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Why More Savvy Small Business Owners Prefer Marketing Strategies Over Advertising!Part Two

So after reading part one, can you believe, how many extremely resourced challenged, small business owners and or service providers, will constantly spend a fortune, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising methods?

And it’s not like they’re impressed by the dismal results, this type of traditional advertising campaigns produce, as much as it is, they simply don’t currently have any viable alternatives, or do they?

Hopefully, after reading enough posts on this blog alone, you can readily see and appreciate, you (and or) your major competitors, have tons of long term marketing alternatives. Would you not agree?

Great, because in part two, you’ll see once again, why strategic marketing, is an incredibly viable alternative, especially if you’re a severely cash strapped entrepreneur.

As A Resourced Challenged Small Business Owner And Or Service Provider Do You Prefer Proven Marketing Strategies Over Outrageously Expensive Advertising Methods?

Ever notice, (that is), when you do happen to be watching profit driven network TV, you happen to notice an ad from a particular major corporation, and what do they do?

They blast, pretty much the exact same ad, over and over again, d they not? And after a while, whether consciously or not, you and I might remember, (at least) certain parts of the jingle or something, right?

Any idea, how much money had to be thrown at the ad campaign, before this happens? Try tens of millions of dollars. All over the TV and radio, during the prime time hours.

But here’s the really sad part, (are you sitting down?) If they stopped their massive ad campaign tomorrow, virtually no one in the general public, would even notice. Say what? Nod your head cadets, because sadly it’s true.

Isn’t It A Good Thing Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Are Consistently Able To Make Lasting Impressions For A Fraction Of The Traditional Out Of Pocket Costs?

Case in point; let’s take an extremely marketing savvy jeweler, whose ideal customer has a total lifetime customer value of $15,000 dollars, over the next five to seven years.

And let’s (further say) this particular jeweler, is located in a local mini mall, along with an extremely popular, upscale women-s boutique, where the higher income professional ladies, from all types of professions, frequently shop.

Which means, these women represent the ideal long term customer for the jeweler as well. And also located within this particular mini mall, is an extremely popular, hair & nail salon, which a certain percentage of these same ideal, influential local women frequently get their hair and nails done.

So here’s what the extremely marketing savvy jeweler proposes.They and or one of their top sales managers, initially approaches the hair & nail salon owner, with the following proposition.

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The jeweler offers to help (both) the hair & nail salon owner(s), and the women-s boutique owner(s) increase their long term gross profits, for a fraction of the amount, they’d typically spend. Both are all ears.

So here’s how the jeweler will strategically go about helping the hair & nail salon owner.And thereby indirectly help the women’s boutique owner(s) in the process as well.

First, the jeweler will offer, both the owner(s) of the salon, and every hair and nail stylist employee, the opportunity, to purchase any one piece of jewelry, up to $2,000 dollars in value at their actual cost.

And any additional piece, worth $500 dollars or less, for 50% off, provided, they all join the jewelers VIP, opt in email and or mobile marketing list.

You know this little marketing maneuver, will get (both) the salons best long term repeat customers, and the closest friends and family members of the salons employees, chomping at the bit, to you know all the exciting details, right?

Ever Notice How Extremely Marketing Savvy Entrepreneurs Get Their Marketing Campaigns To Go Th Extra Mile And Then Some!

Here’s the very next leg, the women-s boutique owner(s), will gladly supply the jeweler, with 16 oz, mini samples, of some of their very best smelling and selling fragrances.

The jeweler will then allow, (both) the owner(s) of the hair salon & their employees, to choose which fragrance they like best. And he jeweler will gladly supply them each with free 32 oz. bottles!

This way, as their 10-12, higher income, new female clients per day, (six day a week), climb into their chairs, you know they’ll want to know, ‘what’ the name of the enchanting fragrance is, and where they can get it, right? Bingo!

Here’s where it potentially starts to pay off big time, these highly influential, local lady customers of the hair & nail salon, will be offered a power upsell opportunity.

Ever Notice How Some Of Your Very Best Small Business Marketing Strategies Produce Extremely Loyal Long Term Repeat Customers And Or Clients?

Just by adding an additional service (or two) to their visit, like a rinse, tuck & wash, nails or trim etc, they’ll automatically be given, a two sided index card from the owner(s) and or the hair & salon employees.

Side A, will allow any brand new, first time customers, to come to the women-s boutique store, before the ten day day, hand written expiration date expires, and (if nothing else), purchase a 32 oz. of the fragrance for themselves.

And (of course) side B of the index card, will also be hand dated by the hair or nail salon employee/staff member who handed it out, and the card holder will be invited to enter the jewelers monthly free drawing, for a chance to win a beautiful, $2,500 dollar necklace!

Needless to say, the jeweler will be systematically building, their very own, massive opt in email and or mobile marketing list, and systematically building a potentially profitable sales funnel while doing so, don’t you agree?

In part three, you’ll discover the remainder of this battlefield tested strategy.

But for now, are you starting to fully appreciate, why some extremely marketing savvy small business  owners, definitely prefer power marketing strategies, over outrageously expensive advertising methods? Say yes!

Great, see you in just a little bit, in part three okay? P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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