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How To Consistently Generate Up To 300% Better Results From Some Of Your Best Lead Magnets!

So when it comes to consistently and effectively utilizing, some of your very best lead magnets entrepreneur.

Are yours digital or physical? And BTW, (for the record) there is no one right answer, because every industry and or niche, as well as the numerous sub niches, are as unique as an individual finger print.

So the physical lead magnets used to attract one particular audience, may very well, attract a Luke warm response,(if any) in another, entirely different market.

That said,after some strategic testing and tweaking, there are many giving situations, where you definitely can, and should, be consistently generating, an additional 300% better results, (over time of course!), by effectively utilizing some of your very best lead magnets, no matter which particular form, (digital or physical), they happen to be produced in….

Let’s have a closer look at an instance or two, so you have a much better perspective as to why this should and could be so!

So How Do The Ultimate Insiders Consistently Generate Up To 300% Better Results Some Of There Very Best Leads Magnets?

(And Far More Importantly How Can You Consistently Do It Too?)

Ladies & gentlemen, would you not agree, that during the six or seven week run, right before Xmas and new years day, that’s when some of the most popular malls, in your local area, consistently experience, the most dramatic increase in daily foot traffic, they will probably receive all year!

No question about it, correct? And sadly, while this daily physical avalanche of bargain hungry consumers, are literally at the height of their consumer buying frenzy!Some even going into temporary debt, just so they put presents under the tree!

Guess what? The vast majority of these severely cash starved business owners/service providers, located inside these temporarily over run malls, are literally missing out on an additional 300% more long term gross profit!Hard to believe, but sadly, it’s true!

Simply because, to date, they haven’t figured out, “how to” strategically leverage, some of their very best lead magnets, to create an army of semi qualified opt in email, (and or) text message subscribers to follow up with.

Strategic Lead Generation Should Always Be A Part Of Your Long Term Marketing Plans! (Don’t You Agree?)

Case in point, here’s an extremely popular mall, located in your particular city, province and or town etc.Entrepreneur, (where as) typically, on any given day, that mall would average about 2,500 3,000 unique visitors per day!

Now, for the next six to seven weeks before new years day, it’s daily foot traffic will (easily) swell to 6,500 7,500 unique visitors per day!So “why” in the world, (hasn’t) or doesn’t forty or fifty of those businesses, located in the mall, put together a co -op marketing pool of funds, where they all agree to contribute $1,000 dollars a month each!Or X!

And let’s say the jeweler, behind the co-op,sets up two giant display booths on both floors, promoting there, (what else?) A weekly free drawing, where for the next six or seven weeks, right up until new years day,the jeweler will be giving away, one $2,500 dollar diamond studded necklace every week, to any eligible female, 18 years and over!

And one men’s $2,500 Rolex watch per week, to any eligible male, 18 years and over! And of course, all the weekly runner ups, will be given some extremely “time sensitive,” VIP new customer only, discount coupons, so they can save 40 (or X%) off their very first purchase.

But now, this is when the really fun stuff begins!

Strategic Lead Generation Will Most Definitely Lead To Some Additional Long Term Gross Profits!

When these eager consumers approach your( or the extremely savvy jewelers) booth, to enter their free drawing, here’s where the jewelers representative, could offer them the chance,to share their two best suggestions on your WordPress website and or blog, on “how to” approach both their drawing and overall customer service experience!

And just for participating, they can get a $20 dollar gas card, they must pick up in person! At your stores’s customer service department window.But they can get two $20 dollar gas cards, just for bringing a potential brand new first time customer to your store with them, whose 18 and over!

And just like that entrepreneur, you (and or) your major competition, just dramatically reduced, your typical cost to produce a potential

brand new first time customer lead, using the ultimate marketing leverage!That of course being, positive word of mouth, from one of your customers and or leads!

And here’s the other thing; each week, the top five suggestions, selected by the committee of participating stores in the pool. The appointed executives, will agree to select, at least five of the suggestions, and post them on the co-op organizers WordPress blog and or website.

And the person, whose idea is considered the best suggestion/marketing/promotional idea for that particular week, they automatically win, an additional$1,000 dollars in gas card coupons and $1,000 dollars worth of local grocery store coupons!(Entrepreneur can you you say positive word of mouth & mouse explosion!)

And they have 30 days from the date they are emailed/text messaged the news,to claim their winnings, or they automatically forfeit them, to the next recipient in line behind them!

And numbers two through five, they all receive half the amount, the person ahead of them receive!And that entrepreneur, is just a small sample, of how some of today’s ultimate insiders, consistently generate an additional 300% better results, from some of their very best lead magnets! Any questions?
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