Why Really Simple Marketing Ideas Seem To Work Best!Part Three

Why Really Simple Marketing Ideas Seem To Work Best!Part Three

As you (hopefully) previously discovered in parts one & two about how you might effectively go about using some proven marketing ideas, to create (either) some long term income opportunities or some type of mutually beneficial joint venture arrangement.

It’s all a matter of perspective. Granted, if your money concerns are truly pressing, no ones going to fault you for going for the immediate cash.

But there’s nothing unique about that, right?

But if you wanna stand out in the eyes of your coaches, customers and or clients, then you need to be willing to make or propose arrangements that stand out in the eyes (and hopefully) wallet of your  potential audience.

In part three you’ll discover some more practical marketing ideas, that are far more conventional. And probably a lot easier for you to relate to.

These proven strategies might be easier and less convoluted for you.

 Practical Marketing Ideas And Marketing Opportunities Are Literally Everywhere!

 (Once You Develop The Right Marketing Mind Set!)

Recently on a skype call with my tech guru, while he was busily talking way over my head, trying to explain some problem with the code on my site. He casually asked “what” could his firm do to land more good paying clients?

Not being one for a loss of words, I (strongly) suggested his company might inexpensively test one of the following three extremely viable marketing options. I asked what was his firms main bread and butter product and or service? And he responded that building websites and or blogs, preferably WordPress blogs.

1.) So I suggested  his firm find a company and or association that desperately needs (either) some type of ongoing techie help and or ongoing help with their  state of the art WordPress blog.

And exchange building the association a state of the art WordPress website and or blog, plus ongoing tech support, in exchange for the association giving his firm a quarter page size display ad in their publication and or directory. And his firm will advertise a free monthly drawing where the grand prize winning company gets a free WordPress style website and or blog built by them, plus 25% off the ongoing monthly and or periodic tech maintenance/support cost.

But guess what? My techie’s firm starts building a semi qualified list of future potential prospects from the runner ups each month, do they not? Plus, they’ll give all the runners up (every month I might add) a time sensitive offer to take advantage of!

2.) Next, they’ll also offer the first ten runner ups each month, the chance to save an additional 15%, for a grand total of 40% off their price, provided the new customer does two things.

A.) Gives his firm a fabulous long term bank account filling video and or audio testimonial!

B.) Likes his firms Facebook fan page!

3.) Plus, every month after each month’s grand prize winner has been chosen, they’ll also give all the monthly runner ups, five time sensitive gift certificates, valued at X% off.

And every company that successfully gets all five time sensitive gift certificates redeemed within a certain time frame, they’ll get discount credit towards their ongoing tech support costs! I also told him, if his firm ever wanted (and or) needed any help whatsoever!

Be it writing the copy for the display ad or tweaking the offer etc. Yours truly would be more glad to do it for free and or for credit towards trouble shooting my blog!

But here’s the best part. How many other potential marketing consultants would be willing offer their services up front for free? Once his firm gets a chance to test out a few of these battlefield tested marketing concepts, which marketing consultant do you think they’ll gladly recommend from now on? You got that right!

Can you see how and why sometimes really simple marketing ideas seem to work best?

Please list at least two simple spin off concepts (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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5 Responses to Why Really Simple Marketing Ideas Seem To Work Best! Part Three
  1. Hey Mark,

    There you go again, thinking up great ideas for how this company can market their business. I tell you, every time I read one of your posts I’m just thinking to myself, “boy, he’s good”. I bet you do a great business with consulting clients with how to market. I’m sure they’ve gotten great results from it too. You need to ask them for testimonials because that always helps.

    Great share and hope you’re off having fun today. Happy 4th of July!

    Adrienne would love for you to read..How To Attract The Right People To YouMy Profile

    • I can’t argue with you coach!

      Thanks and you’re so right about collecting more online testimonials! Because I have them
      from online customer and clients! But I definitely am working on generating more from my
      online presence!

      Thanks for the advice and the positive feedback and your continued support! I
      can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! And you enjoy your 4th of July as well! And yes, tonight’s will be enjoying
      a fireworks show!

  2. Hi Mark,

    Great Series, I had to read parts 1 and 2 to understand what you are talking about here. Great marketing ideas and lots of information to chew on.

    I really like the way your think as a marketer. You have the right marketing mindset and I can tell that from your suggestions on this post. I like the idea of offering your services for free or for a small percentage to get exposure and hence landing more good paying clients for the firm.

    I like the video as well as it supports your points to build reputation starting out.

    Thanks Mark for a job well done. Have a great weekend ahead.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous would love for you to read..10 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Blog Success!!!My Profile

    • Wow Neamat Thanks!

      And I really like and appreciate the way you articulated your interpretation of what you
      were reading!

      You’ve inspired a sequel blog post concept! And you’re probably one of the few that actually invested your extremely
      valuable time, researching the entire series, that way you could absorb the information
      on a much deeper level!

      Now that’s a sure sign of a true creative entrepreneurial marketing mind set at work!
      And BTW, I really enjoyed your previous blog post about seven reasons why you need a blog!

      As always Neamat, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and showing your support.
      Both are greatly appreciated!

    • Neamat:

      I forgot to mention in my last reply, although your main business is completely different from mine, it’s
      very possible in your networking opportunities that (you or) any other eyeballs that happen to be
      reading this, if you come across some the owners in the various industries that are used in the examples,
      you introduce us and a JV of any kind gets puts together and they offer any type of cash compensation.

      You’ll get 50% of my revenue and or compensation share! Obviously, you’re running your own business, still
      in all, keep your eyes and ears open for any possibilities! Just a thought!!


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