollar!

Some Of Your Very Best Small Business Marketing Strategies Are Literally Staring You In The Face! (Don’t You Agree?)

So the $64,000 dollar question, begs asking again? You rather, continue to waste your extremely hard earned money, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising campaigns?

Or do you prefer, to generate, some bank account filling, marketing leverage? Ultimately the choice is yours!

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