Why Some Low Hanging Fruit Marketing Tips Are Extremely Profitable!

Why Some Low Hanging Fruit Marketing Tips Are Extremely Profitable!

Don’t you just love it when (you) submit a bid or land a major client on the first initial phone call! Or when your Dr. appointment finishes up ahead of schedule, on top of the fact that you got some really good news too boot!  Or “how” about whenever you get ready! You just turn on your computer and bang out a 300-500 word blog post, literally at will! Anytime you want! And your creative ideas are always flowing! Right?  Entrepreneur, where do you live? Pleasantville!

Well, for the rest of us.It rarely (if ever) quite works out that way, because life just isn’t that simplistic!

And “what” if anything, does any of that have to do with you consistently taking advantage of some mega proven low hanging fruit marketing tips? Let’s find out.

How Some Particular  Low Hanging Fruit Marketing Tips Can Be Extremely Profitable!

Be honest, you (and I) would much prefer to be able to extend as little real effort as possible! But still making a killing right? Of course! But since that ain’t going happen! Let’s do the next best thing. Which is to systematically take advantage of some of the readily available low hanging fruit marketing tips, and pad your bank account. Take a look at this first low hanging fruit marketing tactic.

1.) Battlefield tested marketing tactic #one: Let’s suppose that you are (either) an up and coming think outside the box Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and or you’re already a successful local stock broker “rock star!”

Go find yourself a really good, make that (extremely) good and well respected local foreign car repair expert! And become one of their best repeat customers. Which means, this is a long term marketing strategy/tactic! (Sorry, no get rich quick stuff here!)

After you two are on a first name basis, tell them “how” you’d like to help them grow their (positive) word of mouth business. So that you can inexpensively grow yours as well!

Here’s what you do (propose.) Once a month they are to (either) call or better yet text you a photo of any new luxury car repair business they get. And depending on “how” much the actual quote was, you (meaning) the CFP, will pay anywhere from $50- $100 dollar towards the repair bill!


(A quick note is in order here! obviously if your industry prevents such a practice, you won’t be able to effectively utilize this particular strategy, the way it’s being demonstrated in this hypothetical example! This example is meant to stimulate your creative juices!)

All your foreign car auto  repair expert has to do is, first inform their completely stunned customer that X% of the bill was already paid for them! And to leave a note along with your best tested lead capture page business card in their car! Preferably taped to their mirror or steering wheel!

Because you can bet, a certain percentage will go to your lead capture page, and join your list in order to receive your free goodies. Which may be a free 30-90 minute webinar on “how to” either strategically grow (or protect) their wealth! Or save on X% off  their taxes etc!

And as a direct result, a certain percentage of them (over time of course!) will ultimately become customers and clients! For a fraction of your traditional up front out of pocket cost.

And of course, you best believe they will take to both Facebook and twitter (not to mention) yapping it up at home, work or in their place of business etc!  Constantly bragging about “how” their auto repair care specialist, saved them X% off their last major car repair bill!

Entrepreneur, you have to see “how” potentially win/win these particular low hanging fruit marketing tips can be! Of course, if your particular industry prohibits this type of approach! You simply have to get a little more creative! While staying within the measures of the law! that’s all!

But for everybody else. What the heck are you waiting for? Because the following (brain dead) straight forward marketing strategies, can and should be  easily adaptable to your particular business, product or service! Don’t you agree?

Please list at least two simple spin off concepts (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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