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How To Inexpensively Spread The Word About Your Bakery Business!

Hey congratulations! You finally decided, to start your bakery business, which you’ve been bouncing around the idea of doing so for years.

So glad you finally took the next step.

Now of course, after you’ve taken the time and effort, to get off the couch, find your ideal, yet affordable location.

And you printed those really nice looking flyers and got your snazzy business cards printed.

Ran a few rather inexpensive ads in your local throwaway guides etc. And announced your grand opening, all over your social media accounts etc.

Which for now, is primarily Facebook, twitter and Instagram.You noticed, the place wasn’t exactly overflowing (just yet!) with tons of local patrons, literally fighting over some of your original, hand made creations, just yet, correct?

Now first of all, the reality of, you and I, having to pro- actively market and or promote, our extremely valuable services and or products, is just starting to sink in. Welcome to the club.

So How In The World Are You Going To Inexpensively And Strategically Get The Word Out About Your Brand New Bakery Business!

Let’s start out, with the type of low cost, high powered small business marketing strategies and or tactics, which you can practically do and or control, without having to jump through too many corporate hoops.

And as you continuously scale your efforts up.Then you can start to target and attempt to network (strategic alliance), with other local, non directly competing corporate types.

For now, let’s say you approach an independently owned, single location, women-s clothing and accessories boutique owner.

After you’ve become a regular customer of theirs, and you’re pretty much on a first name basis with them and or the manager.

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And maybe (initially) start out on their traditionally slowest days of the week. And bring in maybe $200- $300 dollars, of some of your tastiest baked goodies.

And allow both their staff and their customers, to freely sample your wares! 😀

This simple, (albeit) proven marketing ploy, is often referred to as power marketing and or promoting.Of course it helps, if they’re at least semi active, on a few of the major social media platforms, which were previously mentioned.

Your next step or two is, it certainly helps,if you’re not camera shy! You should shoot a short, 3-4 minute promo video, plugging both their shop and your fabulous goodies!

And state you’re their live, serving the retailers staff and their customers your goodies, between the hours of X & Y.(A great strategy to employ using twitter. 😀 )

The Vendors Themselves Can Always Help You Find Some Creative Ways To Promote Your Business And Or Service!

If the boutique owner is active on social media, inform them, you’ll gladly provide both them and their staff, X dollar amount of free goodies, either once a week and and or, once every other week.

Provided, they consistently do at least the following three things for you.Otherwise, if they will not agree, and or don’t consistently follow through and keep their word. They you’ll simply allow them to purchase X amount of your goodies, once per week and or once every other week, at your actual cost.

And or for just 10 or X% above your actual hard cost.Here’s the initial three things they need to agree to do for you.

Chances Are Your Bakery Business Is Simply Waiting To Really Take Off!

1.) First and foremost: They need to agree, each time you bring your fresh baked goods, in order to serve both their staff and X amount of customers for free, between the hours of blank and blank.

If by some wild stroke of luck, they have a reputable, paid email service provider.They need to agree, to send their mobile and or opt in email list, an unscheduled, ‘broadcast’ email alert message, announcing the day and times, you’ll be there serving your tasty delights. 😀

And the same with their twitter and or Facebook accounts.

(And of course, you’ll do the same, provided, you have your very own opt in email/mobile subscribers list.)

2.) Second: They also agree, to allow you to pass out, some of your best, market tested, two sided flyers, index and or business cards.

Because one side of your marketing piece, will invite them to enter your monthly free drawing, for a chance to win $100 -or X- dollars worth free baked goods of their choice, personally delivered, either directly to their home, place of business and or their job. 😀

For the next three months.

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 3.) Third: And -entrepreneur- this next leg of your long term marketing strategy, is extremely important.

It’s critical, you also get them to agree (if not guarantee!), to personally introduce you, to at least three local, non directly competing vendors, who at least have customers, clients, patients and or clientele, very similar to yours.

So you can approach them, about forming a similar, potential money making relationship. 😀 This is the type of bank account filling marketing leverage, which makes all the difference.

In any event, entrepreneur, are you truly starting to appreciate, how you (and or!) your major competitors, can definitely, inexpensively and strategically, get the word out, about your brand new bakery business? Say yes!  😀 Great!

P.S.Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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